The Comfort Problem

I believe followers of Jesus have a serious threat… comfort. It is a very real and very dangerous problem. At least in countries of plenty anyway. In countries of less than enough, they have other issues, but in countries and homes of plenty, comfort is the tool the enemy uses.

Comfort keeps us “fat, dumb and happy” as my husband says. Comfort lends itself to excessive self, lethargy, narcissism, and at the very least keeps us from serving the Lord with our gifts. Christians are not called to be comfortable. And if you are feeling pretty comfortable, you may be in a trap right now. Comfort is a powerful tool of the enemy.

Jesus says to obey, to love people, to serve them, to witness, to help. Christians who are comfortable and who do not do anything for the Lord but just for themselves are in very grave danger of missing the rapture and being forced into the upcoming tribulation. We need to help now, lead people gently to Jesus now, love people now, forgive now. Comfort is for later, for heaven. Yes, God gives peace, joy and contentment, even blessings, but comfort is from the bad guy. All we are given is meant to be used for God’s work, for Him.

Check yourself and see if there is any of your comforts that can be given to fill a need. Get out of comfort and into service and prayer. God will reward such gifts.❤


God Comforts

When I am discouraged, God comforts me. Sometimes I have to ask Him to and sometimes He blesses me without my having to ask, knowing my heart’s sorrow. Sometimes, God knows when I feel utterly alone and discouraged, when my husband has not loved me but himself, when I’ve lost loved ones, when I am doing all the work, when tests b of character come. All these things, potentially quite unnerving to downright debilitating at heart, my Heavenly Father gets it, feels my brokenness and comforts me with great love. He knows my feebleness. I am the strongest person I know but I am still too weak to do life well sometimes and need God and He comes to my aide. God loves me and comforts me when I need it. When I sleep alone, God comforts me. When my child disobeys, God comforts me. When I feel unloved, God comforts me. When I am lonely, God comforts me. When I cry, God comforts me. When I need Him just to love me, He does. And I know that if He does this for me, He also will or would do so for you. And no peace is so great than the peace He gives with His love and comfort. So beautiful!❤

The Beauty of the Bible

The beauty, glory really, of the Bible is that it develops and produces the characteristics of its Author, namely God Authored the Bible so it breathes and builds, develops and encourages the fruit of the Spirit. When I am sad, just a minute ago, feeling lonely while yet again sleeping alone. I was feeling pretty sorry for myself, truth be told. And the Spirit nudged me to “take down the Book” and read and the passage I just posted in 1 Peter 5 was my reading. It soothed my soul, placed my focus again on God/Jesus, the Author, and I have peace now and am ready for sleep and rest. God is so very good and His quickest link to Himself and rest is the beautiful Bible. Oh how I love them both!!!❤❤❤

Somewhere Along the Way

Somewhere along the way

After I had prayed

A burden lifted off me

And I walked a lighter step.

Somewhere along the way,

I prayed for God’s wisdom

And suddenly the once thought overwhelming

Melted like butter in step.

Somewhere along the way

When I prayed for my children

They accepted God as their own

And each step grew more joyful.

Somewhere along the way

We got closer to the day

God will take us home

In the glorious, joyful rapture.❤

Travelling the Memories of Places

Visualization comes easily for me. It is harder for some, I understand, but a good hearty freedom of imagination can help fill in what the memories of the eye cannot return to you. I have travelled extensively until about 13 years ago and since has just been vacations and a few family visits. But I can travel back in my mind to England, Poland, Russia, Canada, Hawaii and every other state in thr USA I have visited or lived and remember the particulars of the places, the people, the traditions and unique vocabulary and foods there. I can remember the hiking trails (something I have done wherever I have gone) on flatlands or mountains or waterfalls or beaches. I remember these places. And what I love to contemplate most about everywhere I have been is the quiet spots, the spots of beauty and nature. And I finally figured out why I am such a nature girl (other than being raised in the country on a farm). I can feel and see God most in these places. No matter where in the world, God shines brightest through what He made. Sometimes that is the people but always it is nature. And seeing Him closer always reminds me how close He is always, no matter where you are or what else is going on. And that, my friend, is beautiful.❤

Time for Loving

It sure seems like I just finished a healing journey, where I was bound in some way by lies, emotional wounds, grief, anger, mental pain, so many distractions and things and my own pride and desires had kept me not quite healed up. And today I woke up a little less groggy than usual (not being a morning person) and realized I am completely free, completely healed. I am healed by God. I thought I had been but healing my body was the final healing. I had give God every part of me to heal, forgive, be in charge of, and love. Except my body. I had kept that for myself. Now I have obeyed with my body also and put it under God’s will and God is everything now. This is beautiful! This is true freedom and true peace and joy. It is a place of truth and closeness to Jesus. I am so happy and much more than that, I have peace. My mind is calm, and those who know me get the significance of that. It frees me to love. I am not constantly rolling, I can chill with clarity and peace. My joy is back. One piece of the puzzle can matter so much! Give Him every aspect of you for health and healing and He will bless you beautifully!!😄❤

72 Countries Searching

Friends from 72 Countries this month have found and read my blog somehow. That tells me people are searching for truth, hope and Jesus, for that is about all I talk about. And I find this to be very unifying and beautiful. I have never seen color or status on people (I am from a merger of missionary and farm families). I have been dirt poor and quite wealthy and had peace in God in both instances, with a little more joy in poverty than wealth somehow. My mom lived in Africa the first 8 years of her life, so color is diversity and beautiful to me. I myself am not white but a peachish- tan. Lol. So, I do not talk about color or status or fleeting/meaningless outward beauty treatments and dress or most other things. I speak about God, Jesus’ salvation He offers as a free gift, the Bible truths in verse, the church family and spiritual matters on the journey we are on togethwr with God. These things matter eternally. They are lasting truth with hope and love and faith and passion of God’s love for us. I love writing and love poetry and love people. I want people saved, as many as possible. But more than anything, I love God, love Jesus, love the Holy Spirit and my relationship with Him is the most important thing in the world to me. I would trade any amount of money and jewels and land and whatever the Lord would require of me to maintain my relationship with Him. It is the most important thing in my universe. God is everything to me. It permeates how I think, my service to others, my family care and support, my relationships, my everything. So praise God for blessing me with any good thing He provides and for the lessons that come from the bad. And I thank God for every bit of it for He knows and sees what is best and beautiful, loves me and wants the best for me in the long run. Eternity with God is my goal. And I want heaven to be packed. I want to see you there. We are so blessed! Praise God!❤