Revival is Our Choice

The church is being hammered. It has become quite often corrupted and polluted and mixed with other views than the Bible or with other emphasis than praise and worship of and service to and for God through Jesus Christ our Savior/Messiah and Redeemer. But this was our fault, not the enemy who wished it to become so. It is we who have allowed and encouraged this church problem. And as such, it is we who can fix it. How? Every Christian who humbles themselves and prays and fasts in earnest and confesses their part in it and repents from continuing down that road and starts to praise and worship our triune God and serves Him directly in the church or to people for Him, changes everything. That is all we have to do. We each do our part right where we are and encourage others who are and bam!! The Holy Spirit is allowed to flow and work in and through us and revival is here. People are waiting for someone else to do all the work. God detests this pampered laziness, I am convinced of it. I am pretty tired of it too. Put down the idols (every time else you have devoted your precious spiritual (and often physical) time and energy to except for God) and change. It is a choice. Free will is powerful, which is why God gave it to us. Just decide to change and humbly pray and do it. Get reading the Bible, pray all day long, praise and worship God, love Him and people. Just do it. Revival is our choice. It is my choice. I accept and own it.❤



I have been very convicted lately with the idea of good stewardship. Stewardship is what you do with what God has given you. Good stewardship is doing good with it. Bad stewardship is doing bad with it there is only those two options because doing nothing is the same as doing bad. There is no lukewarm in heaven’s eternity. It is apathetic to not care enough about your gifts and blessings to even develop or use them.

And I had been guilty of that. God has given me gifts of leadership, sports, music, art, faith, encouragement, prayer, etc. And here was I abusing those gifts or being apathetic (which is pathetic) and sitting depressed and overeating and addicted to Facebook and wrong thinking, etc.

God addressed this crime of bad stewardship in me and since I have been working on becoming a good steward, taking responsibility for my choices and developing good, healthy habits, which for me personally drove my 40 pound weight loss (last 10 to go-woo hoo!).

We are all called to good stewardship with all the gifts, abilities and resources God has given us. Everyone. And how well we are doing that when God calls His church home will determine who goes and who is left behind. So it is a pretty enormous deal. I want to be ready. So I am working on good stewardship. I invite you to consider areas you can do good with what you are able to do well. ❤

A Boost for the Soul

When your soul needs a boost

And there’s nothing going right

And the dark creeps on in

Seems to engulf the light.

Give yourself a light boost

With an intentioned heart

And serve someone with joy

And relight your own light.

No longer wait for another to help

When your soul needs a boost, create one for yourself.

Create it with prayer and find someone to help,

Something that needs done and do it yourself.❤

Be What Others are Not

If no one is being the light,

That is your job

Be the light.

If no one n is speaking the truth,

That is your job.

Speak the truth.

If no one is worshipping God,

That is your job.

Worship God.

If no one is forgiving and letting go,

That is your job.

Forgive and let go.

If no one is serving others in need,

That is your job.

Serve others in need.

Others may be content with selfishness.

That’s not your job.

Just be selfless.

Others’ sins are not your concern,

Just don’t sin.

Be God’s child.❤

Every Opinion Need Not Be Uttered

This from a writer. Lol But I do not write every opinion I have and that is true. Nor do I think anyone else should either. Why not? Because alongside the freedom of speech is the freedom to obey God who said to only say that which builds up and is positive and does not tear down. And lately a whole lot of people are tearing down, remembering that we live with the freedom of opening our mouths and forget the wisdom of keeping them closed sometimes. There is a time to speak, but when everyone speaks at once, no one is heard and the noise is growing.

In addition, breath is wasted on those with closed ears.

Also, he who argues with a fool becomes one.

And always bear in mind that we are accountable to God for every word we release to the air, for better or worse. No one is immune to that truth. ❤

Not Running

Much recent contemplations and reading and closeness with Jesus and His lead and persuasion in my life has gotten me to a point of change and acceptance. Some very profound and inspiring and educationally wise truth has now been accepted by my brain. Took 44 years to get here (I used to believe I was fast and smart Lol.) Some people get this lesson intrinsically or easily or much faster, but we all have our own strengths and weaknesses and I firmly believe this one is harder to overcome when well-modelled and very wounded. Well, here is this truth… I am responsible for every word, decision, action and lack thereof I have ever made. I am responsible for me. Not only that, but as a wife, I am responsible to be a good wife (whether it is reciprocated or not); as a parent, I am responsible for being a good parent and teaching my children to be godly, useful and moral adults and parents; as a doctor, I am responsible for my patient’s care; as a Christian, I am responsible to represent Jesus to the world; and so on. And we all are responsible for ourselves and our roles we serve. That is how it is. As soon as we assign blame for inadequacies, even if legitimate, we devalue our growth and development and miss out on our full capacity. How freeing is this truth! How powerful it is for I own it. And sobering. Because of course, I/we need God’s help in all of it, so bonus that we draw closer to Him in the process! I just wanted to share that. ❤

Leadership Morality

Some of my worst days happened during a time of my life where I thought life should go my way. I knew where I was going and how to get there and many people naturally followed my leadership. I thought for a moment that made me more important or smarter or whatever and pushed harder. It seriously may have only meant that I was the loudest person in the room. Obviously, as seen by the riotous protestor, people in a mob are atupid and will follow any idiot with a megaphone and a one money and a no plan, even if they don’t know it or truly agree with it, but I digress. Really, when God gives a person the natural gift of leadership, the only thing it makes you is more responsible. When you presume to lead, you are responsible for those who follow. This happens naturally in homes with children, happens on purpose at work, happens naturally in teamwork or service situations. Wherever there is a leader, that person has extra weight on his or her shoulders. As such, it soon comes to light what level of morality this person has by what the followers do. The followers of a moral person, a fruity person (full of the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, faithfulness, self-control, etc), you will have followers that copy this and are happy, content, proud of their work, identify with their group, fruity, doing the right things, not.lazy, etc. When there is a morally corrupt leader, the followers breed corruption, there is hatred, jealousy, dread in going, laziness, sloppiness, disinterest, etc. and they may not even know why. Morals dictate actions and underlying reasons behind actions, words and underlying reasons behind words. Morals dictate how the followers will follow, Google for good and bad for bad. Of course their are exceptions to both with some level of difficulty but as a rule this holds true. And the followers are responsible for their own choices/actions/words but the  leaders are more responsible, Asa they arectionsre responsible for their own and their followers. Be careful when you take the role on and that you stay close to God and His Truth and live good moral lives, on and off duty. This pleases God and He will give you success long term.