In the Dark, Unafraid

My daughter still struggles with the dark. Despite lessons on security, despite reassurance. She struggles with fear of the dark. And I think how silly that is until I realize how real it is for many/most adults too.

I cannot tell you how many of my patients (mostly geriatric) are scared of the unknown, being in the dark. They get a cancer diagnosis and fear rushes in like a cheetah on the hunt. And adults I know are worried (a sweeter way to say afraid) of losing or changing a job or having to move to a new place where they are largely in the dark. People are afraid of not knowing.

I have good news. No need to struggle with fear of the dark or the unknown. You can let go of that fear. How? You simply stop clutching it so tightly and let go of it. Lift it up, visualize yourself lifting it to God. Tell Him you know He is in control, ask for help, and let it go. Things in life are as easy or difficult as you chose for them to be. Life is a series of choices and this is just one of the many. Give up and stop focusing on what you are afraid of. Quit giving it power. Face it with God and His Truth that you have the Holy Spirit, stronger than any force on earth living right inside your heart when you got saved. You have nothing to fear, just a conversation with God to have. No worries. No fears. Reject them both. Know Whose you are. Child of the One True God, all powerful and all loving.❤



Why do we want more despite having so much?

Why do we revisit the past in our minds we thought we long let go of?

Why do we want to do one thing and then fight ourselves about it?

I believe the answer is not simple and is simple. The simple part is a lack of focus on God. The less than simple part is it is easier for us to be in the physical than the spiritual. We wrestle the physical world while wrestling the spiritual one. We are constantly doing this and it is not always easy if we are tired or run down or not spiritually fit or praying. Our selfish peaks through. We see grass as greener elsewhere and find out it is a swamp in reality and damage is done. We give in to the enemy constantly bombarding us with attacks. We battle, battle, battle all the past and the present while trying to focus on the future with God. It is complex and ambitious. In fact, for me it is overwhelming sometimes, but I am learning to keep in the Word and pray and humble myself before the Lord and tell Him about it and ask for help. And when I do that, He gives me what I need for that moment. He loves me, you see, and is big enough to help. So, I guess all the complexity is me trying to do it all on my own and the simplicity is that God really can do it all and will help when I humbly ask Him to. Praise God!❤

Feeling Close to God

When I feel the weight of the dark world pushing in on me and find myself frustrated or easily angered, I eventually realize that I have somehow tried or managed really to walk a step or two away from my Heavenly Father. It is obvious when I realize it and I always wonder why it takes so long each time. When I am close to my Father God, I feel lighter than the heavy world around me, untouched by its weight, just peaceful and joyful no matter what happens. But why I let myself be drawn away again from that bliss is irrational and inexusable. I need a protocol to protect my most precious relationship, I must prioritize my day better to allow room for the conversations, me and Father God. This is the most important of all relationships. ❤

Focusing on my Focus

We become what we think about and focus on. If we focus on evil, we become evil. If we focus on Jesus, we become better. Focus matters so is my recent focus. Only salvation is more important than what we focus on. Our focus needs to be Jesus and eternity because this life is really so very short but the life that continues after is everlasting. So we must focus on Jesus for eternal security as He gives those who call Him Lord and Savior. We are loved unconditionally by Him and it is peaceful and divine to focus on Him. It is joyful and nothing feels better in the world than confidence in eternal life and our relationship with the Almighty God. He who did and is doing so much for us now and will do in the future, He is worthy of our focus. And what is focus if not worship???❤

When Frustrations Abound

Whether it is early blite on your tomatoes you are wrestling with or helping or fully taking care of an elderly parent or a selfish spouse or an old enemy in your own mind or a teenager, enough said. None of those things are difficult for God, even if they seem overwhelming at the moment, especially when as in my case these are all occurring simultaneously. But these frustrations that threaten to unnerve us are, I repeat, not difficult at all to God. He sees and knows and understands and is waiting patiently for us to turn our head His way, bow our hearts and ask Him for help. It is incredible how hard we struggle when He is always right here waiting for us. Why do we do that? I read a devotional today that asked simply “When Jesus returns, what will He catch you focusing on?” The problems and frustration or Jesus, the solution?♥

Rainy Weeks’ Work

So, always trying to focus on the silver lining, I have organized and cleaned my daughter’s room and the pantry and kitchen. Then I will spring clean. So there is always a blessing in every bit of gloom we meet. And I am quite enjoying it. And if it were sunny and warm, we would be at the pool or doing yard work or what not and now I can focus on these necessities to make home better and more efficient. Thank you, God!❤