Jesus- Focus Saves me Daily

My secondary love language is encouragement. Gary Chapman in his book The Five Love Languages describes it as “words of affirmation”. My primary love language is quality time. The others are acts of service, gifts, or touch. I spend time with an encourage those I love. A lot, whenever I can. Some people I love are far away so I spend time and pray for them. It’s what I do.

Well, the downside of having a love language is that if people you live with or are married to don’t speak your language, you either have to keep reminding yourself that they speak a different language and still love you or you don’t really feel loved. I feel loved by my kids because we spend a LOT of time together. I spend a lot of time with my husband since he retired also. The secondary language, encouragement, is harder to come by. My daughter is the best at it, thank God, and my son is when his teenage hormones ate not in charge, but my husband could quite literally be the best critic in the universe. He could find something wrong with every tiny thing and suck out every ounce of happiness you might otherwise find in his presence. I brought this to his attention and he was more careful for five or ten minutes, so we are not without hope, but criticism eats me alive and my poor kids too. Horrible stuff, criticism. I strongly recommend staying away from the stuff, it’s like acid eating away at your heart.

Anyway, the point… focusing on Jesus and His Word the Bible encourages me and gives me time with Him. And in this way, I have stayed married to the critic, stayed sane, thrived in my knowledge of the truth of who I am in Jesus, and have taught my kids they are who Jesus says they are and not what any other person on earth says. We are not defined by our sins but by His redemption. I am not my failures but His victory, precious and loved. This is now and will always be true 100% of the time.❤


Pointing to Christ

It is easy to feel overwhelmed and angry at the evil all around us, even in our own homes. It is rampant, the devil is really upping his game because his time is so short. Jesus is coming soon. So when you see the evil mounting around and hear evil words vented at you in even your own home or all around it, remind yourself that this is pointing to Christ and His pending return. We are close enough to taste the wedding supper of the Lamb. We are right here. Jesus is close. And if you feel Him more distant, remember the enormous weight He is feeling at how many will be left behind to go through the tribulation. And stop for a moment thinking of just us and pray for people to wake up and be saved. We need to point others to Christ even as the end time signs are pointing to Him too. Use it as a reminder to keep praying. Someday, the difficulties of this world will be trumped by the rapture and being in Jesus’ presence. I am right with you focusing on that and praying and fasting until then. God bless us everyone.❤

Focusing on the Life Giver

Even if everything is wrong with your life right now (which is always a negatively – skewed exaggeration), love the Life Giver and focus on Him. There is always something beautiful from Him in your life if you are focused on Him. For instance, my husband and teenage son are at odds a lot and angry a lot, my daughter is having trouble with obedience and honesty and a tad of laziness, I have to do a lot for my mom because of her poor choices, I now have added regular responsibility, my weight loss has stalled at only 2 pounds to go, I have a lot of responsibility on me as per usual, I am feeling a heavy weight from so many burdens around me, I am often neglected despite all this, I have no money to do things or get shopping for Christmas, I am missing my loved ones no longer here, so much weighing me down right now. I could focus on these things and get seriously depressed. That would be easy to fall into. I don’t though. I refuse. Instead, I do something else.

I focus on God, the Life Giver. I focus on my residence in heaven. I focus on the great goodness of God. Then, it becomes much easier to see how many blessings I have. Yes, the negative things are all still here, but I now get to play piano at a new church my friends attend and lead worship for. I get to teach my children school. I am healthy enough to work hard and keep up with everything without pain or exhaustion. I have a mom still alive close by. I have a husband and home and children and fish. We have air conditioning and a minivan that is lasting a long time. These are all blessings.

The thing is… sometimes you can only see the good stuff after you put your remaining energy on God. He gives life and is the light source. Focus on Him is the decision. It is always my best decision.❤❤❤

Fasting Erases Distractions So Jesus is Closer

I see why God commands us to fast. I never feel closer to Him than when I am fasting and praying. I loom forward to it. Nothing makes me happier than that closeness to God that rarely comes as powerfully as when I am fasting. It is beautiful and I want to encourage every believer to fast and pray. God answers prayers. Praise God from whom anything and everything good comes!!❤❤❤

The Focus on Self is Limitting

When you focus only on yourself, you limit your solution, thoughts, wisdom, etc to that which you already possess. Deeper reflection on self will never change that. You are then as far as you can go.

When you serve others, ponder God, read His Word, speak to others, you can learn infinitely more and grow in leaps and bounds in eternal ways. ❤

What Color is it Today?

So yesterday was “Black Friday”. What color is it today? I suggest green for freshness and renewal. I never participate in “black Friday” because of three reasons: 1. I don’t have extra money right now and refuse to spend what I don’t have; 2. I hate the hostility inherent in the day and concept; and 3. I refuse to spend my money on demand from pressure and marketing manipulation. So, I do not participate in Black Friday but many do, so a green Saturday in reflection may be just what is needed to heal and calm the soul. God loves calm meditation on Him. And today us a great day to do that. 😄❤