Perpetual Lies

Satan is the father of lies. You know then that he is lying. And pride was the root of his downfall. On his way to punishment, he and his armies will take as many to eternal separation from God as possible. This sounds crazy to many who reject truth and prefer the momentary comfort of lies and pleasure and self-loving pride. But those who truth see the truth, love the truth and the truth sets them free. Jesus Christ is the truth and His grace saves us now and forever. So staying in prayer and reading the Bible promotes and encourages the truth in an ever increasing world of lies. So truth has to be our mainstay, our weapon, our lifeblood, our greatest goal. Truth combats perpetual lies. It is the only thing that does. You cannot fight a lie with a different lie. You have to fight it with truth. God is truth and His Word, the Bible, is the truth He had written down for us to use and memorize and refer to. Keep in God’s Word and pray so the Holy Spirit helps us now and you become a light of truth in a world of perpetual lies and you can determine which is which by closeness and affiliation with Truth. There is no other way. Truth rocks!! There is peace and joy and wisdom there and so much love and true fulfillment!! Worth the journey.

Understanding Evil Terror

Aside from my normal silly self, the amount of evil and terrorism around us all over the world is very real and I wish to comment on this question I have heard from so many trying to understand how people could do such things, as if people who have done far worse never existed. I wish to share my little insights on this serious topic and will get back to my silly self next blog. This is such a horrible thing but so very true that the absolute only way to understand evil and terror and the mindset of evil people and terrorists is to understand love and God and beauty and completely turn it on its head. It is the wrong focus. It is the wrong question. It is impossible because it is so foreign to normal innate thinking. We are made by God and as such have a mindset internally of right and wrong and beauty and love and caretaking. Evil and terror are the opposite so we can not comprehend that line of thinking that only comes through many years of lies built upon lies and brainwashing and berating and abuse and so forth. For us to understand we would have to be evil. So we do things like try to find out what went wrong or what would happen to cause someone to be evil. What painful experience in their past, what words hurt them, what lies did they believe, how were they brainwashed. And that again is a futile exercise that provides no closure, no truth, no understanding. The plain, simple fact is that evil people choose to be evil. Terrorists choose to be terrorists. There is always a choice, no matter what lies were planted, no matter what brainwashing was done, even from infancy. Truth be told, there is always a barrier of choice we have to overcome to perform an evil act. It is always and forever the person’s choice. They may be pressured and deceived, but it is still their choice. Everyone has a choice. Of course, you sometimes pay for the choices you make, if not now, then in the future. And the biggest payment for such a choice is living with that choice. Living with our choices create within us a pattern of thoughts, a basis upon which we judge ourselves and are judged on that day ahead. So to condone a choice and live with a clear conscious, we must live within the moral code ingrained in us. To be ashamed of a choice and live with turmoil, we work in opposition to that moral code. Evil is the opposite of God/good/love/truth. Everything good and pure and honest and joyful and peaceful is the opposite of evil. To understand what evil truly is, you have to be closely acquainted with the best of the best, God. The closer you are to understanding this magnificent Supreme Being, the closer you are to understanding that evil is everything that He is not. There is the right focus. Focus on the One who saves not the one who destroys. Focus on the One who rules rather than the one who wanted to but was defeated for trying to. Then you will understand that there is a war for our souls and a decision for us to make. Each makes this decision for themselves. And more importantly, each is accountable for this decision. I choose the winning side, the God who made everything we know that is good. I choose love.