May The Lord Himself Be Your Crown And Beauty

There is nothing as great and glorious as resting in the Lord. When the Lord becomes your wall, protection crown and weapon, you will taste heaven and the reality of Christ. You will know it experientially, that Jesus is Lord. The Lord wants you to press deeper into Him. He wants you to draw closer […]

May The Lord Himself Be Your Crown And Beauty

Holding On To The Truth ~

Jesus didn’t say to go in fear, or to fret throughout our day He didn’t say to sit and worry or to follow the anxious way. He didn’t say to pursue after, what this world has to offer He didn’t say to be conformed or to be a faith scoffer. He didn’t say He’d leave […]

Holding On To The Truth ~

This Day

I never look forward to Holloween, no offense everyone who enjoys the death celebration holiday. I never understood a Christian who loves celebrating death and evil with this holiday. I would much prefer a masquerade ball that provides a takeaway bag of candy. That would be lovely. However, there is this stupid evil twist with jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, witches, skeletons, scaring people, all the things God hates. And I guess I am too black and white but I cannot celebrate what God hates. I know that is counter-culture, but I believe I would rather err on the side of being too rigid that offending my Savior. But I hold no one else to those standards. I believe everyone should pray and follow the Holy Spirit’s leading, doing what they believe is right. So I am certainly not judging, just stating my conclusion and enticing you to think about it and reach your own conclusion with God in mind. I play games with my kids and buy them a bag of their favorite candy and they are happy with that. To each his own, though, just be sure you thought about it.😄❤