Rich Mullins’ “Hold me Jesus”

This song has blessed and comforted my life many times over. Please be blessed and comforted by it. ❤


Watch “Rich Mullins – Step By Step (Sometimes By Step) – Live” on YouTube

I loved Rich Mullins. He had a raw passion for God and people that poured out of him like and comfortable pair of jeans. He was always honest, pure, his writing incredible and gifted and I miss him. I met him several times, knew him and nd was known by him as a familiar face, a fan maybe, then a friend. And his raw artistry and passion for God and people was addictive. What a great man. God rest his soul, and I am sure he is singing for God now. ❤

Will Power

Born stubborn and with an extremely strong will, I assumed most of my life’s biggest struggles were defeated by my own strong will power. I firmly believed that. So much so that I actually prayed many times for God to help other people but helping me wasn’t necessary. “They need you, I’m good”. So foolish was I! Indeed, my greatest strength was realized when God allowed my will power to be broken down and me to humble my heart and realize I am weak but God is strong. What needs to be strong is always strong… God. My will power focuses the strength on me but humble prayer focuses me on God, the Winner. I attached the link for the new song for my kids tomorrow in worship God gave me for them if you are interested. Anyone may use it freely. “All we need is faith and a humble hearted prayer and God will answer us best”.

The Blessing of a Song

So, my first day leading worship for the kids is this Sunday. And their Bible lesson is on Jesus healing the paralytic lowered through the roof. And I could not find a suitable song that rested with my spirit for it so God answered that unprayed prayer and gave me a song as I walked my 2 miles this morning. It is a fun kids’ song about the story and faith. I am so excited and just wanted to encourage you that God will provide any humble heart that is desperately seeking to serve Him and worship. He is so good!! ❤❤❤