Riding Horses

I remembered today how much I love riding horses! It had been far too long since I have. When I was younger, my Aunt, friends and cousins had horses I could ride. Once in college, I became serious about riding properly and took a cla. ss in college on it. At Milligan College in Tennessee, I commuted to the riding lessons at a stable actually owned by Dolly Parton. At the beginning of the class, the teacher asked who knew huow to ride already and only I raised my hand. So I got the only awnry horse, a tall mean thing with a wild beauty named, you guessed it, Dolly. And Dolly wanted to be in charge. She tried to buck me off first thing. Evidently, she had never met with the likes of me before because I am very sweet but if pressed, I’ll take you out. So I showed her how I ride and she calmed down quickly and then I showed her respect. And she and i formed a good friendship I will never forget. And oh how she could run! It was beautiful. Elegant and effortless she almost glided over the fields. He let me ride her bareback and it was amazing. Such a magnificent feeling with all that power beneath you and an exhilerating hearing of heartbeat and breath and rhythm. There is nothing like it. And I look forward to being able to ride again, perhaps someday soon.