Life is A Walk Down the Street

Sometimes the street is sunny and pleasant. Sometimes it is soaked with rain or sticky or slippery with spilled substances or hot tar or hazardous with oncoming traffic. The street keeps getting busier and we keep walking. Sometimes a bully runs up to us and threatens and we stand our ground and when he leaves, we walk again. Sometimes we trip and fall and thrn we get up again and keep walking. As we walk, we smile at passers by, we speak truth, we help people, we carry groceries for us and others, we worship and praise God. We look around at the birds and trees. We are thankful to ve walking. We know that someday we will reach our destination- Heaven.😃❤️

Cool Gift

Blue (our dog) and I walked this evening just as the sun was setting. As we finished our mile, i looked up and was admiring the few starts becoming visible and thanking God for being with me and I saw a gift from God, a shooting star. It felt like a validation so it felt good and I am very thankful. God is so good, even when we are at our worst. His love is so faithfully consistent!😃❤️

I Walk On

The dust on my feet turns to mud.

I walk on.

The way is blocked with snakes.

I stand on.

After the snakes, a flash flood.

I swim on.

A wind comes to dry the water.

I push on.

A sunny, perfect day at long last.

I rest in God who has always been with me.

Nothing about life is easy. But life is worth living. And life is much richer eternally with surrender to God’s plan and relationship with Him.😃❤️

On Down the Road

I decide to go walk with my daughter.

I decide not to helicopter my spouse.

I decided his choices are his.

I decided to stay close to God.

I decided to walk with my daughter rather than police my spousal rights.

I decided to pray and let God work.

I decided policing him has been policing me.

I decided to be free.

I decided God avenge all wrongs against me.

I decided not to myself.

I decided to go walk with my daughter.

I decided right for her is my greater right.

I decided.

It is beautiful.

It is peace and joy from God.

I am free.

Free is beautiful.❤