God’s Grace is Abundant

God pours grace into us. He lets it flow freely. It is our means of salvation, offered as a precious gift as soon as we accept Jesus as our Savior. It is not earned or we could provide our own salvation and we can not. It is not up in the air, our room in heaven is secured, certain, guaranteed. The work we do in life to worship God and serve others is not to earn anything but to show thanks for the free gift n of grace and salvation God gave us. We need to be grateful for it because that is the right response when we have been given so valuable a gift freely of eternal life with our Creator. Grace is that important and enormous. It is an extension of God’s love for us and is motivated by it. All we have to do is truly accept it. And the correct response is gratitude, which is our motivation to worship, love, and serve others and share the gift.❤


Everyone Screws Up

I screw up, you screw up, everyone screws up. It is called sin in the Bible… a mistake of disobedience, a work of pride, intentional or even inintentional. It is gonna happen, it may be happening now. But God has a plan through the redemptive blood of Jesus who died and arose for our sins. God loves us so much and knows we need constant forgiving, so gives us grace and pardon when we ask but we need to do the work of being humble and accepting His living, free gift and then making it right on our end. That is it. So simple. Then we are free of it and burdens are lifted away. It is simply beautiful! Praise God!😄❤

Today’s Grace

So, a few good things happened today. I bleached then washed and scrubbed the windows and will re-caulk them once they have dried. Cracks have developed and one coat is not enough in Florida, folks. Also, we are insulating our electrical outlets that are on outside walls. We are insulating thr sliding patio doors and adding a new threshold to our front door and complete the replacement of our lights to LEDs. And whenever they get around to it, the installers will be here of a new solar turbo attic fan to reduce the power use and strain of the air conditioner to work. All these things are paying for themselves in no time at all and will complete our home to an energy efficient one. And that to me is the grace of God at work. He provides blessings to lift n our burdens- spiritual first and then that trickles down to financial and physical. And I want you to know that God provides what we need when we need it if we stay close to Him and stay humble. He truly rewards the pure in heart with the greatest rewards. I would be ok with heaven sometimes, an eternity with Him. But His grace and provision do not ever stop, know no bounds. He keeps loving, keeps giving, keeps blessing, keeps forgiving, keeps improving us. Wish everyone could see it, wish everyone could be filled with humility and draw close to Jesus and see it all. It is beautiful! Oh how I love Him.❤

Waiting with Grace

Waiting requires grace to do it well. Patience is a silly thing to consider because it can not change the waiting in any way except to describe how gracefully you are waiting. I wait for my Savior’s return, which can happen anytime, and used to do so with less grace, but I realize I must use grace to gently continue my role here until His return so He will be pleased with me. I simply must. So grace is my new goal and friend. I welcome her.❤

Enduring Grace

God’s grace is abundant. He is generous with it. Humble prayer turns it on and nothing but wilful sin turns it on. The loving this g is that turning away from that sin allows it to flow again. Sin is missing the mark, not living up to the standard of truth God has for us in the Bible. No n sin is bigger than any other sin- good news for murderers but unsettling for porn watchers. Both sins and allb sins are equal. Denial is the biggest obstacle to walking away from sin and getting back to God’s generous grace so prayer and Bible reading is essential, necessary, imperitive. But once in God’s grace again after having humbly prayed, He helps you with everything you humbly ask Him to. ❤

God’s Beautiful Grace

God is so full of grace and mercy! I cannot emphasize that enough. And He is just as full of grace and mercy to everyone, not just people who thank Him but ungrateful jerks too! Think about it. How amazing is God that He sends rain to everyone alike, even those who deny He exists (which is so ignorant it is hilarious- these clowns with degree upon degree who have studied the intricacies of nature and immaculate detail in the tiniest detail- something only the greatest of Artist Designers can do- and call it happenstance. Ha! But I digress and heap praise on my God, my precious Savior who blesses us all, not just me, and I am so thankful. I am thankful for my blessings and yours and those of the jerk that cut me off in traffic today and the beautiful forgetful mature people we carolled to today and the babies just born. We are blessed by God and He loves us all immensely. Look how many chances He has given us. We are so flawed and His perfection just radiates at us, “Yep, still here, still the same, still in love with you.” Ah! He is so good! Praise God!!!❤❤❤