Activity Motivator

Those who sit or stare at their computers, “smart” phones, televisions, movie screens, etc. are way more likely to be unhealthy in every way. They are out of balance. And it gets worse the longer and more time devoted to doing too much mentally distracting (though not stimulating to intelligent, independent thought) but nothing physically. So the answer to remain balanced and healthy is to minimize mindless entertainment and physical lethargy and get up and move and serve and focus on God and others. Then everyone wins and you don’t die prematurely. Yay!😄❤


Motion is what we were built for. God made us to move. When we work in any way, we are validating our makeup and propogating health and balance. God even built within us the motivation to work and move, called endorphins that produce a natural high as a reward. We feel good doing what keeps us healthy. ❤

The Road is Real, the Journey Deep

No matter what else is going on, how great is the truth of the road! The journey may be in circles but movement begats healing and truth is what moves me. On the road, in step with my prayers to Almighty God who made everything I look at, there is a vivid truth reality which propels me toward the better. Peace and joy flood in through the steps from the road through my shoe into my soul. God reminds me again I am not alone in this world. He is with me on the journey. I walk on.❤

People Get Ready

This is a great song. Many have sung it but I like Margaret Becker’s rendition personally. Look it up. Lyrics are: “People get ready, there’s a train coming. Don’t need no ticket, just get on board. All you need is faith to hear the diesel humming. Don’t take no ticket no, just praise the Lord. People get ready for the train is coming picking up passengers from coast to coast. Faith is the key to open the doors of heaven. There is only one train to get you there.”

Moving People

People move a lot. So many reasons for this. Some go where the job is, so go for climate, some to chase other people who already moved, some for change, some running away, many reasons. You learn (when you have lived quite a few years) that change is I evitable and that you live in this moment as big as you can. Take it all in, take pictures, remember because you do not know how long you will have this person in your life. I used to walk with a friend every morning I walked but now I don’t have that privilege anymore. I miss it. I had friends who hugged that I no longer can hug. I miss that. I know many friends who have enlarged their families since I left that I will never know, and I miss separation from their lives. As many times as I moved for school, I always made beautiful friends that I had to leave behind. I miss them. When you move, you always leave some or a lot of your heart behind. Of course, there is a flip side to this. Wherever you go, there are more people. I have searched for places without anyone, but you wouldn’t want to live there. So, opportunity exists to make new friends, enlarge your heart where you are, repair it. And there is one Friend you take everywhere you go. God never leaves your side. He never decides He is done with you. He never decides one day to stop holding you or showing you His world. He is the one constant in this moving world. We move, others move, God is already there. Love that about Him. If you need arms to hold, He will somehow get some to you or He will just hold your heart. It is beautiful. Each day with a friend is a treasure. Guard it, make it count. And never forget your constant Person in life.