Today I Reset

God blessed us with a rain day, a day off of PE. I am happy because my sinuses around my eyes are going nuts right now and I needed some time alone with God to just breathe. I had to reset. My mind has played some reruns and wrong channels lately and it was really getting me weighed down and feeling far from my Savior. So He gave me this morning off to get my heart into contrite mode and give everything to Him, confess and just repent. I told a friend about it. And God forgave me (as evidenced by the feeling of a smile and burden lifted) and we are back. And God is so precious and so good and loves us so much. I feel Him close and am so thankful and want to give Him glory for His love and grace and just compassion on us. He may be the only one in the world that loves me and that would be enough, all I ever need. He loves that well. 😄❤❤❤


People Want Stroking Not Truth

People say they want to truth. Deep down that is true but most really don’t want to let go of their wants and self-pampering comfort to seek it out, settling for their carnal nature feeding and stroking and pride puffing words teeming with lies. Truth is far easier and healthier but people want their cravings fed. What we need is the truth of Christ Jesus. He is the Way, Truth and Life. No one comes to God without Him. Never be content with comfort unless you have the eternal security of the truth of the Bible as a foundation first. True comfort is eternal security. That shallow comfort is temporary at best and never really that good anyway. Put in the effort and God will reward you forever in Heaven. Never give up your temporary for your eternity. Eternity is longer than you think and temporary is shorter than you can imagine.❤

Choose Discomfort

Weird thing to say. Especially as I say that you have arrived and matured spiritually in life when you are content in any and every circumstance, trusting God with the details.

No, this is more of a comfort matter. I can be content and not be comfortable. In fact, this is my M.O., my credo, my life story. I can name on one hand the times I have been truly comfortable AND content being myself naturally. Most of the time I was trying to fit some mold or obey parents or obey teachers or please parents or fit in at church or not seem crazy despite my being so often. I don’t think like anyone I know… I am naturally a nature girl, pianist, singer/songwriter, artist, writer/author, sports girl, leader, seamstress, fashion designer, machine tinkerer, carpenter, mechanic loving, farming, mommy, wife, animal and children and elderly-loving, mission-minded Christian. Tell me where I can ever be myself. Does all that seem to fit together cohesively? Does it fit any person in church maybe? Work? Who can handle all that? No, I have always had to tone me down to some standard of social normalcy.

That being said, there is wisdom and greatness involved and resulting from not getting too comfortable. I believe if we choose to act, serve, do, be, love rather than sit around being comfortable, we please God. I have yet to find the verse some people live by that God is pleased by those who sit around in comfort and please themselves. It is not n in the Bible, does not exist. It is a device of the devil. An idiot believes God expects nothing of us but our comfort. Like Jesus dies for our sins so we can hang out watching TV and feeding our faces or be in social media all day making sure we do nothing to be censored by their demonic agenda (why I quit facebook and all social media over a year ago). No, God says to live out our faith, serve, love, help. We are not in existence to pamper our own behinds. We are here for God, to demonstrate and worship His glory and encourage each other in home and church.❤

Jesus is Near, a Poem of Comfort

When bad things happen, Jesus is Near.

He is ever a prayer call away.

He cares every moment and loves to the stars

And always can comfort and stay.

When good things happen, Jesus is near.

He celebrates life with us.

For His love is for better or even for worse.

And He makes glad hearts joyfully trust.

When nothing happens, Jesus is Near

For every disappointment or rejection.

He comes to us even when nobody else does

And will comfort even the loneliest soul.❤❤❤

The Comfort Problem

I believe followers of Jesus have a serious threat… comfort. It is a very real and very dangerous problem. At least in countries of plenty anyway. In countries of less than enough, they have other issues, but in countries and homes of plenty, comfort is the tool the enemy uses.

Comfort keeps us “fat, dumb and happy” as my husband says. Comfort lends itself to excessive self, lethargy, narcissism, and at the very least keeps us from serving the Lord with our gifts. Christians are not called to be comfortable. And if you are feeling pretty comfortable, you may be in a trap right now. Comfort is a powerful tool of the enemy.

Jesus says to obey, to love people, to serve them, to witness, to help. Christians who are comfortable and who do not do anything for the Lord but just for themselves are in very grave danger of missing the rapture and being forced into the upcoming tribulation. We need to help now, lead people gently to Jesus now, love people now, forgive now. Comfort is for later, for heaven. Yes, God gives peace, joy and contentment, even blessings, but comfort is from the bad guy. All we are given is meant to be used for God’s work, for Him.

Check yourself and see if there is any of your comforts that can be given to fill a need. Get out of comfort and into service and prayer. God will reward such gifts.❤

God Comforts

When I am discouraged, God comforts me. Sometimes I have to ask Him to and sometimes He blesses me without my having to ask, knowing my heart’s sorrow. Sometimes, God knows when I feel utterly alone and discouraged, when my husband has not loved me but himself, when I’ve lost loved ones, when I am doing all the work, when tests b of character come. All these things, potentially quite unnerving to downright debilitating at heart, my Heavenly Father gets it, feels my brokenness and comforts me with great love. He knows my feebleness. I am the strongest person I know but I am still too weak to do life well sometimes and need God and He comes to my aide. God loves me and comforts me when I need it. When I sleep alone, God comforts me. When my child disobeys, God comforts me. When I feel unloved, God comforts me. When I am lonely, God comforts me. When I cry, God comforts me. When I need Him just to love me, He does. And I know that if He does this for me, He also will or would do so for you. And no peace is so great than the peace He gives with His love and comfort. So beautiful!❤