So, we just got soft water.  Many problems we’ve been having are now going away with this new addition to our family.  It is amazing to me how important water is to us.  We are largely made of the stuff, we need to drink it, we bathe with it, we need it to clean our teeth, and without it being pure enough we would die.  It is very interesting to think of this.  Jesus knew of its importance to us.  He used it to show us about Him.  He described Himself as the “Living Water”.  I let that phrase wash over me before without sticking or seeking to understand it.  He fills us, refreshes us as water does, and if we drink of Him, absorb Him, we live and never die.  Pure water cleanses.  It doesn’t matter what the stain- it cannot stand long against pure water.  Very few things can. You have to go to great lengths to keep water out of things.  It is just there- it gets in, even if only in the air.  Water cleanses, gives life, causes food to grow- so sustains us, and we are born of it, formed in it during our first 9 months of life in our mother’s womb.  We must respect water and Jesus’ assessment of Himself as the “Living Water”.  How grateful I am for that! 

My New Books

So, I have just published 2 new books on Kindle (which is also available on any computer via their free Kindle Cloud Reader- my commercial).  I have worked very hard on these books, as most authors do.  One book is on my trade- a conversational and humorous clarification of hearing loss and hearing aids and how to know what to do, how much they should be, how not to be conned and swindled, etc.  It is written to be very helpful.  That book is called Huh? or Hearing Utterances and Humor or Clarification of Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids or A Hearing Doctor Talks Shop.   You can find it here: http://www.amazon.com/Hearing-Utterances-Clarifying-Doctor-ebook/dp/B00DKC23FU/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1373169686&sr=8-4&keywords=Huh%3F+Kindle

My second book is completely different.  It is a novel.  More poignantly, it is a sort of autobiography set in a fictional novel set in pre-Victorian England.  It is rather a fantasy and coming-of-age book that has a moral, a point.  It isn’t mindless blather, but it will entertain all the same.  It is called Lady Sarah Preston.  The link is here: http://www.amazon.com/Lady-Sarah-Preston-ebook/dp/B00DKD4SDO/ref=pd_sim_sbs_kstore_1

Thank you so much for letting me tell you about my newly published works.  I hope that one or both may be helpful to you.  I believe God gives us knowledge of topics to help other people and get it out to others rather than selfishly keep it all to ourselves.  I hope this information finds those to whom it will be a blessing!  God bless us all!!  🙂

Lady Sarah Preston Kindle Book

Lady Sarah Preston Kindle Book

In the early 1800’s, Lady Sarah Preston was born into a small family that did not always have time for her. She learned to do as she pleased and was ahead of her time in her belief system. Armed with a very good friend, she stumbled upon a delicious secret that would set her heart ablaze and change the futures of many surrounding her!

Huh? or Hearing Utterances and Humor or Clarifying Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids or A Hearing Doctor Talks Shop Kindle book

Huh? or Hearing Utterances and Humor or Clarifying Hearing Loss and Hearing Aids or A Hearing Doctor Talks Shop Kindle book

If you’ve ever wondered about hearing loss and hearing aids, this is the absolute best book for you. Written by a certified and experienced Doctor of Audiology, this book is clearly understandable and highly informative, written for patients and consumers alike. There is no better first source of hearing information. This book will inform you, humor you, equip you and make it much easier to know what you are looking for BEFORE you ever step into a hearing center. Conversational in nature, this book was purposely written as the Doctor would speak to her patients or anyone walking into her office. Countless hours of repetition of these topics and information have caused the Doctor of Audiology to write this book. You will not be deceived or swindled if you read this book, so it has very important and financially driven motivation as well. Knowing this hearing and hearing aid information will enable you to be a knowledgeable consumer or patient and will give you the tools you need to not fall for any misinformation that is out there, of which there is a considerable amount. Enjoy the ride as you learn everything you need to know about hearing loss and hearing aids!