The War Unseen but Felt by All

There is a war for our freedom, our truth, our justice and our lives. This war is raging and has been for years, but as the enemy is about to meet his punishment, his force is more open, more noticable, bigger. And everyone feels it whether they realize the reason or not. This unseen war is as real as you but operates only with permission in our physical world. The battle is between good and evil, God and Satan. It is not an even battle. God made everything and everyone we know of, and angels (which Satan is one) were created by God also. So He is much stronger and also won fairly by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ as ransom for our sins. And here is one really cool thing about God. He gives His created people and angels free will to choose to worship Him or not. (Of course choosing not to is a death sentence because God is life and choosing not to live is choosing to die.) And Satan chose to overthrow his Creator and be God and God said no to that and sentenced him. Satan knew he was defeated and that defeat was clinched with Jesus Christ’s resurrection and now his war is not to win, he is already lost. His war is to take as many people to hell with him as he can. So he makes it enticing with unlimited lies that pray mainly on pride which is what got him so he feels will get everyone else. And he puts out lures of self-gratification and self-importance to see what sticks and works, be it gossip, judging, stealing, cheating, fornication, any sex outside of marriage really especially pornography, fantasies, drugs, any high, drunkenness, and it gets deeper from there. He promises happiness and pleasure and momentary bliss and so on and brings you into a doorway where you let him in deeper and allow him in because these things- any sin really- separates us from God until we humbly confess to Him and ask forgiveness, allowing the enemy to move in and gain ground into your soul. The goal is always to kill you while you are sinning, separated from God’s forgiveness to send you to hell. So the trick is to stay away from sin and temptation where these evils can come in. See, you falling for temptation says yes to demons coming in. You give them permission to make your life worse. Eventually, the lies accumulate to mask reality of truth to keep you distracted and feeling ok with living in sin. The power of the enemy is deception and denial, lies upon lies upon lies until it seems more true than truth and feels better for a minute. But the weakness of the enemy is that he is a dead dude walking and all you have to do to get out of his power is humbly pray to God and confess and ask forgiveness and for Jesus to save you. Then lies are defeated by truth and God’s Holy Spirit lives in your heart to fight off bad guys and you read the Bible. This seems far fetched and the enemy would say it is or distract you with work or social media or entertainment or the sins and building up of egos. This is the raw, honest truth. Beware of cults that masquerade as truth but provide an automatic in road for Satan and his demons. Beware of distractions. Beware of sins. Keep pure and it is easy to do, just say no to that crap and keep close to God. That is it. He heals, He is love, He is good, He is freedom, He saves, He wants everyone saved. Talk to Him all the time. Start now. God won already! Be on His good side!!!

A Metaphor for Sin

Sin is the fire. We find we have lit a fire yet again, a habitual and automatic fire. Again it burns our hands or caused discomfort. We hover around it, getting as close as we can without burning. We pray for deliverance from the fire as we tend it and hover close to it. God tires of our game but wants to protect us so He blows the fire out and we are free if it for a few momen t s and can breathe unpoluted, nontoxic air for a while then we light it again, tired of cleanliness and bored of clean living. We want our soot and ashes. It is comfortable, familiar, comforting. Ish. But we ignore the scorching, the pain, the burns it brings. So I have learned that if God blows out the fire, to leave it along and find something else to do. God will provide such things if we ask Him. We can do something else and God will help. Put down the hat hehe matches and we can serve together. Other people need the fire extinguisher too. Help someone else. There is always an alternative to the constant fire which harms and can kill. There is God, our hope. 

The Depth of Pathetic Meets the Height of God

Pathetic people are everywhere now. Each and every person on the planet is beautifully created by God on purpose for a purpose and there is nothing pathetic about us from the git go. However, as we live in this flawed human world, it does not take long at all to pickup on some of that ugly- lying, anger, coveting, stealing, pride, lusting, thinking the world owes you something because you exist, etc.- and pathetic can creep in. And the deeper you go, the more you realize there is a limitless chasm you can end up digging for yourself that ends only in death. And the beauty of those choosing the pathetic is in the elaborate deception they live to cover up the ugly. Pious they look. They appear perfect and Holy and these wretches do nothing but gossip and cover and harbor resentment and unforgiveness and selfishness and make everyone else believe they are perfect models of Godly people. But paint a beautiful picture on a dead dog and it will look good but cannot help but stink sooner or later. It is truly pathetic ugly. And all ugly choices are just as ugly as the rest. People con themselves I to believing one bad thing isn’t as bad as another. Yeah, I won’t forgive but I have never killed anyone. Yes, I steal, but I don’t pretend d to be someone I’m not. Yes, a little lie now and then is fine but I am not a cheater. Sure I gossip but at least I don’t gamble. Whatever. These are comparisons that are based on lies that one sin is worse than another and co paring with another flawed human when our comparison is to God’s purity. This is why we need a Savior, a forgiver of any and all sins that paid for them with Himself and love and purity. As deep as the pit we dig into pathetic, once we humbly ask God to save us through Jesus Christ, we are instantly taken to greatest height of the full love and forgiveness and peace and joy of God. He is all powerful and love, so there is an instant transformation from deeply pathetic to amazingly Holy as soon as we humbly ask Him. God is that good and that big. He doesn’t want anyone to stay pathetic. He did not make us for that. He made us with love and talents for Him and other beautiful ones He made and to care for His world.