Sunshine and Pool Pleasures

God provided us access to my mom’s clubhouse for swimming and playing pool. It is fantastic for the kids and for me. My husband never wants to go, so we play and exercise and get sun. I thank God for this blessing in our lives. And I also thank Him for allowing me to dodge the creepy hair plug guy who hits on me despite my telling him to shove off, I’m married. Oy. One in every crowd. But I will not let one weirdo hinder our enjoyment of an otherwise wonderful place to hang out in summer and most of the year long here in Florida. Love it and love God for providing us such a luxury. And as a bonus, while on my new nutrition based eating lifestyle, I have lost 10 pounds so far and feel great. God is good! ❤


Memorial Day

Many people have sacrifices for our country in service fields because of their love for our country, sometimes for a paycheck, sometimes because n of their sheer love for their fellow man and a God-given desire to help. In any case, the sacrifice they have made or are making now or even have made and they are retired now, this day we value, respect and really appreciate them and their families. Sometimes their families give up more than they do. So we thank them. Thank you, every service person, in past, present or future, for we could not be free without this sacrifice and be protected without your important work. You matter. What you did matters. What you are doing now matters. What better way to serve God than to serve men and women and u our country. Thank you all! God bless you all!!!❤❤❤

Last Day of School!

So today was our last day of school for the summer. They each have one subject they have to continue during the summer, but one subject takes much less time and effort than 7, so we’re good. Still vacation from most of it. And I am pleased as punch to be able to catch up on spring cleaning and yard work and moving the sheds (oy) and rearranging storage in the house and washing the windows and paint my mom’s house and so on. So many maintenance things I have put off because of the busyness of life during school. And now that Kathleen can read (yay!), she can be a bit more independent so maybe I will not get so far behind again. I hope not. We will be very busy, but at least after a day’s work, we can swim. Yay!! God is so good!😄❤

Morning Baseball Game

It was the perfect day for baseball in thr morning. This makeup game was the perfect way to spend some quality time outside with my kids. The kids played well and won their game but even if they hadn’t, it would have been a great time. Sometimes it is just good to be an American and I thank God for it and for such a beautiful game day!❤

Getting Old in Style

So, I am getting old now because reading up close is getting blurry. What a pain. So, I send my son to get me a new pair of sunglasses and he brings me these cool shades that have bifocals built in. And I am grateful because now I am a cool old person who can read in the sun or keep score for my kids’ baseball games in sun. And old can still look good. Lol 😄 Thank God for little conveniences!! ❤

Awake at 5:30am

Why my body woke me at 5:30am is a complete mystery to me. It is not welcome nor necessary, but awake I am nonetheless. So, I prayed. There must be a reason. As I accumulate time to my lifespan, I realize there is a reason for every little thing. Our greater than amazing God created all of us and designated stars/galaxies/weather/body systems/organisms to operate just so to perpetuate life and love and energy. If He does all that so utterly perfectly, there are no mere coincidences in His order. He answers prayer. Think how incredible and mystifying that is in the whole scheme of things! What a loving mighty God we serve. He actually hears the prayer of His children and answers. Wow! So, I guess even comprehending and sharing that is a good enough reason to be awake this precious but ungodly hour. That being accomplished, I will pray more and lay back down. God bless you and keep you and shine His glory on you today. Have a beautiful, intentional day!❤

Happy New Year!!!

So, Happy New Year!!! ❤ 

I started the New Year with reaching 20,000 views on my blog and that is really cool. So, I am thankful for all of you who have shared ideas with me and allowed me to share mine too. It is beautiful. Love to you and may God bless and keep you this year!!!❤