Noticing Little Things

Naturally a big picture person, I see the whole automatically and only very selectively see the details. But when I get out in nature, it is a purposeful act of worship to intentionally see the details, try to notice everything. It is in purpose and requires all my concentration. As such it is like a meditational therapy and also worship. Each detail makes me appreciate God more. Every detail is perfect, pure, beautiful, glorious. And the big picture, that God made it all perfectly in harmony on purpose with love. ❤

Walking Home

This beautiful red shouldered hawk landed by us as we were walking home from the store. Such a beautiful bird. And while it was too far away for a great shot, this was descent and I marvel at the great detail God put into such a bird. All of them, really. All of us too, really. Such masterpieces! Praise God!❤

Seeing an Old Friend

I think sometimes God puts someone fresh in your mind because something is left undone with them or to let you know they will be headed your way soon. Well, this happened recently in a dream and some random thoughts through the day and today we randomly met up at a park. Well, because of the Holy Spirit preparing me, I was ready and knew what to say and what he needed to hear. It is beautiful how God works out unresolved or unfinished business in the right timing when we are ready for it and the other person is ready for it. And God continues to amaze me every day. I love Him so much to take care of the little nagging details of our lives to promote growth and peace and show love. He is so very good! ❤❤❤

Tiny Touches

For me, the hardest thing to be patient with is the little minute details of most anything, being born a big picture person. My family are all detail people. This had caused much disparity over the years, to say the least. However, when it comes to art, and quilting specifically at this moment, I drum up an endless supply of patience for the details. Why? Because art trumps everything as my most natural form of worship and I will be excellent at it if I can. Art quality is separated in excellence by the tiny touches, the details. It is these tiny touches I am working on now with my quilt. I have handset two fabrics together into a square and am now using a template to finish a smaller square. 99 of them, to be specific. It will be the crown detail on the quilt and although much time is required, it is a gift given in exchange for a more no wee auto full quilt. I need to find a way to incorporate the same lesson into my life in every way. The down side of being a big picture person is the details for excellence are chore. But maybe if I consider all of life a beautiful artwork, I can get better at the tiny touches that make such a difference. ☺

The Story of Her Heart

A mature woman of God once told me her story. She was a patient of mine, a regular, a real sweetheart. She told me of her heart’s song, the story of her love life. It goes something like this (but without her charming demonstrative flare- you’ll have to imagine it). She was married to a man who was horrible to her for years and was miserable and wanting desperately to be loved and held and treasured by a man. She happened to meet a man she had been friends with a long time but they realized they loved each other. The bad thing was that he was also in a miserable marriage also to a horrible woman. They, for 9 months of bliss together, justified their love because their marriages and spouses were so horrible and they felt so good and whole in each other’s arms and company, it seemed like destiny, they were soul mates in every sense of the word, perfect for each other. It was a perfect fit. Well, the man was being kicked out of his living arrangement and decided to go back to his wife to survive (she would not leave her kids so stayed in the house married technically- divorce being a bad thing back then), leaving her high and dry, not looking back, throwing her away like garbage. She ended up heart broken and almost died of her broken heart, so great was the loss and the betrayal. She yearned for him and mourned him for 9 full months, the amount of time they were together. And I was moved to tears as she still teared up speaking of it, such a sad story, such a broken women before me even telling the story to me so passionately, so empathetic was I to her pain, I felt it equisitely. Then she changed her demeanor entirely and began again. This beautiful old woman told me that the story didn’t end there. She said that she felt alone and friendless after that and decided she would not waste the rest of her life depressed until she died, so she started praying and reading her Bible. A new friend helped her to rebuild her heart a little at a time and she became a strong woman of faith and character and she said Jesus restored and forgave her entirely and He can do the same for anyone. I thanked this beautiful woman for sharing her heart story with me and hugged her. It is not every day you meet someone so willing to share their intimate struggles and testimony. (She gave me permission to share this, by the way.) I think if we all showed people how Jesus changed us and humble ourselves enough to be vulnerable to the listeners and tell it like it is, warts and all, we would help win souls to Jesus for salvation and eternal life with Him in heaven. Jesus has saved us all who are saved and someone may need to hear your heart story to be saved. Never be too proud to tell it. Or rather, be more proud of Jesus and how incredibly He saved you from it that what it might look like that you were imperfect enough to need salvation in the first place. ❤

Elbow Grease

Step 10 of the pantry going in was scraping the popcorn off the ceiling (and tomorrow I paint it white). And the top cabinets are in and can be painted white tomorrow and then installed for steps 13-20. Lol Then we put up the tile backsplash (super excited about that) and hardware and all that’s left is the sink and faucet installation and we are done!!!! This is so much work but we are doing most of it ourselves so are saving money and it is beautiful!! I love projects that are beneficial for our family! Such a good feeling! Thank you, God, for the work, the change, the benefit and family time. God is so good!!

Stuck In Between

More of life than I ever imagined is stuck in between the cracks of life. More of a big picture person with a selective eye for detail and vision and art/beauty and empathy, I lived most of my life rather bored with the details. With a psychologist for a mom who preferred to psychoanalyze rather than converse, I learned little of small talk, which suited my personality just fine. I prefer zooming out, I gravitate to it. Seeing too many details to me has always grated, always left me why we were still talking about that little tidbit when the real story was so much bigger. It was tedious, unnatural, majoring on the minors, there were much bigger fish to fry. Sounds awful to many, no doubt, but we have to start with what we’re dealt and there is a place for big picture thinking. A huge place up in the clouds. Where I sat. Not because I was better than anyone at all but because that is where my eyes could focus. So please as that. My teachers would be the first to say that I was daydreaming as often as I was listening and doodling or writing or in motion the rest of it. I heard the detail oriented words school necessarily focuses on and learned the facts, the words, but my mind did not come to life truly to remember it and put it all together in a meaningful relevant way unless I had a teacher who zoomed out with me and then drew me back in. I had some of these teachers, some I am still friends with. I digress, the point is that big picture people are more comfortable speaking big picture but are generally awkward in society where the majority of folks are not big picture people. Big picture keeps you in the clouds. Until. Until you learn, as my loved ones are teaching me, that details are where real life happens. I am even learning small talk and found it amazing that I could carry on a conversation people weren’t freaked out or perplexed or amazed by or made to feel uncomfortable with. Big picture people can be silent and feel cozy where detail people will interpret silence as something awkward or uncomortable. I am learning this and am trying to speak, fill in between the spaces. I am realizing that the details are here and now and important things happen there and are worth discussion. I am learning that I am a better artist if the details are focused on more. I am learning that the more you focus on details, the more you can see the flaws and am understanding perfectionists a little better and not seeing them simply as evil or prideful warlords of things that don’t matter (just being honest with what I had to think). I am seeing the draw to critique the details and scrutinize them in order to do things better next time. I will still not do that with people though because I still think that is mean but I am understanding why more. If we see things from other people’s perspective, we can love people better and understand them better too. We grow in maturity by branching out away from our natural bent. And there are beautiful things in the here and now details I realize I was missing out on before. Big things matter and tiny things matter. Look at the extraordinary detail and care God put into the tiniest wild flower. If details were not important t, He would not have gone to such great lengths for them. Life is lived in the big picture but breathes in the in between spaces, the details.