Barking without Teeth

There are evil ones, meaning people who choose to allow the evil one to rule in their lives, who like to bark. They, in their puffed up pride, believing lies, enjoy some false superiority. The evil one may have bought and enticed them with money so they have a false sense of security. He may have enticed them with perversion so they believe perverted things are good and good things are naive or childish. He may enticed them with a false sense of control so they believe they can twist anyone else’s truth to believe the lies they fell for to lessen their guilt. These people that have chosen evil to be their god need never be feared. They bark, they bark, they bark but they have no teeth.

My Heavenly Father, in sharp contrast, speaks in a still, small voice, softly and tenderly, but He has teeth. My God is love, a passionate, active love force filled with truth and generosity and a consuming passion for justice and truth and love, what He made us to be for. Praisw God for being way bigger than the sum of all who would foolishly dare to rise against Him. Praise God for being full of mercy and grace or none of us would live. Praise God because only He is worthy of praise!!!


Everything is changing. Do you feel it? It is happening all around. A new job- tomorrow will complete week 1. My husband is trying to get used to his wife being gone until the afternoon. My kids are coping well but my son is sad with dating drama (that is what happens when you date an unbeliever- they do not have the same moral standard). My daughter is learning housekeeping from my mom so is thriving. I would rather be home but we need money for rising expenses and benefits we didn’t have. Politics is hideous and maybe two words together hold the truth and the rest are smoke and mirrors, I don’t even know how to pray for that mess anymore except “Come, Lord Jesus” and “Lord, be in charge!” Weather is weird. A million prophets come out of the woodwork with predictions that do not come to pass, so they are false prophets. People drive like narcissists and the number of those seems on the rise. Everyone is sensationalizing everything so that it is hard to know what is important and what isn’t- they can’t all be the most important thing. Criminals are set free and good guys are imprisoned. Is this the end times? Sure looks like it. I know it feels weird.



I want to get alone with God and pray and read my Bible. God is my happy place, my love spot. My Lord and my God is always most important. Let the world be chaos, God is sanity and perfection. I will stay close to God, obey and keep praying everyone else does too.😃❤️

When I am Weak, God is Strongest

I was weak today. I was worn out physically and mentally and emotionally drained. There is a lot culminatinv and on top of it all my cheek now hurts where the basal cell skin cancer is. God is healing it as we speak (a combo of prayer and Him reminding me what to do to treat it, which I had forgotten) but healing is even painful and distracting. So I am weak.

Fortunately, when I am weak and even weakest, God is strongest. He shows His great power in me- thr power to heal, give joy, show His glory, strengthen me, provide peace, take care of everything I cannot. So I am very very thankful for being weak and trust God even more. He always provides!! Praise God!!

Foreign Interference in Our Election

Trump is not the only one who has been victim of this (by foreigners and worse, traitors), we Christians, elected to serve Christ, are being bombarded by demonic forces interfering in our calling and election into the kingdom of Christ. Our response should be to pray fervently, read our Bibles, rebuke the devil, say no to sin and change direction, bathe in faith and trust in God, rest in joy and peace from God, bask in the glow of service to Him, and be as close as possible to our Elector, God who called us into His glorious light.♥️