Last Look at the Beach

Leaving the beach is always a bit sad, but some beautiful family memories were made here. And we had a ball flying kites last night at sunset. Such a beautiful experience. And somehow I was able to maintain my Paleo nutrition lifestyle and for the first time actually lost weight on vacation and did not gain. And kept my energy level up despite my lack of ever being able to sleep well away from home. Always glad to go and always glad to be back home again. ❤


Family Fun Day Tomorrow!

Usually family fun days do not include my husband, who is notoriously anti-social except for music and thr security team on Sundays. He never wants to do anything, so usually family fun day is the three of us doing something free or cheap, like a park day, swimming and pool at mom’s club house, hiking Carter Lake, walking to Circle K for a soda pop, or something. But tomorrow we are all going to Busch Gardens! We got the fun pass for the rest of the year (thanks to my consulting job) and tomorrow is our first time using it. So excited! We rarely splurge on anything not music related but this will be great. Steve probably won’t go often but even one time is good the the kids’ memories. So excited for this family fun day outing. Thank you, God, for the patients you sent my way!😄❤

Sunshine and Pool Pleasures

God provided us access to my mom’s clubhouse for swimming and playing pool. It is fantastic for the kids and for me. My husband never wants to go, so we play and exercise and get sun. I thank God for this blessing in our lives. And I also thank Him for allowing me to dodge the creepy hair plug guy who hits on me despite my telling him to shove off, I’m married. Oy. One in every crowd. But I will not let one weirdo hinder our enjoyment of an otherwise wonderful place to hang out in summer and most of the year long here in Florida. Love it and love God for providing us such a luxury. And as a bonus, while on my new nutrition based eating lifestyle, I have lost 10 pounds so far and feel great. God is good! ❤


So, several times now, there have been more readers of my blog from India than the USA, where I am from. It is fascinating, and reminded me of my good friend Anita Bandhakar, who was in the Masters of Science in Audiology class with me. I lost touch with her for we went to separate states for our internships, but I had befriended her when others did not, and I used to wonder about that. She was genuinely nice and very brilliant and a sister to me in class. People can be very harsh to people they don’t understand and that just shows their intelligence level and moral character in my opinion. And it would be wonderful to see India such a large and diverse country so rich in history and natural diversity. Seems like it would be difficult to live in a city with so many people, but I imagine like NY, you get used to it. But the ancient architecture I have seen in geography books and travel shows is enthralling. So, long story short, hi! And, trying to be amusing and not sterotypical, thank you so much for Yoga because seriously it is so nice to stretch and get a workout. Very cool. I love you all, everyone, in other countries as well. And praise God for bringing us together. That is very cool.😄❤

Memorial Day

Many people have sacrifices for our country in service fields because of their love for our country, sometimes for a paycheck, sometimes because n of their sheer love for their fellow man and a God-given desire to help. In any case, the sacrifice they have made or are making now or even have made and they are retired now, this day we value, respect and really appreciate them and their families. Sometimes their families give up more than they do. So we thank them. Thank you, every service person, in past, present or future, for we could not be free without this sacrifice and be protected without your important work. You matter. What you did matters. What you are doing now matters. What better way to serve God than to serve men and women and u our country. Thank you all! God bless you all!!!❤❤❤

Last Day of School!

So today was our last day of school for the summer. They each have one subject they have to continue during the summer, but one subject takes much less time and effort than 7, so we’re good. Still vacation from most of it. And I am pleased as punch to be able to catch up on spring cleaning and yard work and moving the sheds (oy) and rearranging storage in the house and washing the windows and paint my mom’s house and so on. So many maintenance things I have put off because of the busyness of life during school. And now that Kathleen can read (yay!), she can be a bit more independent so maybe I will not get so far behind again. I hope not. We will be very busy, but at least after a day’s work, we can swim. Yay!! God is so good!😄❤

Band Blessings

I am in thr best band of my life. I have had good bands, but this current band is phenomenal. We are all good musicians, not perfect but good, but when we play together, something extraordinary happens and everyone feels and knows it both within our band and those listening. Every gig we have done has gotten three or four more gigs and rave reviews. Never before have things clicked like this and you cannot believe how deeply I am grateful to God for it, the Giver of all good. 😄 ❤