Here is a word that should be a lot like driving next to a cop or stopping at one of those intersections with a video camera that can give you tickets. Everyone is on their best driving behavior. People see a cop and all of a sudden they are upright citizens who never text while driving, they drive the speed limit or below, use turn signals like champs, full stops at red lights behind the white line, oh so pretty. And then the cop drives off and it is back to normal. Or a kid is a perfect angel while momma’s in the room and then writing with crayons on the walls as soon as she walks out of the room. And Christians are a lot like those kids and drivers. In church, we are saintly and when we think we are alone totally different. And this is a crime. This thing God can do, omniscience should put the fear of God into us. Yes, He loves us, but He is holy too. That means we are saved and covered but still should aren’t right because we humbly obey and sincerely love and want to please God. And God being omniscient (are all knowing, all seeing, all present) is truly humbling. We never do things in private, friends. We never do things in secret. We are always on stage, we always have an audience. Here is our built in accountability. No one speaks of this anymore but I believe all truth should be known and that truth to set us free. God loves us and wants what is best for us. And being on our best behavior for a living is what is best for us. Sin should be an exception we deal with immediately and not a habitual lifestyle. And God helps! He actually helps us please Him! So great is His grace!!! So incredible is His love for us!!!