Back on the Horse

I fell off the my horse yesterday. Here is what I learned.

If you fall for a minute, brush off the dirt, mend the wounds, ask forgiveness, and get back on the horse. Falling off is inevitable in a fallen world. Staying off is a choice. Get back up there and ride. The horse will understand. The Trainer will forgive and help you. If it is muddy out, be more diligent and listen better, obey better, serve better. Use the horse to help serve more. Don’t choose to stay in the mud after a fall. Thr mud is no life. Get back on the horse. Don’t focus on thr mud beneath you, focus on the destination, the road and the Trainer.

Count on the Trainer’s wisdom and advice from the Training Manual and His Words and follow it again. Never fall off the same way again. Do your best to stay on the horse. Be humbled but not humiliated and learn from it. The Trainer will help you.❤

Ask, Seek and Knock

Ask first, then receive.

Seek first, then you will find.

Knock first, then the door will be opened for you.

This is a paraphrase of Jesus’ words to us in the Bible, He said in the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus gave us these principles to live by. And the trick to asking, seeking and knocking is always, always, ALWAYS humbling yourself. None of these things can be done if puffed up on pride, trying to control the situation, thinking you can handle it, making things happen yourself. Laying down the pride is a precursor to getting help of any kind. Pride puffs up and lies through its teeth that you are enough to do it all. Reality check later, we are all weak some kinda how and everyone needs Jesus to be their Savior.

And the beauty of the reward for choosing humbleness over pride is extraordinarily beautiful. He answers, delivers, welcomes with open arms every single time. Every time. He doesn’t respond if you are good or if He’s not busy or when He feels like it. Jesus always is right there with an answer to help as long as that humbleness is there. He is for you, for me. How perfect is that?!❤

Riding Horses

I remembered today how much I love riding horses! It had been far too long since I have. When I was younger, my Aunt, friends and cousins had horses I could ride. Once in college, I became serious about riding properly and took a cla. ss in college on it. At Milligan College in Tennessee, I commuted to the riding lessons at a stable actually owned by Dolly Parton. At the beginning of the class, the teacher asked who knew huow to ride already and only I raised my hand. So I got the only awnry horse, a tall mean thing with a wild beauty named, you guessed it, Dolly. And Dolly wanted to be in charge. She tried to buck me off first thing. Evidently, she had never met with the likes of me before because I am very sweet but if pressed, I’ll take you out. So I showed her how I ride and she calmed down quickly and then I showed her respect. And she and i formed a good friendship I will never forget. And oh how she could run! It was beautiful. Elegant and effortless she almost glided over the fields. He let me ride her bareback and it was amazing. Such a magnificent feeling with all that power beneath you and an exhilerating hearing of heartbeat and breath and rhythm. There is nothing like it. And I look forward to being able to ride again, perhaps someday soon.