Ready for Breathing

There has been to now this heavy air pressing in on my soul. Hard to describe it any other way. My mind has cast out negative thoughts, evil and crude thoughts, accusations, and I know these are last minute attempts from the enemy to steal, kill and destroy what belongs to Jesus. And I have had to keep on it, stay focused in prayer, read the Word and verbally send those thoughts and accusations packing. The devils are liars. Just that simple. They are defeated and are putting out a last ditch effort to take as many people to hell with them as possible.

Stand strong in God’s truth. Stand firm. Pray. Read your Bible. Tell the evil thoughts and accusations to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. And some day soon, God will take us out of here and we will breathe heavenly air and never have to worry about lies and evil again. Praise God!!! Be ready!❤


Lamentations 5:21

Lamentations 5:21. “Restore us to yourself, Lord, that we may return; renew our days as of old”

Why an entire book on weeping for consequences of a nation’s sin? Because weeping is a necessary step toward repentence and repentence restores our relationship with God. So before a nation that has been neglectful of their God can return to Him, they must first be sorry that they screwed up. Thus Lamentations exists to emphasize that very important point. It is a call to knees. A sorrowful acknowledgment of wrong. And even though it has this mournful purpose, wrought with years of devastation and misery, it has these beautiful pockets of hope in God, of restoration, of hope for the future. They are sandwiched in the weeping so are easily overlooked, but what a great example of the beauty of God and that sorrow may last for a night but joy comes in the morning. We all must mourn and be sorry so we can make it right and restore our relationship with God. Then, what a beautiful world we would live in!❤

Using Your Gifts for God

God made each and every person on the planet with love, designed on purpose and with a special ability or gift to use for Him and others as an act of worship. There are no exceptions here.

So maybe fasting isn’t your thing, maybe it is. Maybe healing isn’t your thing but maybe it is. Maybe art isn’t your thing but maybe it is. So many options, so many needs in the church and kingdom of Jesus. Maybe you just don’t want to use your ability for God. Then don’t claim to be a follower of Christ/ a Christian and that would be a horrible decision. If you are a follower of Jesus Christ, then follow Him and use your gifts and abilities He gave you for Him and others.

The church is full of people not doing a dang thing. If you can’t be bothered, don’t even bother going. God made you, made everything that you appreciate, made everything good and on top n of that when we screwed up, Jesus came down here and suffered an agonizing death to redeem us. So what are you doing for Him?

Believing is good and well and may, may squeeze you into heaven, but what is belief without the fruit of that belief? What is the faith without using it to pray? What good is truth without sharing it? What is talk with no action?

We would be in a revival if the church Christians would wake up like it matters. Christians should be about God’s business. He has a lot going on right now. There us a lot of work to do. Christians should be missionary- minded. Christians should not be wrapped up in themselves and the world nor should they ever be lazy.❤

Be What Others are Not

If no one is being the light,

That is your job

Be the light.

If no one n is speaking the truth,

That is your job.

Speak the truth.

If no one is worshipping God,

That is your job.

Worship God.

If no one is forgiving and letting go,

That is your job.

Forgive and let go.

If no one is serving others in need,

That is your job.

Serve others in need.

Others may be content with selfishness.

That’s not your job.

Just be selfless.

Others’ sins are not your concern,

Just don’t sin.

Be God’s child.❤

The Downside of People

People are beautiful works of God with His fingerprints all over them. They are capable of humbly trusting Jesus Christ as their Savior. They are capable of great kindness and great health and great reflections of God, even though we are far under Him in every way. We can reflect His light when we choose to and ask. This is absolutely beautiful!

The Downside of People is their tendency to instead of all those good things choose to be naughty, lazy, distracted, prideful and most of all selfish. And this is the downside of people. It is the downside to the church too (a group of people).

God gives us chance after chance and warning and opportunity and grace to snap to and love Him and others (the entire crux of the mandate of the Bible) and people can choose to do what “feels good” (until they get to eternity and find out they should have gone for obedience). Or people can choose to humbly obey. It is everyone’s choice and not making a choice is actually making a pretty awful one. So much better to get your life together and right and be saved by Jesus.❤

Urgency of Prayer

It is no secret that we are to pray. Prayer is commanded, not an option for anyone who hopes to please God. He loves each of us and wants a relationship with us, which cannot be done without prayer- talking to and spending time with God.

Lately, there is more of an urgency to our prayers that I feel in my spirit. We are close to the rapture, maybe this second and maybe a year or two, no one knows but God, but it feels close. And there are a lot of people who need to choose to love and please God who are not. They need salvation through Jesus Christ. We all do. In addition, we who are saved need to get our hearts cleaned out, come alive, live for Jesus, read our Bibles, forgive and pray. Thirdly, our President and country need prayers. Bad people are busy doing bad, devisive things and they need to be stopped and punished and good people doing good things need strength and protection and moral integrity.

So, to review, pray urgently for:

1. Being ready for the rapture.

2. Unsaved loved ones to be saved by Jesus.

3. Christians to wake up and repent and turn to God and do good for Him and pray.

4. Our country and leadership and for good to be strengthened and evil overcome and punished.

So pray urgently for these things. God always blesses prayer. Always, He is present when you humbly pray.❤

Finally, Encouragement

So now I have lost 33 of my goal of 50 pounds (it is amazing how I did not feel so overweight at the time except for my low energy). But even not at my goal weight, still 17 pounds left, 33 is a lot of weight. It is 3 sizes down. And all in a short amount of time, three months. And did you know that one person of many I see every week noticed at church and said “Looks like you’re losing weight.” And yesterday, a friend I hadn’t seen in a while gave me all kinds of encouragement. She was not a Christian, though I am praying for her and am working on that.

Thr point is, when did encouragement fall by a Christian’s wayside? Are we not in a body of Christ to edify Christ and encourage and strengthen each other? Why do we not do our jobs?

So, I started this encouragement agenda for myself. I would keep encouraging and do so even more openly. Not flattery, hate that, but a strengthening truth when it is due or needed. I will be the first around me to encourage believers. Maybe it will catch on and someone will get it and get out of their own selfishness. The church is not “What have you done for me lately?” The church should say, “What can I do for Jesus and encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ.” The real church loves people to Jesus and loves each other, including encouragement.❤