Thanking God

Everything in your life happens because God arranges it or allows it for some reason, either to benefit you or His kingdom. What He does or allows is always for good because He is good. Some things that are really good for you long term are very painful at the time. And of course some things are the result of other people’s bad choices. But even if someone does an unexpected evil toward you, God is perfectly able and willing to help you through and make it work very well and use the ugly to turn more beautiful. See, everything God touches or thinks about or breathes on transforms into beauty. He is love. So the moment we humble ourselves before Him and ask for Him to work, He is happy to do so and can work beautiful things in it. This is who He is. So, as a result of this interaction with us there is no excuse to be anything but grateful and genuinely thankful to God for all He works on our behalf. He is amazing!!! Thank you so much, God!!! I love you!!!

Thanksgiving Contemplations

My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. Of course Christmas and Easter are right up there, but there is something extraordinary to love about a holiday where no gifts are exchanged and people are thankful for what they actually have. It is a beautiful and peaceful experience to have an entire day with family that you love (or some you love to watch and try to figure out) and do nothing but appreciate the moment, have a thankful spirit to God, watch a football game together, play games and of course eat really good food all day long. 🙂 It is a family day. And if you aren’t close to family anymore, it is a great day to extend your family and firm up some good friendships. The spirit of the day is appreciation and generosity and time. The best of the day is being in the moment. It is magical to not think or worry or contemplate anything but that day of thanks with friends and family. We have a myriad of distractions around us all the time, many of which are less than worthy of our thought. Thanksgiving is simplicity and peace amidst this chaos. It is taking time out of distractions to focus on all the blessings God has given and spend time with some of them. Of course it is also historical, in that we are honoring our spirit and endurance of our forefathers who survived here with help from our Indian brothers so we could enjoy freedom today. So there is also that grandiose tradition of America that we continue to celebrate and honor. And what better way to honor our distant past perseverance and neighbor’s generosity than to eat like there’s no tomorrow. 🙂 When I lived and grew up in Michigan, I had family on my mom’s side of the family and my dad’s side of the family, so we were blessed with two celebrations. And quite often, we had snow and were quite cosy together in the house. And my family can seriously cook! Now that I am far from my family, I miss that so much but have realized something. The spirit of appreciation is the same, though there is only my tiny family eating together and spending time together. We can still enjoy the moment and appreciate God’s blessing. And quieter is more peaceful. 🙂 I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day with tasty delights and meaningful moments free of distraction. I am thankful for you.