Awake at 5:30am

Why my body woke me at 5:30am is a complete mystery to me. It is not welcome nor necessary, but awake I am nonetheless. So, I prayed. There must be a reason. As I accumulate time to my lifespan, I realize there is a reason for every little thing. Our greater than amazing God created all of us and designated stars/galaxies/weather/body systems/organisms to operate just so to perpetuate life and love and energy. If He does all that so utterly perfectly, there are no mere coincidences in His order. He answers prayer. Think how incredible and mystifying that is in the whole scheme of things! What a loving mighty God we serve. He actually hears the prayer of His children and answers. Wow! So, I guess even comprehending and sharing that is a good enough reason to be awake this precious but ungodly hour. That being accomplished, I will pray more and lay back down. God bless you and keep you and shine His glory on you today. Have a beautiful, intentional day!❤


Happy New Year!!!

So, Happy New Year!!! ❤ 

I started the New Year with reaching 20,000 views on my blog and that is really cool. So, I am thankful for all of you who have shared ideas with me and allowed me to share mine too. It is beautiful. Love to you and may God bless and keep you this year!!!❤

Sitting in the Studio

I had a dream last night about playing a gig with our present and past band members playing an all day gig together. It was so good and I woke up happy. So, Steve and I are aglitting here in the studio listening to all our tracks and lay recordings of current and past band members, and now and then we’ll hear Sherman’s  voice or Wil’s or Fonzy playing or Bill singing or Artie, etc. It reminds me of those beautiful musical moments with our band family. And I appreciate those moments.❤

Blessings of a Good Band

We have the best band we have ever had now. No inflated egos, no negativity, no drama, no demands. We are having fun playing good music together. It is ideal. It is fun. And we are better than ever as a band because of it. Any gig you need entertainment for in Central Florida, Smooth Sentiment is the right band for oldies variety dance rock and roll music. (Shameless plug because we are that excited about it lol). But I am writing this just to show appreciation and thank God publicly for this new great band we have. It is appreciation blessing and a breath of fresh air. We have never been so excited to play music together. And I know that all good tuings come from God. Praise God!❤❤❤

God’s Beautiful Grace

God is so full of grace and mercy! I cannot emphasize that enough. And He is just as full of grace and mercy to everyone, not just people who thank Him but ungrateful jerks too! Think about it. How amazing is God that He sends rain to everyone alike, even those who deny He exists (which is so ignorant it is hilarious- these clowns with degree upon degree who have studied the intricacies of nature and immaculate detail in the tiniest detail- something only the greatest of Artist Designers can do- and call it happenstance. Ha! But I digress and heap praise on my God, my precious Savior who blesses us all, not just me, and I am so thankful. I am thankful for my blessings and yours and those of the jerk that cut me off in traffic today and the beautiful forgetful mature people we carolled to today and the babies just born. We are blessed by God and He loves us all immensely. Look how many chances He has given us. We are so flawed and His perfection just radiates at us, “Yep, still here, still the same, still in love with you.” Ah! He is so good! Praise God!!!❤❤❤

Not Knowing

I just watched and listened to Red sing “The Dance” on the Voice. I rarely ever get to see that show and enjoy everything but the back stories and commercials. (If they sing the song magnificently, you can feel their back story, but that is another blog post lol.) But I digress. The thing is the song reminded me that if we knew things would end, would we go through with it if it was going to end in a huge loss? I wrestle with that a little bit. Do good times for a while make up for a steep drop afterwards? Do great memories make up for the loss of a loved one? And I suddenly felt great appreciation to God for not letting us know everything. I am thankful to not know what is next (except heaven, I am glad to know that is coming up). I believe even more that God blesses us by withholding the future. We are who we are and hold beautiful memories we would otherwise miss by living the exact journey we walk, rest and run. Our journey is beautiful not just because of the good memories and good decisions but moreso because of deep blows we overcame with God’s help. I am happy not to know. I am thankful for every dance. ❤

Thanksgiving Traditions

It is our tradition to eat out on Thanksgiving day. Then, when it is deeply on sale the next day or two, we buy a turkey and ham and ribs this year and cook them up to last and while. This year, we smoked them and wow, so glad we did. We have plenty! Enjoy!❤