The Start of Something

When my throat hurts, I am very sleepy for no reason and feel got, I know I am fighting a bug and need to rest. When the air is windy, tree frogs croak and clouds come billowing in, I know rain is coming and I need to reschedule outdoor events. When Jerusalem is surrounded by enemies, evil is at an all time high and the earth is rumbling and quaking at greater frequency, I know Jesus is Coming soon and we need to get right with Him. Do not ignore the signs of it. Prevent disaster by doing what you need to do to get your house in order spiritually and in every way. Throw out distractions and things taking too much time, they are not worth losing heaven over. Nothing on this planet is worth separation from God. Cling to Jesus Christ, our hope and salvation. Love Him for He loves you more than anyone else can ot will. 

School with Shed and Fence

As a family project, we put up a shed and a fence and started a sidewalk (still working on that one). As many of my regular readers know, we homeschool our kids. And we took off a week of “regular” schooling to do these family projects of shed and fence. And we planned and measured and mixed and leveled and built and so on all together as a team/ a family. It was an amazing experience and I thought how wonderful it was for all of us to learn together and create and build. My kids learned so much more than a book can teach and they need to feel useful and nd learn these skills. So for your next family project, even if you keep it simple like changing a light bulb or fixing a leaky sink (we also had to do), involve your kids and show them how. You want them calling you to their home in the future at 3pm to bail them out? No way, you want them to be able to plan and think and do it themselves. This is how they learn. Plus it unites the family and brings a greater value to each member and the family team as a whole. 🙂

Leadership Morality

Some of my worst days happened during a time of my life where I thought life should go my way. I knew where I was going and how to get there and many people naturally followed my leadership. I thought for a moment that made me more important or smarter or whatever and pushed harder. It seriously may have only meant that I was the loudest person in the room. Obviously, as seen by the riotous protestor, people in a mob are atupid and will follow any idiot with a megaphone and a one money and a no plan, even if they don’t know it or truly agree with it, but I digress. Really, when God gives a person the natural gift of leadership, the only thing it makes you is more responsible. When you presume to lead, you are responsible for those who follow. This happens naturally in homes with children, happens on purpose at work, happens naturally in teamwork or service situations. Wherever there is a leader, that person has extra weight on his or her shoulders. As such, it soon comes to light what level of morality this person has by what the followers do. The followers of a moral person, a fruity person (full of the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, faithfulness, self-control, etc), you will have followers that copy this and are happy, content, proud of their work, identify with their group, fruity, doing the right things, not.lazy, etc. When there is a morally corrupt leader, the followers breed corruption, there is hatred, jealousy, dread in going, laziness, sloppiness, disinterest, etc. and they may not even know why. Morals dictate actions and underlying reasons behind actions, words and underlying reasons behind words. Morals dictate how the followers will follow, Google for good and bad for bad. Of course their are exceptions to both with some level of difficulty but as a rule this holds true. And the followers are responsible for their own choices/actions/words but the  leaders are more responsible, Asa they arectionsre responsible for their own and their followers. Be careful when you take the role on and that you stay close to God and His Truth and live good moral lives, on and off duty. This pleases God and He will give you success long term.

Charged with Peace

Those in a position have a greater responsibility to lead morally and consistently and for the purpose of promoting well being of those under their authority. That is common sense but also reinforced by God in His Word. He holds those in charge, whether it is charge of their household or charge of a state or country or company, to a higher standard of conduct. The position of power dictates they act in a way that reflects their understanding that people will suffer for their neglegence and prosper for their successes. As such, God holds stronger penalties against those who abuse that power. He says so in the Bible. It is quite clear. So having a position of power with which you take advantage and flaunt and gratify self instead of doing your job for the best of your people is a crime God takes seriously and will punish heavily, if not now then for eternity after. That is the truth. Look it up for yourself. It is serious and we Ned to remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

