Wear Thankfulness

Put thankfulness on. Wear it. Have thankfulness on you all day, ready to use and be. Our amazing, loving Heavenly Father loves you so much, has given so much. His Holy Spirit is with you now. Be thankful.😃❤️


Everything is changing. Do you feel it? It is happening all around. A new job- tomorrow will complete week 1. My husband is trying to get used to his wife being gone until the afternoon. My kids are coping well but my son is sad with dating drama (that is what happens when you date an unbeliever- they do not have the same moral standard). My daughter is learning housekeeping from my mom so is thriving. I would rather be home but we need money for rising expenses and benefits we didn’t have. Politics is hideous and maybe two words together hold the truth and the rest are smoke and mirrors, I don’t even know how to pray for that mess anymore except “Come, Lord Jesus” and “Lord, be in charge!” Weather is weird. A million prophets come out of the woodwork with predictions that do not come to pass, so they are false prophets. People drive like narcissists and the number of those seems on the rise. Everyone is sensationalizing everything so that it is hard to know what is important and what isn’t- they can’t all be the most important thing. Criminals are set free and good guys are imprisoned. Is this the end times? Sure looks like it. I know it feels weird.



I want to get alone with God and pray and read my Bible. God is my happy place, my love spot. My Lord and my God is always most important. Let the world be chaos, God is sanity and perfection. I will stay close to God, obey and keep praying everyone else does too.😃❤️

Days of Praise

The more evil pushes against us, the more we need to focus on God and praise and worship, pray and thank Him. When the world’s darkness increases, we need all the more to focus on the light of the world, Who is Jesus and His Word, and emulate His light and carry it with us wherever we go. We are never alone or without hope. Focus on God!😃❤️

Focus on the Relationship

If we focus on the relationship with Christ, we are much better off than if we focus on rules and lists and church schedules and devotion books. Those are all tools but the heart of the matter is the relationship with Christ. Focus on that and you put Him first, His rightful place.😃❤️