Thugs and Ruffians

Today, my sons team played an away game with a team they hadn’t played in years and never while my son was on the team. They claimed to be Christians. However, once the game atarted, it looked more like a one-sided rugby game. They were pushing and cheating and running hands and shoulders-on body interference and the refs only called fouls against our team for falling on someone when pushed. It was an unjust, unfair, infuriating, hideous game. And we paid a fortune in gas to get there, driving an hour and a half. They started a fight just after half time so we would forfeit and it would count as a win for their crooked team. Our coaches wanted to stop the game before someone got seriously hurt. We are not set up to cheat or tackle or think that is ok. All bullies and led by the biggest bully, their coach. Later, we find their team was kicked off a league and off a tournament for playing rough and cheating. And apparently still are doing what got them kicked off.

So, a few take-aways from this fiasco.

1. Bullying helps no one, especially yourself and anyone else. It is the cowards way and the win does not count in the kingdom of God. That kind of win gets you kicked off the team unless/until you repent.

2. If you claim to be a Christian team, you play like one or it is obvious that it is in name only and you look like fools and/or liars.

3. Playing well with God’s character in mind is the best way to be. I was so proud of our boys, who did not meet violence with violence but with determination to play better. A character win is a true win in God’s eyes. He rewards that.❤️

Lent Day 26

Wear the Lord’s robe of righteousness with ease. He has custom-made it for you, to cover you from head to toe. The price that He paid for this covering was astronomical, His own blood. You could never purchase such a royal garment, no matter how hard you worked. Sometimes you forget that the Lord’s righteousness […]

Lent Day 26