Anger at Injustice

I was raised by angry people (at the time) not to get angry or at least show it. Of course, I grew up with quite a bit of depressed anger. I felt guilty about being a angry (or many other feelings). Expressing your feeling other than happiness was bad. No crying, no acting angry, no showing feelings other than joking and laughter or what I put into my piano. That was OK. So what would happen is that I became very expressive in my piano. People would be amazed at my gift for being able to play with such depth or feeling at such a young age when it was really just my only outlet for feeling anything other than happiness. I thing it is having a dad so much older than my mom and a mom who had many issues too. They did the very best they could most of the time and were very good at other things and no one growing up knew of these deficiencies. Nonetheless, I grew up internally rich with emotions bottled up exponentially over the years, kept storing them away for some undisclosed time period or when a bully needed to be taught a lesson. But I was expressively emotionally very poor. Had no idea what to do with it all, get confused about my feelings, being taught that reasoning was what I needed. And it got me through many things, but I to this day grow astonishingly angry at bullies and politicians and injustices such as abuse and deadbeat dads and manipulative women and selfish, lazy men and unfair treatment of veterans and abuse of people working honestly to fund those sponges taking advantage. I sincerely wish to harm these people, restore order, show respect, bring back dignity. I am for what is right. I am for God and His will written out in the Bible. And I believe that is a healthy anger, despite my upbringing. I believe things need to be done the right way but I think we need to do things about these injustices instead of just shaking our heads and saying we will pray about it. Actually praying fervently is the most impactful and important thing we can do but actually doing something is important to. What action that is depends on the situation but when I see a man up in a woman’s face, can I in a clear conscience walk away? When I see a man manipulated away from seeing his children by some controlling deranged manipulative abusive stepmom, do I in clear conscience walk away and go about my day? When I see an illegal alien with a house and food and a veteran who fought for me ho eless on the street, am I OK with that? She politicians spend our hard earned money on their own raises while we are scraping by, is this not worth talking about and defending? What happened to America, my land of amazing freedom lovers who can now sit by and watch them rip our country to shreds? Are we not still full of the blood of those who defended their rights from tyrrany so long ago? Why did they? So we can sit on our behinds and allow tyrrany to control our lives now? No, so we would still have freedom. Freedom to be a bully? Not on my watch. I am angry at the injustice. I am feeling like I want other people responsibly angry as well. That would indicate a conscience, a moral code, a reason for our forefathers to fight so hard and sacrificially for us now.

On Running Away

When I was single and child-free, travel was my big escape. Once my cousin and I went on a road trip to the Grand Canyon. Often, I went alone the all of 30 minutes to Lake Michigan’s Tower Hill beach and wandered about. Once, I moved to Glendale, California with only one friend there, what fit into 2 suitcases and 2 carry-ons and started over. Often, I found hiking paths, mostly alone but once in a while with a good friend. Always it was to run away. Life overwhelmed me, I needed to be alone in nature or with a piano. A piano in nature would be ideal. 🙂 But once children came, I had to stay. Their well being trumps my desire to run. Yes, when overwhelmed, I still want to get away and be alone or with one good friend. That remains. Yes, I still want to be alone in nature or with a piano and would love a piano in nayure to this day, but my responsibility to raise these children trumps that. I just can not run anymore. I have very little alone time. Most people think that is a good thing but for me, being alone clears my moveractive brain and forcs my focus back to God and restores my mind, body and soul, which is quite off balance of late. So, I am working now on how to restore and revitalize my balance without my trusty escape run. It is forcing me to workout new brain cells that seem sluggish right now, but I am certain I will figure it out. In the meanwhile, I stay and do my work and force little goals to focus on. And when the kids are out of the house, I may yet hit the road with a roadtrip or fly to Hawaii a bit to visit good friends there. Who knows. But perseverance pays off in the long run and God does not give you a vision of beauty without allowing you that for hope at the right time. And I know a lot of people who ran away in the midst of everything, ran into a bottle, into drugs, into porn, into a new life or state or country. Many people I know and patients have told me stories and the common theme is regret. They regret their weakness in those moments that started them down a path of daily or even hourly running from crazy or stresses. These people lived years of regret when they realized they lost their kids while running from spouses. Life is a very fragile flower. It is easily shaken apart. It is easily missed. And I would rather run sometimes but I must and will stay because my children are my responsibility and need a mother present to teach them how to be grown ups later. Good ones. So children first and run later. And those worth running with will still be worth running with if worth anything at all.

Power Words “Yes” and “No”

“Yes” and “no” are two of the most powerful words in our vocabulary. With a yes or no, you can command people, relationships, decisions, wills, armies, wars, interactions, intimacy, obedience in children, so many things. All with one word, “yes” or “no”. Yes or no to surf and turf, yes or no to chocolate, yes or no to obedience, yes or no to generosity, so many choices made with such tiny words. However, there must be a decision within first in order for the yes to stay yes or the no to stay no. If a person vacillates like a politician, for example, or someone unsure of what they truly want for whatever reasons, there will surely be confusion and some level of chaos. So the power only remains when it is consistent. So, make a decision and proclaim it loud and proud and the power, you will find, is there for your will to be accomplished. Even if it is disobeyed or disrespected, at least power has gone out from you to accomplish a goal and there is great pride that comes from the effort to be heard. Power is still there. And especially within a relationship, with someone you love who loves you, do not fear your voice or assume your voice will not or need not be honored. Say what you want, especially what you need, and you just may get it. Don’t say it and it probably won’t happen. If you say it, faith can start working and God can also answer your request. And with someone who loves you, they naturally will want what is best for you, to provide what you need, to help in any way they can. It is a beautiful thing to grow a relationship in this way. And it all starts with the simply powerful “yes” or “no”. Don’t be afraid to voice these important words but also use them wisely. Be sure that is really what you want or need.