I Like Living Humbly

Friends of mine want to have stuff… nice stuff, and the more’s the better. I am not like that. I have had a lot and slept in a mansion and I have had very little and slept in my car. I prefer the latter by far. Why? Being humble in stuff and heart is being close to God. The more you collect, more ego the heart promotes and the more distractions there are to keep you from God. Humble is better. Great to remember that while the marketing fiends are promoting buying even before we have thanked God humbly for what we already have.😄❤

Not the Only One in the room

Trying to teach humbleness to my kids n is as not as hard as teaching it to adults, but still us a challenge. I have adopted an automatic question. “Are you the only one in the room?” When they greedily snatched the last cookie (the equivalent of black Friday for adults), I automatically ask it and this gives them time to reconsider and take half and give the other half to their sibling. When they neglect to hold the door open for the next person (which happens often with adults too, I automatically ask it and they can reconsider their haste and open the door for the next person. When they play their music too loud while others are reading or working (yes, my adult neighbors do this too), I immediately ask it and they can consider respecting another person and listen at a reasonable volume. “Are you the only one in the room?” has become a valuable tool in teaching humbleness and thoughtfulness. I use it on myself too. We all have this ego problem now and then and I for one would like to have it less often, like never. It always takes away from our walk with God and that has become so valuable to me as to want to do everything I can to grow it. And God helps.😄❤❤

Honored to Have Broken

I have long known the bit about God using the broken beautifully. I have lived it. But in my case, it was my choice to be broken. How so? God wanted me because my Grandmas and Aunts were praying for Him to want me and I was proud and rebellious. I would not humble my heart to God with any of His many gentle nudges. So I had to be broken to have a chance to be humbled. God loved me enough and answered their prayers enough to break me to save my soul. I am excessively thankful and God can break me anytime I need it. I choose to stay humble, though, because I see it’s value. I realize you cannot have a relationship with God puffed up with pride. If broken gets you humble, be thankful for the broken. If broken does not lead to humble, it is wasted and may need to be repeated. Accept the lesson for it means you are loved enough to endure some temporary earthly pain to gain eternal glory. Someone is praying for God to draw close to you. Be thankful. Choose truly humble of heart to draw close to God who can make everything better inside- peace and joy and all.😄❤

The Precious Pain Box

Hanging on to a deep hurt from our past is like clenching a secret box of pain or bad choices or addiction that we have made a treasure of. We protect it. We keep it. We, like Gallum of the Lord of the Rings book series by J. R. Tolkien, call it “my precious” and would die to keep it and protect it.

Meanwhile, this protected box, though feeling familiar and safe and only ours, is killing us softly, keeping us bondage to it. We think we are holding our box but that box is holding us.

How do you feel safe enough to let it go? Only one way. We have to choose to do so. We have to humbly want to put the box down. As soon as we want Him to, God will take it from you. And He is with you along the way trying to get your attention to let you know life is better without that evil box we have been treasuring. Forgiveness is release of the pain and hurt in full pardon- you choose to forgive. Prayer is a powerful tool to help get you there. Love is too.

Let me encourage you by saying how freeing and light is to put the bad box treasure down. You feel as though you can fly without it. It is beautiful! And God is so very good!😄❤