I have no wisdom of my own, knowing my limitations as a finite individual. However, God gives n wisdom generously to whoever asks Him with a humble, pure heart. And I know that wisdom from God n is more precious than any amount of treasures on this planet. God’s wisdom is better than time, better than riches, better than power, better than honor, better than the best luxury or vacation mansion. How can that be? God’s wisdom provides the big picture, the eternal perspective and view of God and Jesus that allows and instructs you to live in thr luxury of the fruits of the Holy Spirit- love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness and self-control, with an enormous injection of hope. ❤ ❤ ❤


Eternal Glasses

Look to now to do what is right

But do not neglect the eternal.

Yes, serve and work and enjoy your life

But never forget the eternal.

Yes, we are here now to work and enjoy

But keep eternal glasses close by

And when you decide to do wrong or do right

Never forget the eternal.❤

Flowing Goals

When you have 2 kids 5 years apart and one husband (that all want individual attention) and a house, you end up with a lot to do. Energy is expended to meet certain goals you set. Getting ahead is not always an option, as keeping up with things is about as good as it gets.

This is not a complaint, I truly love being SuperMom yet feel perfectly feminine and very powerful being a homeschooling housewife. This is a stark change from taking care of a slew of patients in the area and instead taking care of three VIPs in my household. Rather than a marcissistic rant about being spent, which would be idiotic, this is merely a vocalization on the importance of flexibility in your goals.

For instance, instead of a concrete goal that your children get excellent grades in every subject and obey every instruction, my goal has flowed into my kids making excellent moral decisions in line with the Bible and do their best to understand and incorporate the instructions from every subject. Some subjects will come easier or harder to them in their various personalities but they need to do their best and show their love of Jesus in it all. My goal for the house pre-children used to be that it be spotless and clean and always ready for company. Now, that goal has flowed into keeping the house as inviting as possible while being good stewards of the house God blessed us with, clean whenever possible.

Sometimes, flexibility shows a wisdom ability to incorporate key Biblical principles into the living of life for God’s glory. And everything we do is for God and not man/kids/women/us because it n is God we are really serving. I just choose to want to serve Him well and establish that principle in my family. ❤

Giving Proves You Follow Jesus

There is no doubt in my mind that Jesus is extremely generous. Extreme generosity seems to be His natural inclination, His nature. He gives to us generously even when we do not deserve it, when we don’t even know we need it, when He feels like it. He gives and gives and gives, even gave His own life (then reaurrected) for our salvation and still gives so much all the time. Why? Why on earth does Jesus keep giving and giving to us and we do not deserve it. He gives to people behaving well and people behaving badly. All the time, He does this. Why?

Jesus is generous because of who He is and out of His great love for us. He wants us to be saved, know and feel we are loved, be blessed by He who made and thus owns everything. How can a loving Father who owns everything not lavish gifts upon His chosen and adopted children? We are that when we follow Jesus. So He gives generously.

Jesus is our example and why we give back and should do so generously with appreciation for all He has given us. We tithe, we give, we offer, we serve all out of this generosity pot of love Jesus blessed us with. Who are we to hoard what He gives us so generously? Who are we to selfishly want more? We as Jesus’ loved and treasured children behaving as unsatisfied slaves? May it never be. I give of myself- time, money, gifts, abilities, service, encouragement- because of Jesus’ innate generosity and my appreciation for and honor of Him. ❤

Random Thoughts on Perspective

Perspective is the key. And thus focus. This dictates how life goes and how you feel while doing life.

For instance, there is a rock in Brazil where people pose a lot, looking like they are boldly and bravely hanging off the end of a cliff. In reality, this rock is a few feet off the ground and the vantage point of the camera is the illusion of depth and height.

Example 2, skating at the skating rink with my son last Thursday night. Many people were there. My blades were recently cleaned and wheels rotated so skating was more difficult. These difficulties could have been overlooked or focused n on, determining a positive or negative view of the night.

Example 3, being wronged consistently can make me worse by focusing on it and becoming bitter with unforgiveness. Or. I could be thankful for the opportunity to remain humble and practice forgiveness daily and draw closer to the Lord.

So, I recommend the perspective of our lives be to focus on eternity with Jesus. When we paint our lives with that right brush, the life is vibrant and bound for eternity in heaven with God. If we allow every hang nail or major or minor illness or fault against us distract us and depress us, we risk closeness with our Savior. If I keep baggage instead of releasing baggage to God’s care and control, I lesson my trust and faith in practice and can cause a divide between myself and God. May it never be so. I must let it go, forgive, rest in Him. Then I draw close to God and He matters so much more than anything else. ❤

Silence Speaks

I sit in my silence

Alone in my room to sleep

And silence speaks to me.

It beckons me remember

That which I should forget

It speaks lies of another’s silence

Which speaks differently.

I detest the silence.

The silence speaks peace

In an alternate story.

The silence beckons my repose,

Assuring that all is well.

I love the silence.

The voice of silence, then,

Appears my choice.

My perspective loves or hates.

Silence’s story is in my interpretation.❤

My Weight Loss and Why it Means Something Different for Me

So, I have lost 16 pounds now. It used to be that I lost weight to please people and look good. All that is out the window. I have matured and healed so much in my mind that weight loss means so much more to me than it did. It was superficial before and probably why it never stuck and I would yo-yo in weight. It was shallow, the wrong reasons before. Now, it is a spiritual stewardship. I want to lose weight and am because I want to please God, want to have the health, vigor and energy He gave me to do the work He gave me to do. And it is working. He sees my heart and is helping and blessing me. This will be lasting because of my respect for and relationship with Jesus. And that is all I have to say about that. 😄❤