This Prevalent Selfishness

And why should we not be selfish creatures is the argument, right? We are, after all, the crowning achievement of creation and represent God’s glory and genius. We who think and reason and choose freely. Should we not honor ourselves? Are we not co-creators, precious to God? Yes. Yes, we are. However, we are still, in all our immeasurable importance and glory, still the created. I can be waited on, praised, idolized, deemed valuable to society at large and never be more than the created. No one ever will be but God. I repeat, we have one Creator God and we are not nor will ever be Him. Worship Him. He is the important One. Be who you were made to be. That is glorious enough.❤


Practicing Joy and Peace

In marriage, you have a lot of time to practice joy and peace. Happiness is direct reaction to circumstances so joy and peace are quite different as they are deep enough to keep you soundly whether or not your circumstances are favorable or heavy. And marriage is the constant bending of my will and bowing of my head in compromise. Ideally both are doing so but my responsibility is what I am doing. So bad day for spouse often would be bad day for me but as my relationship with God has deepened and grown and ripened, my joy and peace have sunk in to depths impenetrable by surface tremors. It is tested though some days, like today. It seems like the happier I come in from my devotion walk, the more the enemy will try through my husband to discourage me. And I have to remember that my fight is not against flesh and blood and certainly not against my husband who I am bonded with. And the more the attacks, the greater the joy and peace. And that boggles the mind but is because Jesus endured so much for us, for me too, out of His sheer love for us, so amazingly. And to have difficulty and yet not sin in it and go to Him with it and pray and give it to Him who is capable of understanding and powerful enough to dissolve it is to honor Him. And I want everything I do and say you honor Him. He is everything. So I practice my joy and peace and feel exceedingly blessed to be so greatly loved by my Heavenly Father, who happens to be the Creator of the universe and me and you.❤❤❤

Music Therapy at Last!

So after the stress and crazy cleanup of the hurricane, we are back in the saddle right now about to play some music! Woo hoo! Music therapy!!! Love the music and my band family. Everything means so much more. God is good like that. You realize who you love is right here all along plating music with you as a team and family. And who wanted to go already left and you you may miss them but you realize it was their choice and you can still live a full productive life with those who remain. “Love isn’t in the falling but in the staying.” When people don’t check in after a catastrophe, they had no intention to stay. It is liberating to know who is staying and who fell off. And we can happily get back to making beautiful and/or fun music! Rock on! Stay to love!❤

Numbers are Only Part of the Story

People focus on numbers, and they only tell a part of the story. For instance, the scale is telling me the same number from three months ago but I am wearing a smaller dress size and people are telling me how I look skinny and good and healthy. Same number on the scale, just toned and muscular and healthier with much more energy. It does not feel anything like the same number. Age is another example. I have two friends that are around 55. One could pass for their mid thirties and one looks as though he would be retired by now. Genetics plays a roll, job stress, marital stress, financial stress all plays a roll (basically faith levels versus worry/stress levels. Also job driving versus hard construction makes ar difference. Same number. So don’t get locked into numbers, they only tell ar part of the story. Focus much more on obedience to God because He rewards that with health and vitality. It makes much more sense to do that. ❤

Expecting Jesus

When you are expecting our Savior Jesus Christ to come for us, it changes your focus. When you are eagerly anticipating eternity with God in heaven, it changes your earthly perspective and puts things in their proper perspective. Then bad things are just temporary inconveniences. Ugly things are shadows of evil you are about to leave behind. It all properly and rightly is about God and pleasing and worshiping Him. It lifts you to a higher level, a raised conscienceness, a better perspective. I see why Paul encouraged us to focus on the prize, heaven with God, and live that way. It is truly beautiful.❤

Sitting by the Lake

I am currently sitting by Lake Hollingsworth. As I sit here looking at the water and sunrise and feel the fence breeze and see the flags blowing regally about, it struck me why people pay so much extra to live on a lake. And having dropped my son off to serve and as I wait for the Warriors Walk to begin around the lake, I feel blessed to be here, to be alive, to have been blessed by our servicemen/women who fought off intruders upon freedom so we may enjoy ours as lived sit out here enjoying the lake in the open, not crouching in fear. We stand tall and free because they did first. We have courage and opportunity because they used theirs for us. And there could not be as lived more perfect day to ho n or them, honor life, honor courage, honor freedom. Great walk to honor our great men and women who served and serve us all. Thank you, God, for our freedom. Thank you, God, for our soldiers. God bless us all! ❤

Washing Windows

Fewer things I enjoy less than washing windows. Especially the outside of the house with ladders and cleaner to juggle. It is monotonous, boring, tedious, like counting rocks in a ten acre rock garden. So, I decided to make it a game, in true Mary Poppins style. Relying on my aggressive competitive nature, I am going to see how fast I can finish the windows and still get them spotless. I will make it fun. It will be fun. Muah ha ha. These windows will not defeat me. I will show them. ❤