Thanksgiving Traditions

It is our tradition to eat out on Thanksgiving day. Then, when it is deeply on sale the next day or two, we buy a turkey and ham and ribs this year and cook them up to last and while. This year, we smoked them and wow, so glad we did. We have plenty! Enjoy!❤


The Darkness of Separation

There is a darkness deeper in hue than the blackness of night, that delves to greater depths than the ocean floor. There is an emptiness that cannot be ignored, lonelier than Christmas without decoration or company. There is a depression so wide and harrowing that fields of burnt wheat do not adequately represent it. And here is where I was when separated from God. Separation from Him is separation from life itself, for He made it all. And closeness to God is all the light back, peace, joy, life, contentment, comfort. Remember that, my friend. Remember that, me. ❤ 

Good Walk

It has been a week of sickness and rainy cold weather so I have not had my walky talky (prayer walk) for that long. I got to walk this morning and although it was cold, I treasured each step. It starts my mind out right to have prayer time alone with God and invigorates my body to walk, gets my lungs clear and heart pumping. So I am very thankful for a good walk and look forward to getting back to walking regularly. It helps. Not much helps as much as that. ❤

I am So Thankful

I am so thankful for all my blessings God has given to me and my family.

I am so thankful for all of the trials and losses for they are a part of me.

I am so thankful for the health of us all and for my little family I love.

And I am so thankful for friends that I love and the friends God sent from above.

But most of all, that no matter what bad, no matter the loss and betrayal

And no matter who fails or if I fail myself, I am so thankful God never will fail.

I am so thankful that Jesus Christ came as Messiah to save all of us

For He brought us hope and showed love despite us and gave the reason to be thankful.❤❤❤

The Art of Giving Thanks

Today 830 or so of my fellow citizens of our central Florida city stood in line together to receive one or two Thanksgiving dinners for an elderly person (generally widows or widowers) in our town. Our family took a meal to a sweet 96 year old lady who happened to be asleep. Lol But she will enjoy as great meal tomorrow, Lord willing. But that is a wonderful new tradition for us. Serving and giving to others is a great way to articulate a lifestyle of gratefulness. There is little as rewarding as the great feeling that comes from making someone smile. It is a lifestyle, not just a special day, but in light of this special holiday for Thanksgiving, I am thankful to God for life, for my family, for my band family, and for you. Thank you, God!! Have a very happy thanksgiving!!! ❤

Gorgeous Day from God

Today is gorgeous! As I walked in the cool, brisk, fresh air, the birds were singing happy songs, the trees were standing strong, the sun was coming up regally, the flowers bloomed valiantly. God made us a gorgeous day. Enjoy it and remember to thank Him for it. 😄❤