Be the Genuine You

God made us specifically, designed us uniquely and wanted us purposefully. This is truth no matter who you are. When you are genuine, real as designed, you honor Him and celebrate His great work. When you live a lie– want to be or look differently, are dissatisfied with features, focus on negatives, find fault with yourself, compare yourselves to others, have to keep changing things on you– it dishonors God and shows disdain for His great work.

The genuine you is precious, beautiful and a masterpiece just as God made you. He is really good at creating and is purposeful and good and loving. Trust His reasons. Honor Him with appreciation for His work as it is. Appreciate His workmanship in others too just as they are when they are genuine. 😃❤️

On Screwing Up

So, like most everyone, I have screwed up now and again. I have made monumental decisions poorly. I have botched big things and a myriad of little ones. So what! Here is my take on screwing up…

Drawing close to God is the most important thing.

Everything else is minutia in comparison. And if we screw up but are drawing close to God (reading our Bible, praying all the time, praising and worshipping Him, helping others), that heart He sees as flawless. He forgives as soon as we humbly ask Him to. He doesn’t keep reminding us what we screwed up. We (through unforgiveness of ourselves) and the enemy (to destroy) do that. God is concerned most about the present and our hearts for Him. Is He our priority? If yes, we are doing well and screw ups must be forgiven and put behind you and try not to screw up again with His help and pray about it. If no, get it right then proceed. God’s grace and generosity and love are insurpassable. We cannot even begin to understand His greatness in these matters. We must with faith receive it and draw close to Him. Then go to church and search out the mature in faith and glean wisdom from them too.😄❤

Hard Lessons

Ok, so in my younger days, ahem, God had to whack me in the head to get my attention and teach me lessons I desperately needed to learn to be useful in His kingdom and even right now in this place with these people. I was largely on my own in many ways and was grossly independent with an annoying kind of false humility (which is based on an enormous pride) and I needed training tempered with love (most often) to get my hard-headed attention. I desperately needed to be humbled and alone with God. It is funny thr clarity that comes with decades of maturing, mildewing and contemplation.

The hardest lessons ever were always the same lesson: I am little but loved and God is great, solely worthy of worship, and the only One trustworthy who loves me unconditionally.

It seems a simple lesson. I was not simple. I knew enough to be dangerous but not wise, highly intelligent and over-thinking everything but with an arrogance I am almost embarrassed by now. God has always been about simple presentation of that lesson. And He has always been about a relationship with me, amazingly, and is big enough to have that with everyone who accepts Jesus as their Savior.😄❤