Elbow Grease

Step 10 of the pantry going in was scraping the popcorn off the ceiling (and tomorrow I paint it white). And the top cabinets are in and can be painted white tomorrow and then installed for steps 13-20. Lol Then we put up the tile backsplash (super excited about that) and hardware and all that’s left is the sink and faucet installation and we are done!!!! This is so much work but we are doing most of it ourselves so are saving money and it is beautiful!! I love projects that are beneficial for our family! Such a good feeling! Thank you, God, for the work, the change, the benefit and family time. God is so good!!

A Thankful Attitude

I read this excerpt this n morning in my devotions. It was written by Lucy C. Smith. It reads, “One thing is indisputable: the chro NJ ic mood of looking longingly at what we have not, or thankfully at what we have, creates two very different types of charactwr. And we certainly can encourage the one attitude or the other in ourselves.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says to always give thanks because God wants that. And all that thankfulness and contentment is in direct opposition and defiance even of the world and it’s “More for Me” attitude. The act of thankfulness and appreciation is a humble one, one that says “I am amazed that you saw fit to bless me so much, Lord, because I do not deserve such blessings.” The spirit of wanting more says the opposite, “I deserve more because I am amazing and should have everything I want that makes me happy.” I choose thankfulness and here is why. Humbling our hearts and being thankful is the only way to lasting happiness, peace, contentment, joy, and most importantly, pleasing the Lord. Being thankful is the key to surviving anything, it makes even the darkest path doable and light. It is truth and goodness in all things. There is never a situation without something for which to be thankful. Ever. It is as matter of focus of the heart. ❤ 

Thanking God

Everything in your life happens because God arranges it or allows it for some reason, either to benefit you or His kingdom. What He does or allows is always for good because He is good. Some things that are really good for you long term are very painful at the time. And of course some things are the result of other people’s bad choices. But even if someone does an unexpected evil toward you, God is perfectly able and willing to help you through and make it work very well and use the ugly to turn more beautiful. See, everything God touches or thinks about or breathes on transforms into beauty. He is love. So the moment we humble ourselves before Him and ask for Him to work, He is happy to do so and can work beautiful things in it. This is who He is. So, as a result of this interaction with us there is no excuse to be anything but grateful and genuinely thankful to God for all He works on our behalf. He is amazing!!! Thank you so much, God!!! I love you!!!

Buchanan Blessings from God

I had prayed and had, to be honest, given up on being able to go home to Buchanan Christian Church for my Daddy’s memorial service with our family and friends. From central Florida to Buchanan, MI is a lot of money and a lot of hours. And I get a call from the Preacher of my home church and he tells me the church wants to bless my family and help my mom and I get there. Mom cannot because of her medical history but I had prayed to go. And the my mom blesses me with help from Daddy’s trust for my kids to go too so my hubby didn’t have to take off work. (My husband has work so can not go.) So here is this amazing blessing poured from God through Buchanan Christian Church and my daddy’s trust to go honor him, my precious daddy, with our family and friends from home. I am so honored and blessed. I go up Saturday and leave Monday out of Chicago, so am just there for the day but it is a very special day on October 23rd at 3:00pm to honor my daddy, the best man that I know. Please come if you are able. All are welcome because that is how daddy was. Celebrated his life with us. And I thank God for my home church, the absolutely best church to grow up in. I miss them so much, but hard to attend from Florida. What a blessing. I am so thankful. May God bless my home church and strengthen and grow her for His glory!

A Study in Grief

I have been working with and dealing with the subject of grief. Yes, heavy subject, but my experience has taught me that running from something does not make it go away. It will follow you until you face it. So, toward that goal, I study it. I hope to get through it quicker. Lofty, yes. Optimistic, yes. I think we should always think this way. lol I understand this is a logical study and assessment. Emotionally, things feel heavy, different, horrible, changing, roller coaster like, etc. So, while going through it, focus is difficult, but focus is actually they key. What you focus on while you are grieving dictates the duration and depth of pain involved. If you focus on what you are missing, what you will not have, what you lost, what you have to enduring during the change and transition, it is more pain, harder, longer, uglier. And while that is a part of the process and we have to have moments of this as part of the healing and restoring of our broken hearts, we absolutely cannot continue to focus on these things. The focus that gets you through the fastest and decreases the heaviness is appreciation. Appreciation and thankfulness is the key. What God had blessed you with through this person, situation, whatever, and allowed you to have while they were in the picture. And focusing on thankfulness to God for allowing you to experience the good things, the blessings, which are always from Him. And later allows you to grow from it, yada yada. But this moment, while things are raw, while things are fresh and very very real, if you can focus on appreciation, and pray and tell God everything, you will start to gain an inkling of refreshment and comfort and every day will have easier moments in them. Just my thoughts…

Where Your Feet Are

The hardest part about life for a lot of people including me is just breathing and appreciating where you are. Where are your feet? That is the plot of land you need to be focused on. God is teaching me. There is a reason for God’s timing. There is a purpose for where you are right now. There is something to do. If He wants you elsewhere or with someone else, He will arrange for that to happen at the right time. But at this moment, you are exactly where you are supposed to be (unless you have wandered into the wrong bathroom or walked into someone else’s house by mistake). So, be happy where you are right now and enjoy those moments that come, appreciate everything, learn as much as you can while you are here. Later may comes times where you need that information. You may wish you had paid better attention. I am telling myself this. Where you are is exactly where you are supposed to be. Bloom where you are planted, don’t keep wanting to be in someone else’s garden because it is more appealing, don’t want their stuff. You may find weeds there you are not prepared to fight or impurities in the soil you cannot yet overcome until the right season has passed and you have withstood it and grown stronger. There is also greatness where you are. You stand in a good place because lessons can be learned. Love where you are. God has you there for a reason.

Thanksgiving Contemplations

My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. Of course Christmas and Easter are right up there, but there is something extraordinary to love about a holiday where no gifts are exchanged and people are thankful for what they actually have. It is a beautiful and peaceful experience to have an entire day with family that you love (or some you love to watch and try to figure out) and do nothing but appreciate the moment, have a thankful spirit to God, watch a football game together, play games and of course eat really good food all day long. 🙂 It is a family day. And if you aren’t close to family anymore, it is a great day to extend your family and firm up some good friendships. The spirit of the day is appreciation and generosity and time. The best of the day is being in the moment. It is magical to not think or worry or contemplate anything but that day of thanks with friends and family. We have a myriad of distractions around us all the time, many of which are less than worthy of our thought. Thanksgiving is simplicity and peace amidst this chaos. It is taking time out of distractions to focus on all the blessings God has given and spend time with some of them. Of course it is also historical, in that we are honoring our spirit and endurance of our forefathers who survived here with help from our Indian brothers so we could enjoy freedom today. So there is also that grandiose tradition of America that we continue to celebrate and honor. And what better way to honor our distant past perseverance and neighbor’s generosity than to eat like there’s no tomorrow. 🙂 When I lived and grew up in Michigan, I had family on my mom’s side of the family and my dad’s side of the family, so we were blessed with two celebrations. And quite often, we had snow and were quite cosy together in the house. And my family can seriously cook! Now that I am far from my family, I miss that so much but have realized something. The spirit of appreciation is the same, though there is only my tiny family eating together and spending time together. We can still enjoy the moment and appreciate God’s blessing. And quieter is more peaceful. 🙂 I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving Day with tasty delights and meaningful moments free of distraction. I am thankful for you.