The Blessings of Friendship

I am so very honored to have a best friend of 40 years!! She has been my best friend since we were 3, and we went to church and school together. And we have been a short bike ride and we’ve been hundreds of miles apart from each other but it never takes but a prayer or voice on the phone or text to bring us right back to the running conversation. And we miss Jody, who used to be one of us, but we are thankful for each other. We have unique issues we pray over each other about. And we have sometimes been weak in our faith at different times and helped encourage each other in the truth. And I am eternally thankful to God for the blessing of her in my life. We needed each other and still do.  God always provides. I am so very glad He does!!! Thank you, Shawn, for being the constant human in my life, best friend second only to Jesus! Love you!❤


Appreciating Pancakes

God provides so beautifully. And I am thankful this morning for pancakes. Why? If I did not have kids/a family to feed, I would probably live on easy convenience food like cereal. We get to enjoy good home cooked food because I have a family to share it with. So really, I guess I appreciate my family, the reason pancakes exist in my world. 😄❤

God in His Perfection

It has been impossible for me to stop talking about my Heavenly Father. I am sure you are tired of hearing it but my love for Him deepens every day, often every hour, and I long to share of His greatness. The perfection of God cannot be overstated, for it is the perfect blend of powerful love, beautiful glory, and sobering holiness. His creativity also embolden the breath of Him and nothing escapes His notice. He is everywhere and His grace and generosity accompany Him wherever He goes. Nothing is better than time alone with the Lord. Nothing fulfills like it or is sweeter.❤❤❤

Compliments Ahoy

My mom and dad raised me to not take much credence in physical appearance because it is just a shell and mask to the real soul and spirit of a person inside that does matter and can change from one moment to the next. That being said, they never complimented me on my looks. They criticized sometimes (rather ironic if it didn’t matter lol) but never complimented me. Most people in my life, men and women, we’re the same way. So, I figured it didn’t matter unless something was wrong. Also, I assumed I was very plain looking or ugly and that is just how it was. It was this way when I was size 6 and healthy or size 18 with a very difficult pregnancy. No one said anything good, only bad. (And the one guy who said the most and actually complimented me turna out was a liar and so none of thise words count at all. That is my background, which sets the stage for now. Now, I still do not care about my appearance and no longer cry at the criticisms because it truly does not matter, but I am feeling extremely healthy lately and have a glow (uv damage from the sun) about me and am fit and toned aunnnd feel so good. And people have been giving me compliments one after the other. Ironically, the scale has not changed numbers but I am two dress sizes smaller now. And my vitality is soaring. I have energy to spare and productivity hard to explain and even easier breathing and better focus. And to be truthful, my deepening relationship with Almighty God is the biggest reason for every good bit of it. All of it is from God and didn because of and for Him. I am still very plain, but I am happier and more joyful than I have ever been. And the compliments are all appreciated because it is proof that I am on the right health track and refocuses me on health. But I like it so much more when people tell me they can see God moving in me, growing me, improving me. I love it when He gets the glory. Any good I am or do is from Him.❤❤❤

True Heritage Unveiled

People want to know their heritage. In general it is the shallow physical heritage of generations of this or that type, this or that skin color, this or that religion, etc. All of that is a distraction. Parsing through the distractions, and digging deeper, we all share a heritage that supercedes all of the physical and nonsense that has been manipulated to divide us. We are, all, you, I, your neighbor, you sweet grandma, the guy or girl in the last row, the person in a country hundreds of miles away where language differs from your own, whether they be any color of the sun, we are all made on purpose lovingly by God. God is our common heritage. We are united in heritage, no matter who is pushing what agenda. We are all children of Almighty, All-loving, All-knowing God. Thus we share the same heritage. We are all related because of that. We are all equals in status but differ in giftedness and talents. And as all God’s children, we need to unite and get back to a relationship with Him. He should always be our primary focus. He should be our common goal and the only One we all worship. God is our Maker and mutual father. Yay!!!!❤❤❤

Joys of Life

My greatest joys of life

Consist of the simple, like this pic

That of being again able to wear

That comfortable shirt you outgrew

And now are happy it fits you.

But greater still by very very far

Is the joy of family, of love, of heart

Which enriches the life and advances power

Of meaning and purpose and life by hour.

And there is greatest joy of all

In the God who made us and made our heart

And He made all things we enjoy everyday

And still loves us so much to drive sadness away.❤

Celebrating Life

It is funny how different my kids are. My son, bless his big heart and I am working so hard on this, has to have everything match what is in his mind to be happy. He still has joy but easily blocks it when things don’t match what he’s thinking. We are so working on this, I cannot stress that enough. But this is his natural weakness, his bent that he will have to fight and heal from much of his life if we don’t get an amazingly strong God-support system roots under him now. So, working on it. Then there is my daughter, who is so very easily seeing the bright side of everything with her enormous heart on her sleeve and fun in her eyes. Her birthday is today. We are so aremazingly blessed to have this optimistic, encouraging cuddle bunny in our lives, so full of love. Both kids love Jesus with their whole hearts, though, and I celebrate that more than just their lives. So different but both so greatly embossed in my heart aremazingly all of us in God’s. We are so very blessed and that is always reason to celebrate. We just do so a bit louder and with cake today. 😄❤