God Never Changes

God is timeless, quite literally. He is not limitex by what limits us and everything everyone fears in this universe is rightly afraid of God. We should only fear Him. I know He is love and loves us,but if we ever lose sight of the fact that God is Almighty (and that seems an emaciated understatement), we would stop bickering amongst ourselves and worship and obey Him, which seems to be redundant. God never changes, and nor should our worship and respect for Him ever change.😃❤️

The Light

In a very dark room, it is amazing how bright one candle’s light is and how warm and friendly it feels.

Someday, Jesus Christ will return and will be like gurning on the brightest lights we have witb His presence. Then our lights will be purified by His light and His light will shine forever.

In the meanwhile, we must shine our lights the best we can.😃❤️🔥