God in His Perfection

It has been impossible for me to stop talking about my Heavenly Father. I am sure you are tired of hearing it but my love for Him deepens every day, often every hour, and I long to share of His greatness. The perfection of God cannot be overstated, for it is the perfect blend of powerful love, beautiful glory, and sobering holiness. His creativity also embolden the breath of Him and nothing escapes His notice. He is everywhere and His grace and generosity accompany Him wherever He goes. Nothing is better than time alone with the Lord. Nothing fulfills like it or is sweeter.❤❤❤


Excellence, Not Perfection

If your focus is on perfection, in yourself or others, you will live in constant frustration, defeat, sorrow or insanity. The only perfect One is God, the Holy Trinity. That is it. What He made is good but not perfect, since sin came into this world. What we should expect from others is nothing. Their mistakes and sins/shortcomings are not our responsibility. However, we are very responsible for ourselves. And what we should strive for is excellence. Not perfection, there is a big difference. Perfection is unforgiving, impossible to maintain, unfathomable by a mortal who cannot dictate environmental conditions which must be met for perfection. Excellence, however, is striving for our best, doing it as well as possible with what we have to work with, trying to give those around us every reason in the world to see Jesus through and in us. We have personal responsibility for this and God expects our hearts to be right as we strive for excellence. God does not have unrealistic expectations and knows we must first try a little as babies then try harder as maturing Christians and then strive for excellence with spiritual maturity, motivated by the love God pours into us and for His glory and honor. And there is enormous freedom in accepting person accepting responsibility and humbly forgiving your past as you ask God to also and then doing something about it. This is truth and freedom here so absorb it. Be blessed. Lay down the burden. Strive for excellence one moment at a time and leave perfection to the only One (God) who can be. ❤

Never Picture Perfect

Rich Mullins, my favorite singer/songwriter, wrote and sang a song called “Never Picture Perfect” about his family growing up on a farm. I viously I could relate to that. The crux of it was that it never is picture perfect, always hard work, good love and real life and it is beautiful and works. Life is messy. There are no perfect families or people or businesses or anything. But there is great beauty in a whole lot of things and life is beautiful despite its perfection limitations. When you let go of the perfect goal and find contentment in the good and beneficial and workable things or people or whatever, you reach an exquisite level of maturity that defies logic and shoots the legs out of modern theories of happiness. Happiness is a choice. I can focus on the flaws and missing and be debilitated and hardened by it or be just plain annoying or toxic about it or make the very best of the matter, flaws and all, knowing the building of character and resourcefulness covers a multitude of flaws quite well. And that, my friends, is luxurious. ❤

The Perfect Man

The perfect man is always trustworthy and never lies. He is always, always faithful. He always appreciated and sees and encourages the natural beauty within you. He never takes your love for granted. He loves you more than his own life and would give his own to protect and save you if needs be. He would fight for you and honor your heart that beats for you. He would see you as perfect even on bad days or days you just are a mess or hostile. He would always be able to protect you from anything coming at you.He would always be available for long walks or cries or fun getaways and always provide exactly what you need when you need it, even anticipating these things. 

So, does such a perfect man exist?? Of course, but I just described Jesus Christ, a Godman. He is who we need to rely on for what we need. He is the only perfect man. If you are expecting all these things from anyone else in the world, you will be let down at best and crushed at worst. But if you draw near to Jesus and your man does too, maybe that will  work. Just my thoughts… 

Power of God-Made You or the Tigeroo and Monkey Too Poem (from Precious Moments)

There is a beautiful poem which I would quote verbatim to you were not my daughter sound asleep in her room where it is, so easily awakened by a turn of her doornob. But the jist is that different animals want to play but it is always conditional. The skunk won’t play with the monkey unless he wears his scent. The tigeroo won’t play with the lamb unless he wears his stripes. And so on it goes. Each animal will only play with animals conditionally, sometimes unrealistic conditions. And the end line, the moral, is to play when you can but “Do not let their different ways make you a different you.” We were made beautifully exactly the way God designed us, according to His plan and purpose. When we find ourselves in company with someone who wants us to change and be different according to their plan, their mold, we are not only being disrespectful to ourselves and enabling that person to disrespect us without accountability, but most importantly of all, we are robbing God of His perfect design and disrespecting His workmanship. Think about that for a minute. His work is worth respecting because He only makes masterpieces. He does not make anyone unworthy of love, respect, joy, peace, etc. They can choose to drag themslves into that category but it is their choice not God’s. Food for thought.

A Life’s Meanderings and the Heart

A philosopher by nature, my explorations into the realm of meaning  and purpose in life, my thoughts walk across my memory. I wonder, as the transport ambulance drives off to the nursing home with my father, if his life’s meanderings met his expectations. And I wonder less about my own life’s meanderings be ause of this. I am certain that many experiences in my Daddy’s life he thought were mistakes or missteps. I wonder if he ever regretted extremely long hours worked. But every step he took, good or bad, right or wrong, made me possible, contributed to my existence and participation in life in such a way as to have my own meaning as an extension of his. Every hour of work kept us alive and housed and clothed and fed and schooled. Every choice I have made inevitably contributed to the existence and life of my children. My precious babies exist because of my life’s meanderings. So each chance we take in the realm of our best decision of the moment is truly purposeful when God gets a hold of it. Each bad decision can be made to be as useful by Him as any good one. We strive for perfection, we thrive on feeling useful and meaningful and worshipful. But even the bad can be turned into good by the God who still reshapes and creates. And the heart is a master representative of where God wants to send you. He appreciates access to it and forms good from it. If the focus is on Him who seeks the heart and truly gets and loves it, the focus is often enough. Then good or bad decisions can be useful and purposed for very good things. So maybe the choice meant well from a heart of focus on God, whether good or bad, can be the best one. Maybe we can leave perfect to the only One who is and we can draw our hearts to focus on Him and do the best we can. And this is truly beautiful.

On Perfect Days

God sometimes smiles down on us with love and gifts us with a perfect day when we need one. And sometimes we get a perfect part of the day. Either way, His gift to us is the only way perfect happens. But when it happens, there is no description of the beautiful appreciation I feel, so light inside and happy out, such absolutely amazing love just warms up the whole body. When God gives you a gift, He makes sure it is exactly right on every level, makes sure you realize only He could have been involved in how gorgeous it turns out, how seemingly made to order it is. True, this doesn’t happen often, but my day today is proof that it does happen and I am here to acknowledge that I recognize it and am so very thankful for this heart song gift. A lot about life is messed up right now, a lot of hard spaces and dark spots and ugly moments. But a light was provided today for my soul to bask in and appreciate. God gave me sunshine. He gave me the perfect day in nature, hours of calm for my mind, beauty. Every moment of such is a treasure, a blessing, a little perfection amidst imperfections of life. Who knew such a glorious moment could happen when so much is difficult. And I thank God that He allowed me to see and appreciate the gift as He was giving it to me. Hope. Hope is found in a gift from God at a key moment. It can be missed if we plow through it or walk around it, focused on the problems at hand. But when we are paying attention, you will see God gives you many more blessings much more often than you ever thought possible. And this perfect day was mine. Look closely and you will see one for you also.