Weird Food Combo that Works

When we are healthy, we have the energy we need to serve God. I am doing the Paleo nutrition plan and have lost 18 pounds so far and have greater health and vitality. But once a week (on Sundays) I have an extra treat of hummus. And today I concocted a food combination that worked beautifully for me even though I have never seen these together before. And since I am the only one who eats like this in my home, this recipe serves one. Here it is.

1/2 yam (chopped and boiled until desired tenderness)

1/2 cooked chicken breast

1/2 carrot (chopped and boiled to desired tenderness)

2 T. Hummus (Tribal is the most paleo friendly and I like “everything” flavored)

Agave nectar- Healthy Drizzle

Pepper and Himalayan sea salt to taste.

Combine in a bowl and eat.

It is fantastic and satisfying and a great weekly treat. ❤


Time for Loving

It sure seems like I just finished a healing journey, where I was bound in some way by lies, emotional wounds, grief, anger, mental pain, so many distractions and things and my own pride and desires had kept me not quite healed up. And today I woke up a little less groggy than usual (not being a morning person) and realized I am completely free, completely healed. I am healed by God. I thought I had been but healing my body was the final healing. I had give God every part of me to heal, forgive, be in charge of, and love. Except my body. I had kept that for myself. Now I have obeyed with my body also and put it under God’s will and God is everything now. This is beautiful! This is true freedom and true peace and joy. It is a place of truth and closeness to Jesus. I am so happy and much more than that, I have peace. My mind is calm, and those who know me get the significance of that. It frees me to love. I am not constantly rolling, I can chill with clarity and peace. My joy is back. One piece of the puzzle can matter so much! Give Him every aspect of you for health and healing and He will bless you beautifully!!😄❤

Ties that Cannot Be Broken

I used to think this was a real thing: “ties that can never be broken”. Bonded for life. It is a romantic concept, pushed by corrupt Hollywood. Turns out those don’t exist. All ties can be broken. Nothing is fool proof. Every one can be broken. Every single one. This is not a doom and gloom thing but an awareness thing. If you want a bond to stay strong, you have to take care of it. It requires effort on both parties involved. Bonds need to be nurtured, cared for, attended to. You must invest time and maintenance on their upkeep. The tie to everyone or everything requires care to keep them strong. Even our tie to God. Yes, it is innate but we can still break it with our bad choices or refusal to accept Jesus as our Savior. But what sets God apart is His love and generous forgiveness to heal that broken tie the moment we humbly pray to Him for help with it. How beautiful is that! Nurture your bonds and take none for granted for they are valuable and worth every perceived inconvenience. Take care of what God has given you before it is lost. ❤

The Downside of Weight Loss

It has been great to see my body become healthier and less massful. It has been lovely to fit my clothes better and have more energy. Yes, these things are great. But a downside most don’t consider is having to buy new clothes because now I am starting to swim in them. This is very expensive. But I have found thrift stores are excellent, especially when you intend to continue thinning down and won’t be in that size for long either. I need to lose around 50 pounds total and am down 11, so I still have a ways to go. So thrift stores is my solution to my clothes situation. Thankfully, we have several good ones in my area. But the benefits outweigh the downside. I need to be healthy for whatever God gives me to do: my kids and husband and caretaking my mom, which is light duty now but will be more and more as time goes on, and my work. So, I will continue my Paleo nutrition lifestyle and continue toward my health goal, which has yet to leave me hungry or tired as “diets” have in the past. And I can maintain this because it is very natural and healthy.❤

Inside Me

Health is my focus. I generally am very healthy and am not a nut about anything, always keeping my easily – addicted self in check with the Holy Spirit’s superpower of self- control. However, right now I am working on health. Health of spirit, soul, mind, body. I need to visit my home town for this, at the very least in my mind or talking to family there. I have been away too long. This is my soul imbalance right now I am working on. My body imbalance I am working on is eating nutritious and getting back to a healthy weight. I am working on this and am gaining valuable ground. Spiritual health is more maintaining and deepening my relationship with Jesus, my Lord and Savior. And this I always work on and need to keep praying over. My mind imbalance is my deepest problem right now. For the first time ever I can think of (despite all the crazy I have been through and I am writing a book about that), I am anxious, but not for myself. I am nervous for a couple loved ones that are diminishing. And this causes me anxiety for them as they need me more and more and I am less and less powerful under that load. It is a heavy burden to bear. I remember it well when my daddy died, the slow decline of dementia, and when my friend died in a car accident and when my friend’s husband died unexpectedly changing her world entirely and when a loved friend suddenly walked out hatefully from our life. And these burdens have been healed but current issues taste like that, feel the same pain. I hurt for them because I love them. So I am giving this too to Jesus as there is no other cure. There is no medicine for this, no cure, but I know Jesus can heal whomever He wishes to and I can pray continuously to release the burden of it. And here I am, full grown/mature and there is never a coasting place in life, just one challenge to another. It is the way of it. And perfection comes with heaven and no sooner, we are rather promised such. So I will pray and read my Bible more and be ready to go to heaven any day He comes for us and every other day forever. So let us keep journeying on together and refuse to give up.❤


So, today was the first day I ever used buttermilk in my pancakes and my reluctance to do so was completely unfounded because the pancakes were perfect, absolutely perfect. Everyone loved them. And the irony is that now that I have a perfect recipe, I am forced to be on a new healthy eating plan with no grains or dairy. No pancakes. So, I am eating to be healthier and every bite have nutritional value- vitamin and mineral rich. My friend shared the Paleo healthier eating lifestyle (thank you, April). And after my first day on it, I feel like a million bucks. I had been sluggish and drowsy and now I feel great. Imagine after a week of this and a month and a life. So, excited about making better choices to be a good steward of this body God gave me. He gave me too much to do to squander it away on bad feelings from bad food. Irony can be good. ❤


Motion is what we were built for. God made us to move. When we work in any way, we are validating our makeup and propogating health and balance. God even built within us the motivation to work and move, called endorphins that produce a natural high as a reward. We feel good doing what keeps us healthy. ❤