New Day

So, today I started out troubled with the dress code comment/power play yesterday at my new workplace. I prayed on my way to work today. God gave me the answer. He gave me the energu, wisdom, discernment and drive to get an enormous amount of work done. I got so much done that they were amazed and all I got was surprise and “great job”. No nitpicking, no comments, no time to complain or pull power trips, no drama. So the key to life as a new hire in a busy office of all ladies is to be too busy to participate in drama of any sort and generate so much revenue for the company that they are all happy you exist there. God answers prayers for wisdom. He is so good. Thank you, dear Lord!!😃❤️

My Mom’s Floor!

My mom lives in a 55+ modular home community. Her home is 30 years old in moist Florida and her living room subflooring was made of particle board (cheapskates), so now it is soft and spongy. It gets worse all the time and feels like you will fall through when you walk in certain spots. Scary. I did a gofundme page for her and people generously helped with $505 toward it, a couple of anonymous gifts from generous church brothers and sisters added another $200, the church generously donated $1,000, and I got a job to help with more. Praise God!! So, now we have enough for the plywood subfloor and labor. We will save up later for flooring, but getting her safe is the number 1 priority. I just wanted to tell you how our precious Heavenly Father provides for His children. He is generous and worthy and amazing!!!😃❤️


One cannot be grateful without being humble and accepting of something/someone. This humble spirit also breeds contentment. Gratitude is a consciencous choice, a choosing of focus toward good things/blessings God provides rather than bad things. Gratitude is a blessing and those choosing to be grateful are joyful and have peace. It is always the right choice and we should strive to make being grateful a habit and lifestyle and way of thinking. God is pleased by this.😃❤️

Praise and Thank God Again

I have been thinking a lot about what God has done for me in the past and recently, with the robbery where no money was stolen, the part time job offer with benefits, my son rededicating his life to God publicly, my husband being nicer to my son, my mom offering to have Kathleen at her house while I work, our great church, so many things!! I am sure you have a list too. Praise and thank God for every blessing in your life, one by one. Let’s not be entitled children but let’s be appreciative children of our loving Daddy God!!!😃❤️