After the Candy

This time of year we enjoy trick or treating. We just finished, as a matter of fact. Our neighborhood is great, so much candy in so little an area. So, we skipped supper tonight so we could create some cavities and a lovely annual sugar rush. Enjoy your evening, everyone. Be safe and have loads of fun!! 🙂

Journeys to Reach Heaven

Bad people and dishonest but successful marketers promise all your heart’s desires, including heaven on earth to make a sale. They build you up and feed on your ego and pride and create both a sense of urgency and a dissatisfaction with current circumstances to make a sale or further their own means. Politicians do this too. Anyone crooked does this. Narcissists are very professional at it. But our journeys in this life are not designed to get you to heaven but to draw us to God and perfect us. God does the real heaven bit. Our journeys maneuver us into positions and challenges that develop our faith and joy and peace in relationship with our Creator God. Heaven is wherever God is and the rest is all bonus. He is all we need. And yes, it is that simple. Of course we have to work while journeying, not all fun and games and there will be a myriad of distractions, but God can minimize those when we keep on the right path with Him. Journeys are sometimes amazing with travel and moments of greatness with family and kids. Other parts of the journey are steeped in losses and death and bitter battles. Every leg of our journey is different but each one has blessings mixed in and choices to draw near to God or further away. And those choices are so important. He can strengthen us for every part of our beautiful and unique journey. It is so worth the focus on Him. God makes everything better.

Last Night’s Gig

We have an oldies rock and roll variety dance band and we had a gig last night. The place was packed with wonderful people who apparently loved to dance and were quite good at it and quite fun. It was a beautiful experience. Missing people is a little easier, pain is a little lesser, tiredness is less present, and the world is a much better place when you are playing music with your band family and making a lot of people very happy. It is a rental experience I appreciate. On a sad note, it was our last time playing with our drummer brother, who has too mmuch pain from a work accident so we are trying to pull in yet another drummer, so it was a blessing to play last night when it wasn’t a learning experience curve for someone. Onward to new gigs with a new band family member and let’s hope for the best. Three is next month and NYE is on the horizon. Amazing how fast I me flies but how much more you enjoy it playing out!!! Rock on!! 🙂

Crisp Morning 

In Florida, this is the time of year (if there is a cold front coming through) where he mornings are crisp and lovely and just make you feel alive and refreshed. I am sitting in bleachers watching my son’s baseball game and this is fantastic. What better and more patriotic way to spend a morning than watching a baseball on a crisp fall morning at a park, sipping on coffee. Few things in life are more serene. a good morning.

The Strength I Have

 greatest strength is my ability to be humble and let God move in me. Now this doesn’t always happen, so stoked my pride gets stuck on, I confess. Sometimes I am a child wanting what I want when I want it, as ting my way, like the Chairman of the Board (Sanatra). Sometimes, I am quite sure I know the correct way for everyone to make decisions concerning things in my life. Sometimes I want something I cannot have and justify it. But all those confessions aside, I am one of the strongest people in any way that I know because I can shut that ego down a d get alone with God and instantly and humbly realize how tiny I am in the scheme of things and realize how enormous Focus and that all this is about Him and not me. It takes strength to be small. It takes maturity to realize how very small we are. And the whole while, I realize my complexity of makeup, my phenomenal beauty reflective of my Creator that I see in myself, the  sanitizing eyes revealing the beautiful soul He made me to be and just humbly appreciating His work in. E and everyone and everything else He made. I have a very great friend that is His masterpiece and I adore praising God for showing what He’s made of in the world and incredible and diverse people He has lovingly made on purpose for Him. How incredibly humbling to reflect the most powerful and loving and caring God of all the we know! Floors me. The is awesome power in that. There is incredibly great power in humbleness. Any pompous creature can celebrate themselves as if they made themselves. A strong person acknowledges and celebrates God for His reflection in what He made. And when one is humble, God appreciates and rewards your appreciate nation and shows you even more of His beauty, His power, is ironic but truly powerful and deep and beautiful. Try and you will see. 

Facebook Withdrawals

Today I deleted my facebook account. I missed it, missed knowing what was going on in people’s lives and being connected with them, seeing their pictures. I realized how much I relied on that to feel connected to people instead of just being with people or talking to them. I miss those far away, especially those I love that love me, but those close to me had greater meaning and prominence. I was more present during band practice today. I focused more on my kids and made more meaningful moments with them. I was more present. And I see where I had a dependency on that which is far away rather than focusing on the task at hand. I tend to want to connect socially with those far away rather than work on present tasks with those in my path now. My journey has shifted. I am always learning. I will always love those near and far who are in my circle of friends and family, all fellow journeyers, always. I am loyal and cut like that, but I must focus on teaching my children and preparing them for life and teaching them to serve here. So each day will have challenges and distractions, but with God’s help, I will focus more and more on the moment and task at hand and less and less on those things. And Lord willing, we will learn and grow every day and grow in wisdom and knowledge and understanding to serve God and those He made better. 

Goodbye to Facebook

I have been on Facebook for years, sometimes actively and sometimes scarcely. Now, I am deleting my accounts. The reason is private but I will tell you that part of it is a focus on family time and part of it is our security. Twitter is fairly safe so I will conti n ue on Twitter. However, more and more eyes and hackers are on Facebook than ever before and this world is less and less interested in the morality. So to be on the safe side and have fewer distractions for my kids and family and bands, I am deleting my Facebook account and focusing on family. All may contact me on my cell or on Twitter and I will continue my blog here, but Facebook will no longer be part of the mix. I hope you all understand. I will miss the encouragement and pictures and laughs most and definitely the interaction with those I love as well as that tolerate me. Keep my n umber and call or text anytime. I love you all dearly. May God bless you and your families!! 🙂 ❤