Easier Day

Want an easier day? Focus on Jesus Christ. It works every time. If life is ugly, much going on, lots to handle, many distractions, unkind words, bad drivers around you, just too much self-thinking, whatever it may be… whenever you focus on Jesus- read the Bible, humbly pray, praise and worship Him, talk to a friend about Him, help someone in His name for Him then the day goes easier and better, focus is right, balance is there, you have a great day. Make it a habit. It changes your mindset and attitude for the better. And God gives peace and joy in return. It is beautiful!❤


Jesus Lights Up the Room

Maybe it is His human side that has been through everything we have and much more. Maybe it is His deep love and compassion that moved Him to heal and comfort and raise the dead. Maybe it is His sense of humor and constancy to the truth and His mission. Maybe it is all of those. But Jesus Christ lights up the room when I praise and think about and sing and read about and hear about Him. This is the light we are to be for people too. And Jesus helps with that too as our example and with the Holy Spirit and prayer and praise. How beautiful is that!😄❤❤❤

True Love Remains

True love remains.

If “love” left, it was never truly love.

True love remains.

If “love” cheated, it was not love.

True love remains faithful.

If “love” hurt deeply, it was not love.

True love remains protective.

If “love” lied to you, it was not love.

True love remains honest.

If “love” involved secrets, it was not love.

True love remains open.

If “love” was selfish, it was not love.

True love remains sacrificial.

Jesus loves you. This I know. The Bible tells me so. We humble ones belong to Him. We are all weak but He is so strong. And Jesus actually did die for you then rose for your option to live with Him forever in heaven. That is what true love looks like.❤

Being Jesus

My happiest moments are when I, or even better my children, make an impact for Jesus. Even if it is small or faces ridicule. Especially when it faces ridicule and we keep being the light. Making small or big differences for Jesus or just being good then saying why when asked is a powerful way to show love. It is what God expects of us. We are here to worship and help others worship as an act of love. Love God, love others. People make it so complex. Throw all the complexity and pride out the window and love God and love others. Nothing is more powerful than that.❤

Christmas Music

More than any other joy-enriching exercise is music. I am listening now to A Clampton Christmas and feel joy in me grow. It makes me happy he is still good at and doing the music he loves. I love also the classics. No one on the planet could do White Christmas better than the dreamy rich Bing Crosby. So many classics of Christmas makes me so happy but moreso was our church singing Christmas hymns of old together, all worshipping our Jesus, whose birth is the reason Christmas is joyful and worth the celebration. So, listen to some good Jesus celebrating music today and tomorrow and have a joyful, very merry and blessed Christmas celebration, the best birthday party ever!!! I love you and more importantly, so does Jesus!!! XOXO😄❤🎁🎄

Jesus is Near, a Poem of Comfort

When bad things happen, Jesus is Near.

He is ever a prayer call away.

He cares every moment and loves to the stars

And always can comfort and stay.

When good things happen, Jesus is near.

He celebrates life with us.

For His love is for better or even for worse.

And He makes glad hearts joyfully trust.

When nothing happens, Jesus is Near

For every disappointment or rejection.

He comes to us even when nobody else does

And will comfort even the loneliest soul.❤❤❤