Flower Lesson

We can learn from flowers. We drink deeply from the minerals and water from our roots in Jesus and His Word with prayer. When we drink enough from these sources, only then do we grow and bloom and open up into a beautiful flower that encourages and enriches other people’s lives and shows God’s glory.😃❤️

God is Lifting Me Up

I mentioned that I have been going through what some call a dark night of the soul, a horrible murkiness of mind and lethargy of body and will for no apparent reason- only God knows it. It was almost like a depression but not triggered by anything in my awareness.

In my past life and active addiction I would have covered that discomfort with stimulants that supress any bad feelings. Here in recovery, I feel everything and appreciate everything. Should I only praise and thank God when everything is going well? I am happy to feel things, even not always knowing what to do with that. I am happy to feel, even if it bad. I am long overdo.

But recently, God has been lifting me up from that murkiness. I have had headaches and allergic reactions but have walked more with the dog for both our sakes. And I have decided to do some pruning of my plants while God is pruning what He must in me and I have cried while I pruned- very therapeutic- and worked on sewing myself a quilted purse. And it comes and goes but I feel a fog slowly and trepidly lifting. I have hope of being out of it altogether soon. And God was with me all the while. We talked a lot. I worshiped a lot. I am thankful. Whatever happens, we do it together. Praise God!😃❤️

Drawing a Map

I am working on writing my autobiography, which is my attempt to testify to the greatness of God’s mercy, love, grace and provision for me all my life and as a way to determine the damage and repair of myself after and while in active recovery. I wish to focus on God first and foremost for He is the Champion.

But as I write this thing, and being a big picture person, I see a map drawn before me of the great occurrances of my life. And I see how my decisions caused many of the deviations and detours and how God kept up ahead of me every step of that crazy chess match. It shows that my relationship with Him, my salvation, was more important than veering from what I thought was His “big plan” for me. He was molding me, holding me or wrestling with me every step of the way so I would fall in love with Him back.

Pause. Just let that soak in because I am certain He has done that for you too. No one loves us more than Him, they can’t.😃❤️

Growth in Maturity= Accepting Good and Bad

I am writing to those who wish to grow in their faith and maturity now. Growth in faith and maturity involves more depth than a contentment with your stuff. It involves a will-deep accepting of the good, the pauses and the bad- all of it- as God’s will and thus for a higher purpose than we can understand. Because we trust God to be who He is- love, kind, joyful, peaceful, self-controlled, gentle, patient, good, faithful- we know whatever it is is best for us long term. When you can get there, you are lifted by God to a higher plane of existence, to an untouchable faith that keeps you closer to Him. This is a beautiful place to be. Peace and joy rests there. It creates this protection from the elements. They are part of the plan we trust God is working out for His good as well as our good and those around us. ❤ ❤