Hope for Families via Change

There was a time I was seriously considering separation. It was because I was raw with depression from the death of my daddy and two close friends. And my husband was being terribly unkind to my son. I did not have the cognitive wherewithal to deal with this predicament and I almost separated for the sake of what was left of my sanity and my son’s mental and emotional health. And that was years ago but I had enough grace from God to stay and wisdom and energy as a gift from God enough to have some pretty heavy but gentle conversations. And I can tell you today, years later, that I am so very glad God intervened and we stuck it out. Now, my husband is good and even supportive of my son and my depression has subsided and we are a healthy family and team again. And I wanted to share this story with you so you know that prayer works and God heals and works in our lives out of love. And also wanted to remind you that God designed the family and supports His design and hates disunity and loves healing. So do not give up. Never give up. Pray and talk it out and work on it. There is always hope and healing. God is active in healing marriages, and all it takes is prayer and some humility. ❤


Better to Know

If someone close to you that you love has a problem, it is better to know so you can pray for them. It is always better to know so prayers can be said. What greater live can you show a person than to pray for them? There is nothing else so loving and noble, powerful and generous to do for them. Even if it hurts to know, it is better to humbly pray. Always it is better. Swallow the pride and pray for them. We answer for our pride but are rewarded for our prayers. ❤

No Longer Able to Share

For some reason and quite suddenly, I am no longer able to share other WordPress blogs I like on my blog. I am not sure why this is, but just know that and understand that I would share more of my dear writer friend’s blog entries if I could. Please do not take it personally and know that I am not happy about it. Love you all. I will keep reading, however, and write my own. Keep writing. Love your work!❤

Sometimes Life Sucks

In case you have been alive for more than a few years, life can indeed suck sometimes. That is just how it is, fallen sin nature of people, what not. But I just wanted to remind myself and everyone that life is good too. There is good and bad in it because there is God (good) and our enemy (evil). But God knows when we are going through crap and always always gives us blessings and reminders of His love for us if we choose to look around for it. It is His good love that impel Him to bless us. He wants us close to Him. So there is always hope and bad, no matter how bad, never lasts forever, despite what it feels like at the time. The key is to focus on God. Talk to Him. Journal, write it down. Say it out loud to God. He loves you through crappy days and sucks days. His love never changes. He’s got you, baby.❤❤❤

When People Prefer their Addictions to Loved Ones

Addictions are being labeled as a disease now. Of course, that is the people who do not have addictions label it a disease. People with the addictions say people without addictions are “holier than thou” (and I swear if I hear that one more time I will lose it), overreacting, judgmental (and other favorite), and making a big deal out of nothing. They justify and validate their repetitive horrible choice every time they pick up the porn pad or phone or Internet or YouTube with that adulterous filth on it or pick up that drug or lift that glass of alcohol or start another game medium or work that extra shift or lift that spoon up with way too much food, sign in to facebook, whatever the addiction of choice is. And you see, they really are not innocent vices. They damage relationships. Addicts prefer to believe the lie that all is well and escape into their addictions rather than ever confront the pain they initially needed an escape from. It is pathetic. But what is worse, it is a disease they do not admit to having so often never get help for. If they wanted to quit, they would at least admit they had something they needed to quit. They are deluded and steeped in denial and lies that they are not hurting anyone else. Another lie. They break trust with those closest to them. They betray everyone. They lie to everyone and not just themselves. They hide and lie when caught. They attack you because of the immense guilt and shame they carry at their weakness and sin, not realizing that those who love them and of course God are easy and ready to forgive and help. It is a lonely life to love an addict and you wonder sometimes how vast the lie web is and that no one but God and His truth can ever set them free. And here is the frustration. Every moment left alon, they are breaking your trust all over again. Then they wonder why you are ever suspicious of them. Only a bad hypocritical person would ever question my honesty is their angry argument. Only a nosy “self-righteous” snoop would care that all my passwords are never shared or their are locks on everything or whatever it is. Only a moron would question my honesty when I repeatedly lie to them. And moment by moment the lies upon lies are mocking God who sees everything and flipping off those who love unconditionally the shackled one they want to see free in Christ. No one wants to see someone they love miss out on the rapture or heaven because they choose some sin over God’s loving healing. It is so easy to be set free, the lies that seem so strong are really so very brittle against God’s love and truth. It is only one step to God, which is the opposite of the lie Satan provides so excessively. God is stronger than any stronghold. He is one step away from any of us at any given time… one humble prayer is that step. They whoosh, watch Him work.❤

Standing Firm in Jesus

There is innate beauty in standing. See a baby who can finally stand up and you see the giggling pleasure in his or her eyes. The whole body is excited. It has taken effort, balance, development, courage and when standing is finally accomplished, there is joy, excitement, good pride. And our command from Jesus is to stand firm. When attacked, stand firm. Keep your joy is the meaning. Keep remembering the joy of standing. Remember the joy of your salvation. Remember the joy of heaven being our home. Jesus does the fighting. Our job is to pray a LOT and stand. Stand for what is right, stand despite wanting to run away, it is not all fun and games but remember the joy and stand firm anyway. It is joyful. Standing is beautiful.❤

When Frustrations Abound

Whether it is early blite on your tomatoes you are wrestling with or helping or fully taking care of an elderly parent or a selfish spouse or an old enemy in your own mind or a teenager, enough said. None of those things are difficult for God, even if they seem overwhelming at the moment, especially when as in my case these are all occurring simultaneously. But these frustrations that threaten to unnerve us are, I repeat, not difficult at all to God. He sees and knows and understands and is waiting patiently for us to turn our head His way, bow our hearts and ask Him for help. It is incredible how hard we struggle when He is always right here waiting for us. Why do we do that? I read a devotional today that asked simply “When Jesus returns, what will He catch you focusing on?” The problems and frustration or Jesus, the solution?♥