Mr. Nobody

Having the extremely rare opportunity to be alone for a few hours, I opted to watch Mr. Nobody, a “what if? movie. Confusing, different, weird, insane, lump of a movie with little to really hug, it nonetheless made me think. If you like really bizarre thinking movies, here’s one for you. And I am not a movie critic but a connisseur. I find meaning and lessons in every movie. There always is one, often an unintended one. This one had one point, however, and it was hard to dig out. It was the premise that we “what if?” way too much and that the choice we make is just that, our choice. Our free will changes our life. But the choices you make mustn’t make you sorrowful or looking back over your shoulder. Your current path is beautiful. God knew it would be here and He can keep up with everyone’s choices at once and still loves us and can walk with us and help us wherever we are or end up. So stop looking back and love the life you are in. And much of that was implied, so you may find a different message. And we can look back and have missed the love of your life or that perfect job for you or made some really dumb choices you are living with but stop torturing yourself. God knows where you are and can an make the best of it and has always loved you more than a person can. He is love, by the way, He gets it. Be you and love the journey you are on, but draw close to God on it and you are good.❤

Plodding Along the Journey

I was placed here to prepare for eternity with God in heaven. So were you. And we are plodding along on our journeys to forever, where our souls and spirits will not be burdened by sin which crept in or was chosen or evil or temporary things or aging bodies or fleshly needs. We plod along. But we must not simply plod, for we are all feeling a lot of treading through mud lately. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t feel it. It is harder to plod along. Sometimes each step is mired down by distractions and wastes of time and difficulties and sadness and so many other options. It is easy, so easy to succumb to its weight. It is easy, so easy to give up and go with that tempting wide road leading to hell. But we must continue on our journey to heaven. We must be diligent and persistent and intentional and aggressive in our steps. Our Heavenly Father waits for us to make it to Him. He longs for a relationship with us He lovingly made. We must stay focused on Him. We must cast off distractions and pray more, fast more, focus more, read our Bible more. These are necessities to keep plodding along, keep going on the journey to eternity with God in heaven. It won’t be terribly long. Please keep going. We are in it together.❤

Send Me A Postcard From Wherever It Is You’ve Gone

So, in my past was this experience also and she captured it. The loss, the confusion, the senselessness of it, the realization that you finally found your soulmate and turns out he’s an idiot. All that wrapped up in a short poem. That is skill. And here is the rest of the story. God heals. God fulfills. God saves us from stupidity, ours and other’s. God loves deeper than the deepest human love. And time does not erase some deep wounds like this but time with God allows His amazing love to come in more and more until that wound you still have if you focus on it or in odd moments every day for the rest of your life becomes less painful, less significant. More of a bad thing that happened i stead of the worst thing I am going through now. God heals and restores. He makes better than new. And the humbling is a blessing because you have a shorter distance to bow from. God is the solution. Doesn’t matter the problem or hurt.❤❤❤

Never Again

I will face challenges. I will have battles brought to my table. I will have to stare evil in the eye at some point on some level. There will be attacks. I will be pushed and tried. All these things are guaranteed. It is not a maybe situation. It will happen. But never again, and I am shouting it to the world, never again will I attempt to fight or react or respond or find success without God. I will never again face an attack or battle or problem alone. I will always go with God. He fights bad guys and has already won the big war and I fight then humbly in continuous prayer and Bible reading. And when the time comes that He ever wants more than that from me, I will hear His still small voice and obey and be ready with great confidence. Never again will I walk alone through anything. I walk with God who loves me unequivocally and deeply on levels man can not go. I beg you to do the same. God is always available.