Prosperity & Success Promise Falicy

Yes, God wants to bless you.

Yes, God loves you so dearly.

The truth is that sometimes we have to go through some stuff.

Why? Has God abandoned you? Are you sinning? Are you being punished?

Maybe, maybe not. Consider Job. His suffering (far worse than a good portion of us have been through) was to test him. That is it. Turns out he needed it because God had to straighten out some flaws in his thinking.

And the truth is “Thr Lord disciplines those He loves” and when you turn humbly to Him for help through it, your faith will grow, you will mature, learns some stuff and be better for it.

Now, what if, instead of humbly asking God to help and be with you, you harden up, pride up and try to solve it yourself or pout or whine or blame everyone, etc. You would have blown a teaching moment for spiritual riches and remained lacking.

So God cuts you a break and gives you another opportunity to humble up and ask Him for help and company. You can either humble up or pride up each and every time. And you then choose to be spiritually rich or poor. No one is to blame but you.

And that is a whole lotta truth I felt led to share. God sometimes allow us to fail because we are lacking and He is trying to train us because He loves us so much. And people learn far more by failing than success. ❤

Child Support Exasperation & Other Comedies

I tell you, my ex was $3,500 in the hole on child support before I finally took him to court. The judge did not like him one bit. His smooth talk did not flatter her. His excuses were not appreciated by her. She ordered him to give a form to his employee to garnish his wages. He quit that job a week later. And had a good job and just quit again recently. See, he doesn’t really like to work. And here is the comedy part… he thinks work is beneath him. He thinks he is charming enough for people to pay him for his presence. Bahaha. But the thing is, my son has to see this and has to wait sometimes for things he needs. Thank God for my husband who loves him and helps with things he needs. I appreciate so much a an who will help with my son. It shows love to me that he is willing to step up and be the responsible father my ex does not seem capable of being. Nowadays, most kids are in marriages with step parents. Ideally, the parents stay together, but we are imperfect and sometimes cannot. It is so important before you remarry if you do choose to remarry that you take into consideration the love the stepdad has for your child/children you already have. And look how he treats his own kids if he has them. It is so n important your kids feel loved as much as you do. They can’t help it and already received soaking up and learning how to treat their future kids by the example shown them. That is never something to be taken lightly. Just a thought. 

Saying the Wrong Thing

At band practice tonight, I was joking around with a new girl and heard the bandleader say we would do the verse and chorus. Well, we were playing and those of us on this side played the verse and the chorus but on the other side of the stage (where my husband was) they played something else and without thinking I yelled over, “He said the verse and chorus so I was right.” Well, that was the wrong thing to say, especially while still laughing about something else that was said. So my husband felt disrespected and was fuming the rest of the night and went to bed early mad. So here is a confession of insensitivity to publicly say I was wrong and to show how even people who mean well make mistakes when they blurt things out without thinking. Case in point, we brought a friend to church who does not go with his parents and while there the preacher’s kid teased him and name called about his size. Needless to say, she probably thought she was funny but she totally alienated our friend to church and maybe more. The things we say, especially when joking or sleepy or off guard, well they count. They matter and people can get wounded by them. So, honey, I am very sorry for my rudeness and insensitivity. Please forgive me. And God, please help me with keeping my mouth closed. 

Sometimes You’re the Doughnut, Sometimes the Hole

The star of the workplace breakfast is the Doughnut. The Doughnut has the attention, the mouths drool, the doughnutless are envious, the one with the doughnuts is the hot one. No one cares that a Doughnut has very little healthy substance inside. No one cares that they will be hungry again in about 10 minutes, the Doughnut still rules and dictates status. And then there are the Doughnut holes, the forgotten, the table scraps, the only get attention if the doughnuts are gone ones. These little guys do not wow, only make you drool with anticipation if you’re starving. They are easily discarded. And life is so very funny in that one minute you can be the Doughnut, envied, have attention, make them drool, wow the masses or just that special someone and the next few minute thrown the heck out like dirty bathwater on a cold day as you turned into the Doughnut hole status. You are suddenly loved, unlovable, ugly, thrown out, easily dismissed for the next or past Doughnut that comes into the room. This is the way of the world. Never content, flippant, selfish, unkind. I have a friend who was a model and it was amazing after aging 10 years how she could no longer get hired. My own kids play with a toy with great atte tion u til something else flashes before them and they have to have the new thing (of course momma don’t play that lol) and some people never outgrow that compulsion for the next new thing, despite what they paid for the last version, mind you only a few months old. And people discard people like that sometimes too, reminding  e of the annoying popular crowd cliques from high school. It is prevalent in the world now. But the thing is that to God, the One who made you, you never cease to be a Doughnut but better, a Doughnut that is extremely appealing but also has substance so is healthy to others. We are all so very precious to God, if to no one else in the world. He sees us as He made us to be. He draws us to Himself. He is the Baker, you see. The doughnuts are His and He takes great pride in hand crafting each one.