Undefeated Season

We learn so much when we lose. We learn less from winning. I believe that with all my heart. But it feels good to win all the time. My son’s baseball team won their tournament tonight and went all season undefeated. Not one loss, a few close calls but always pulled it off. Things can be learned by winning like rally to push to victory if you get behind, winning is nice, encourage each other, never give up always push through, win more, don’t screw it up. However, had they lost, they would have understood that it is awful and humbling to lose and humbleness leads to teach-ability or depression, depending on your personality and moral decisions. Nonetheless, we won and I am grateful for that and we have a lovely trophy and banner forever. And if we lose some next season, we will work on the lessons as they come. Lol 🙂


The Ball Game

So one of those little people on the field is my son. Closing ceremonies at Tiger Town Stadium today and his team (and all the North teams) were honored and recognized by being able to walk the field. No mention was made that their team was undefeated all season, but maybe they didn’t want to screw up next week’s games and then tournament/playoffs. So I cheered like a maniac for my wee little man way out there and then we watched a pretty great minor league team play ball. It was a great game! We had a blast, pretty amazing family time. And after the game was fireworks! So for half of what we would pay for movies, we had a much more fulfilling and fun family day! And to be frank, I prefer watching minor league ball to majors because more happens. 😉 So, support your local minor league baseball team’s and everyone wins! God bless America!!

A Good Game of Baseball

My son’s team is undefeated. They have one more game next week and then tournament (I think we will be playing a lot that week). They honor our team this Saturday with our guys walking the bases and getting in free at Tiger Town stadium. And tonight, my friends, was the best game I have seen in a while. It is the stuff of movies, the stuff of legenda. My son is not a pitcher but pitched tonight the first inning. His teammate pitched the next 2, and he had never pitched before. And the other team’s pitcher was exceptionally good and fast tonight, ate his Wheaties or what not. And we ended up down by 7!! Then, it was like our team woke up. They hit 4 runs in one inning, bringing it to 9-7. And the pitcher had all the pitches he could in one night and they got a new pitcher. Our guy was walked and stole all the bases to get us 9-8. Then we got a base hit and the next guy hitting a triple, to make 9-9. With two outs and one guy on third, my son is up to bat. He is not consistent, either strikes out or hits well. The pressure was on. Count was 2-2. 2 outs. Strike out and we go into overtime or hit it and we win. Pressure is on. Way too much pressure for an 11 year old, even a very big for his age one. And what did he do? He hit the ball into center between the fielder’s and we got our winning run in!!!! Talk about excitement!!! Talk about amazing!! It was good to be my boy tonight and great to be his team. To come back and win was incredible! So there you are. No moral, no plan, no lesson. Just sheer fun. The glory of the game. Teamwork winning. Pleasure of being a part of something greater than yourself. Wonder of using your body it’s potential and coming back from deep loss to victory. It is a lot like life. I love baseball!! So American!! So fun!! 🙂

Baseball- Season 2

My son has his first game today, season 2 of baseball. He has known from last year what it looks like to be on a losing team. This season he made it into a very good team. Both have good lessons to teach and learn. Losing teaches more. Winning pushes winning and builds self-concept but can build ego also as a potential stumbling block. Losing hopefully teaches to work harder to win, to place disappointment on the shelf to try again, to do what you are apposed to do to the best of your ability despite what teammates are doing around you. We are responsible for our behavior, no matter what everyone else around us is doing. That leason, if learned, prepares you for life in a very real way. Isn’t that how this world is? I digress, my son will play to his best ability and I am proud of that. We will cheer him on and encourage him and he will remember the words I scream “You got this!” And he will know we are there to support and uplift him. And when Kathleen is old enough for a sport, she will learn these lessons too and I will be a proud momma. In the meanwhile while these lessons are brewing, let’s remember the best childhood lesson, to have fun and enjoy life and breathe deeply in from the great outdoors!! Play ball!! 🙂

Baseball Lessons

Baseball for my son has been a great experience and has taught him many things. First of all, this is his second season playing and he has played as one of the best of his team who were pretty bad and one of the mediocre players on this season’s great team. And both have taught him teamwork. One person can be amazing but won’t win games unless other people on the team help. No one can win alone. That is so true of life. We need help sometimes, mostly from God but also from other people too. Secondly, he learned that winning is fun and losing sucks but the attitude is really most important. He tries harder next time or he celebrates. Life is not about perfection but doing our best. Give it all ya got, you feel better no matter what. Also true in life. Others may pout if not going well and give up but not me. God helps me and I will do my best and try. Thirdly, being on a team sometimes means that other people on the team can be mean. How real life is that?! You just do you and be your best and feel sorry for those people. They must be miserable. That is just a start. Also, fresh air and exercise is healthy and good for the aoul and have fun! Play ball! 🙂

Junior League Baseball

My son is playing baseball now. While there are strong likenesses, such as a bat and ball and glove and bases and general rules very similar to when I was in it, there are a myriad of differences. We had things like scores back then. Call me tyrannical but they were pretty important to us back then. They don’t keep score now. How do you know which team won? Well, it doesn’t really matter because we are all winners. What? Yes, that is exactly how real life is. Oh wait, no it is not. And there is a poor girl on this boy’s team who is identifying herself as a boy. She looks like a girl, plays like a girl, whines like a girl, has body parts like a girl. Really? The boys and I have no problem with her gender confusion at all, she can be whoever she/he wants to be, but golly pick another sport because she/he can’t catch, throw, hit a ball, run well, anything,and well that used to matter to the team. They boys have to pussyfoot around her tender feelings and agenda drama I stead of playing the game. They just want to play ball well and we have a soap opera. Also, coaches can no longer call someone’s insane wild throw what it is. It is all good effort now. Really? Good effort is not throwing the ball to third where no runner is headed instead of to first. That is insanity not a good effort. Baseball is to reflect life. What boss in the universe is going to celebrate your effort if you send the proposal to the wrong company? Hmm? Call me old fashioned but we used to celebrate the heck out of success and when we won it was glorious and we got banana splits for home runs. When no one wins, what is their motivation? Celebrating good efforts and meldrama and mediocrity? Things have changed and I am very concerned about our current state of wussiness.