Relative Goodness Has Issues

I laughed and then contemplated about the end of the the first Avengers movie. They had saved the day and we’re forgiven for wrongs.but warned not to break the laws again. The big guy asked if it was ok if he was mad if he broke a guys’ spine was wrong. The guy said it was also wrong. The racoon asked if he wanted someone’s stuff if he could take it. The guy said no. Then the racoon reasoned further, but you don’t understand, I want it more than they do. That is relative goodness. That is the obstacle of truth today.

There is a right and wrong based on the Bible. There has to be some authority that does not change like we change our socks. Otherwise, why even try to define right and wrong? If everything is relative, every crime can be reasoned away or bought out, which is what we are seeing all over.

As much as our country needs this moral compass, we personally need this moral compass. The Bible needs to be read and followed.😄❤

How God Speaks to Us

So in our Bible study tonight, we talked about how God speaks to us. The consensus, based on Scripture, is that the Bible is the primary tool for speaking to us and the Holy Spirit helps us understand the Bible. And praying is how we speak to Him. And it n is certain that the Holy Spirit will never guide you to any thought or action contrary to the Bible. So we must know our Bible.

I found this interesting, considering how many people claim the Lord speaks to them and tell them all kinds of things not necessarily or entirely inconsistent with the Bible. I wonder who they are hearing. Perhaps they are hearing their own desires in their heads? Are they hearing imposters?

Regardless of these questions, I believe the Bible is the key and the Holy Spirit backs it up every step of the way. God will never contradict Himself or His inspired Word. Worth a good deal of thought.❤