God is to be Praised

God will be praised. He is worthy of all praise, worship and honor. And He will be praised. “Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” Better to do it now. If you wait until you have no choice but to praise Him, you will have no choice to praise Him and will not have enjoyed the relationship with Him that is so beneficial now and forever. God is to be praised! Let’s praise Him!😃❤️

Wear Thankfulness

Put thankfulness on. Wear it. Have thankfulness on you all day, ready to use and be. Our amazing, loving Heavenly Father loves you so much, has given so much. His Holy Spirit is with you now. Be thankful.😃❤️

It Is About the Heart

Jesus cares most about our heart in relationship to Him. He cares about our heart and our relationship with Him. He cares about how we consider and speak to and pursue Him. Jesus cares more about these things for each of us more than anything else we do in life. Because where the heart is focused, actions and words will follow suit. The heart is the thing. And Jesus is the One who knows it, sometimes even more than we do. Fill your heart with Jesus. 😃❤️

A State of Peace

I watched a sweet lady die today. My son’s friend from church, who has come to our midweek church service for years but declares he is still an atheist depite many ling conversations, had a mother with cancer. It spread to her brain and she passed today. He said she was a Christian. Before she passed, I had the high honor and privalege of praying for and with her and reading Psalm 23 with her. It was an honor. And I felt a peace in my spirit that she went to be with the Lord despite having struggled in her faith recently. But I believe she prayed with me, agreed in spirit before she went to Jesus. I am glad my son and I could be there for her son, also 17. We will continue to be with him. I want him to be saved. He is a good kid with a hard past and rough shell and some degree of autism. We will be there. If you thi k of him, Robert is his name, please pray for him, that he will grieve safely and come to Christ for salvation. May God give us su h peacr as I felt there. I cry for her son and her husband who feel her loss but I celebrate her resurrection to new life. God is so faithful, friends.😃❤️