Losing Weight the Weird Way

So, when I was sick last week, I lost 5 pounds just because I had no appetite. Then kept losing because my stomach had shrunk and I just wasn’t hungry. And it just keeps coming off. So here I am and now these pants I am wearing are falling down if I put anything in my pocket. So there you have it. Tons of exercise didn’t do it but an illness and just continuing to eat less did it. Fancy that. Well, God has a sense of humor and I love Him for that and so many other reasons. 😄❤


Healthy Celebrations

When the family has been in poor health and are now restored to health by God’s good grace and healing, it is celebration worthy. So we are going to celebrate. And before we were sick for so long, I would have questioned the sanity of someone celebrating good health. It is when you have been I’ll that you appreciate health and celebrating makes perfect sense. That is what Jesus said something along the lines that those who are forgiven for much appreciate it much. That is so true. And being healthy again is like being forgiven of a great illness. Worthy of celebration. ❤

Ode to Salad

Hear, oh salad, my deep appreciation

for that humongous aid you give to my digestion.

For the health and the crunch

And the hard food to munch

And I am writing to convey my oblation.

However, one thing I noticed and must share

For although I try to shrink my underwear

It is clear to me

That you are what to eat

When I want to trick my digestion into thinking I have eaten. ❤