Don’t Drop Your Christianity

Don’t drop your Christianity to grab material possessions.

Don’t drop your Christianity to lie or gossip.

Don’t drop it to watch that bad show or porn.

Don’t drop it to covet or steal or want anything else.

Don’t drop your Christianity to act out in anger or violence.

Don’t drop it to taste pleasures of this world or bury your face in tech.

Don’t drop your Christianity for any reason at all.

Jesus never dropped you. He fights for you. Humbly stand for Him and with Him. You will always be glad you did. Jesus love you and always rewards obedience.❤


Humble Walk in Pride Central

Self-absorption is our greatest problem as a society, in our churches, in our government, everywhere. It is the dark side of pride. Walking humbly amidst throngs of self-absorbed people is like a meek, little kitten walking across the road of racing lions. And yet, we are told by God to be humble. And truly, we cannot pray effectively without being humble. Sometimes walking with God is very much like walking quietly against the flow of a roaring crowd. And I’m ok with that because Jesus always holds my hand and walks with me. ❤

Good Friday Thoughts

Yeah, it wasn’t Friday (3 days he was in the grave before His glorious resurrection). But that is ok. We remember and memorialize in unity on the same day, all of us who love Jesus and what He went through for us out of love so we could be saved. He fought and died for our purity, our spiritual freedom, our eternal destination. Jesus did all this out of love for every presides soul He created on purpose. Even those who prideful reject Him over and over, even for those who push Him to the back of the line for our attention, even for those with secret sins of defiance against Him, even the gossips, even those who do their best to give Him a bad name, even me. Jesus’ love is everything and He is everything to me and I hope to you.❤❤❤

When You Don’t Have the Answer

I seem to be some sort of glue for people to tell their stories and problems to. Not sure why, maybe because I genuinely love people and want to help wherever I can anytime. And I have grown in wisdom and patience over the years, which helps me listen more than being ready instantly with the right answer on how to fix it. But sometimes, the problem seems so enormous and complicated that I have no answer. For instance, an older lady was at the park when we were practicing baseball. I was drawn to her because she seemed like she needed to talk. I let the kids keep practicing and she told me her youngest son (“the mean, bad one”) had been killed in a motorcycle accident and that her oldest son has in jail for life for inappropriately touching his daughter and that her husband was working out of state for weeks and she was all alone. I cannot answer all that pain, all that ugliness in her life, all the tears that streamed down her worn face. I felt all of it and my spirit cried out to God for some way to see the bright side of any of it to encourage her. All I could say was Jesus. He is the answer when we don’t have one. He is the answer when we do. He is always the answer. I told her to pray and read her Bible because no one but God gets the full brunt of you immense pain and He is the only One that can help you. And He loves you and never leaves you when you reach out to Him. Jesus is the only way out of this pain. He is the only answer. Her tears stopped, as if I reminded her of something. I may never see her again but I tried to give her the only help I know is sound when there is no answer, no other hope. He is the Way when there seems to be no way. He is powerful enough to create a new one, fix it, comfort us. Jesus is always the answer because sometimes He is the only One.❤❤❤


You cannot be successful without some measure of faith. You must believe to some extent that success (and that goal is different for every person) is attainable. Faith produces success. Of course that is true eternally only to those who include God’s will/Word in their success goal. Working against God’s will/Word will destroy the eternal success, no matter what temporary success you achieve. No matter who promises you otherwise. No matter who tries to buy you now. No matter what. Eternal success can never ever be achieved apart from Jesus Christ. Ever. Let me repeat for clarity and emphasis… Momentary success with strings attached may be achieved now but eternal success can never be achieved apart from Jesus Christ. So success involves faith. Faith in Jesus Christ determines eternal success in Heaven. Temporary success is easy: see it, want it, get it with tenacity. Then what? Freak accident, cancer, natural causes, heart attack, whatever, and your success dies with you. And you face eternity with eternal success or eternal failure. No amount of philanthropic deeds makes up for not being saved by Jesus Christ. He is the only way in, the only perfect and loving hope we have of salvation. He is our eternal success, our treasure. He is it. No other way, no other truth, no other life exists but Jesus Christ. I met a woman today who told me her oldest son died in a bike accident and her younger son is serving life for unproven incest. I was able to pray for her and her son that he be saved and that she see him again before she dies. My heart breaks for her and it reminded me how fragile life is, how crazy it can get very quickly, how vulnerable we are. How easy it is to forget that life can change dramatically in an instant. We are lost without Jesus. With Him, though, we are saved and eternally successfully secure. We must focus on God and be sure He is a strong part of our success goals and focus. Our first priority. Then we make success eternal.❤

My Life Secret

How do I have peace and joy when things around me are screwed up? God. I pray a LOT. God is very good to me because He chooses to be. I am at His mercy and grace and I know it and He is very generous with both, along with His great generosity in loving me and saving me through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. There is nothing I will or can do without God and with God, there is nothing I cannot do. Making peace with that change of your will and putting it under His will is my secret. I am humble, knowing full well God knows everything and I know relatively little. I cannot control anyone but my own self and even that I need help with but God can do literally anything. Knowing this and the fact that He loves me and made me on purpose for Him is incredibly liberating and empowering and just really makes me appreciative and peaceful and joyful and oh so loved. And God feels the same about you! Pretty cool, really. 😄❤