About the Little Girl

This little girl is an adopted child of God, as all of us are who choose salvation over rebellion. I have had a heart lately for restoration and revival of the church at large and individually. I have known the Lord all my life and walked with Him through life most of the time. During a stint of rebellion, I was miserable despite temporary highs of self honoring behavior. I can tell you from my experience that the highest highs this world has to offer are absolute stupidity and folly next to the permanent joy that walking every day with our Creator and Savior. The more pure we strive to be, the better we feel. The more we read our Bible and pray, the more we long to but the more content we are with anything we come up against in this world. I have lived many places in this world and have seen many sights and wherever I have gone, God is there. He never gives up on me or you. His love will take you to peace and joy forever, and this temporary world is not the end of that joy and peace. It will continue to eternity. Keep standing with me as we grow closer to Jesus Christ, the amazing Savior of lost little girls and boys of all ages.

20 thoughts on “About the Little Girl

      1. I do, so many good and bad things have happened but God is always with me. He has saved my life lots of times and done many miracles for me.

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      2. I know, God is awesome. Read my post β€œWas it just a dream?” and see what you think. Last night I was about to walk down the hall to my room when my housemates white cat came out of the cat door to her room (don’t ask) anyway he got half way out and then reversed back in. It was amazing – like time was going backwards or something. God can certainly do things beyond our imagination.

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  1. why here? why them? they think i do not know i m being blown off and shunned. they do not know how to handle my intensity. they do not understand the anger. danger beaten by the local cult and in getting revenge yeah
    but most unsatisfactory
    fr groschel is right be wary and a fool fa Christ


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