Self Treating

So I have been treating this basal cell skin cancer spot on my cheek for 2 weeks. I do not have health insurance so I went online to see what I could do myself. Now, some people believe that to be brilliant and some believe it to be foolish and you can see in their eyes which camp they are in. Lol I am not wiyhout knowledge- I am a doctor you know, which means I know science and medicine quite well and understand the principles. And this is sound. And I just wanted to report, for all those praying for me, that this treatment usually takes 5 weeks but for me so far, there is only one small dot left after 2 weeks and the rest is clear. The regimen is to continue once all clear for 2 more days and you are finished. So praise God, looks like I may be finished early, God is allowing it to work well for me. God is good!!😃❤️

(P.S. If you want me to explain the treatment, I can blog on it if there is interest.)

Stay Close to God

So many are not going to church anymore. It is no longer for any reason except the fact that God and obeying Him is not their highest priority anymore. We can change that and turn it around by giving God His proper number one place in our lives. We do this by staying close to Him- praying, reading our Bible, worshipping, going to church, helping other people, serving, tithing. All of these practices are Biblically mandated and good for our soul, relationship with God and good health now and into eternity.😃❤️

Be the Genuine You

God made us specifically, designed us uniquely and wanted us purposefully. This is truth no matter who you are. When you are genuine, real as designed, you honor Him and celebrate His great work. When you live a lie– want to be or look differently, are dissatisfied with features, focus on negatives, find fault with yourself, compare yourselves to others, have to keep changing things on you– it dishonors God and shows disdain for His great work.

The genuine you is precious, beautiful and a masterpiece just as God made you. He is really good at creating and is purposeful and good and loving. Trust His reasons. Honor Him with appreciation for His work as it is. Appreciate His workmanship in others too just as they are when they are genuine. 😃❤️

Healing Characteristics

Being a doctor has helped me promote healing but a great many doctors and physicians only understand healing the body, which is a temporary fix to a deeper problem. This is because to heal properly, you must incorporate healing characteristics in your approach. Here is what I mean.

1. To heal deeper issues,you have to dig deeper. Sure, a bacteria or virus may cause a sickness in anyone but repetitive illnesses denote a decline in the immune system. What caused it? Stress? Poor diet? Not enough good bacteria in your system (too sterile of an environment)? Less obvious but deeper underlying medical conditions? Derogatory or pessimestic attitude? Depression? Not enough sun? Unforgiveness? Guilt? Remembet, no illness is repeated consistently without one or more of these underlying causes. They must be explored or it may be a bigger issue next time or at the least the same issue repeatedly.

2. Closer walk with God in prayer and Bible reading allows for faith and prayer to work more effectively to heal when asked. Do you really want to be healed? Are the benefits and attention enough reward to continue the illnesses? Hard hitting questions but I have heard many moms say they wanted their kids to be diagnosed with such and such to get financial aid and one on one attention paid for when they were just active and needed that mom’s one on one attention and maybe consistent rewards and punishments. This happens more than you know. They want to be labeled “disabled” to get that check or a convenient parking space. Yes, it happens. A lot. I have seen it many, many time with my patients. But if you really want healing, God is the Great Physician, operating on faith and prayer.

3. What if God chooses not to heal? Yes, that is a possibility and we must trust that He has a good reason for that. Just because we don’t know what it is does not mean it does not exist and we must trust and accept. Then it is back to number 1 to minimize illness by probing deeper and being proactive with checking and testing environment, body, lifestyle, spiritual matters such as unforgiveness, etc.

I probably offended a great many with this post, but I hope not and wish with love to convey truth. Truth is a beautiful thing and it is tied closely to good health and attitude. Truth brings life when embraced and death when covered over and over again with lies. Familiarity with lies never makes them true but truth saves as soon as it is embraced. And I hope that for everyone. God does not want decay for any of us but He wants life and health and vitality, especially from eternal perspective. Introspect is healthy but focus on God is even moreso. And He knows everything, so can always help.😄❤