Ready for Jesus

My goal as a Christian is to please our loving God be ready to bow before Jesus. I believe that will happen sooner than most people are counting on. They think that because He hasn’t taken His church yet that He won’t. That is poor logic, because it only happens once and God said in His Word that He is being very patient so more can be saved.

My goal and focus is to please our loving God and be ready to bow before Jesus. How do I do that? By being saved by Jesus, pleasing God and bowing before Him now, always keeping the eternal perspective and focus. It is a willful conscious effort of thinking. It requires determined thought which requires far less energy than one may think because aligning with our Creator yields peace and assurance and joy. This is the goal.❤


Never Forget the Bad

The wounds you bore, the mistakes you made, the pain you survived, every tear cried, never forget. But remember for the right reasons. Remember that the enemy and bad choices made all those things but God has healed them all or is in the process of it as soon as you humbly ask Him to. Remember where you have been in order to bring glory to God for getting you through and saving your soul for eternity from such devastation. Never forget what God has brought you through. Forget to glorify God and forgive it all, even yourself, and then deny these things power over your present, learning that God’s salvation and life is far greater for you and for eternity. I am proud of where I have been because praise God He got me through them wiser and humbler. Our history needs to be reflected on sometimes not to go back or grow bitter but to forgive and realize what God brought us through and never to go back to it. Forgetting or drowning the past in distractions or drugs/addictions of choice prevent the full lesson. Sometimes greater than the pain of that time is the longer drawn out pain of remaining there and not allowing God to heal you and complete the leason. People believe the lie that it will hurt more but the truth is that God frees completely. ❤

Random Thoughts on Perspective

Perspective is the key. And thus focus. This dictates how life goes and how you feel while doing life.

For instance, there is a rock in Brazil where people pose a lot, looking like they are boldly and bravely hanging off the end of a cliff. In reality, this rock is a few feet off the ground and the vantage point of the camera is the illusion of depth and height.

Example 2, skating at the skating rink with my son last Thursday night. Many people were there. My blades were recently cleaned and wheels rotated so skating was more difficult. These difficulties could have been overlooked or focused n on, determining a positive or negative view of the night.

Example 3, being wronged consistently can make me worse by focusing on it and becoming bitter with unforgiveness. Or. I could be thankful for the opportunity to remain humble and practice forgiveness daily and draw closer to the Lord.

So, I recommend the perspective of our lives be to focus on eternity with Jesus. When we paint our lives with that right brush, the life is vibrant and bound for eternity in heaven with God. If we allow every hang nail or major or minor illness or fault against us distract us and depress us, we risk closeness with our Savior. If I keep baggage instead of releasing baggage to God’s care and control, I lesson my trust and faith in practice and can cause a divide between myself and God. May it never be so. I must let it go, forgive, rest in Him. Then I draw close to God and He matters so much more than anything else. ❤

Every Morning is New

Every morning starts your life over. Sleeping is a reset and recharge. Morning starts new with new opportunities, new grace from God. Stop worrying for today is all you have to think about. You have one thing to do. When that is completed, do the next thing. Fresh. New. Do away with the past, it no longer exists. Forgive all hurts and pains from yourself and others. Forgive freely because God forgives freely and you want Him to forgive you freely. Be as generous with others as you want God to be to you. Every day is a new start to do this. God says love today, serve today, forgive today, pray today. This is your only job. It helps to look at this day through the lens of eternity. In fact, we have a goal. We have a goal of eternity with Christ, eternal life with Him in heaven. And if we live this new day here with that perspective, it is simple, doable, lovely. Then tomorrow, you have a fresh new day again. Each day you life with the goal of eternity. This, my friend, is a beautiful day. And that will always be true.❤

Lamentations 3:22. “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. 23. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”

Movie Inspiration

Today, I watched Meet the Robinsons again with my daughter. It really inspires me to not judge anyone, take responsibility for my actions, and adopt an orphan, in no particular order. There is so much good that can be done in this world of woes if we each just do our part. We can do what we can do where we are. If enough people did this in humble prayer and keep our minds right for God, oh what a difference we could make, oh what restoration God can do in this land. That is true of every land. Do some good for someone today for God and not expecting anything back. And tomorrow do something else. And the next day. And the world will get better. Brighter. And God will smile on us and bless us because that is His plan. ❤

Only God is Perfect

I am not perfect. I don’t know anyone who is. I have gotten to know a lot of people who seem perfect on the outside and are a mess internally or are from a mess. Likewise, I have gotten to know some pretty ridiculously imperfect outwardly and amazingly close to perfection in their moral character and consistently godly thinking. And of course the stereotypes exist, but not one person no matter how good is perfect. And so noone can judge anyone else. And no one else can be our goal of what to be like. The exemption is Jesus. He was God who never sinned in a man’s body and traversed this world without sinning. He told the truth. He taught truth. He loved and healed and served when He had every right to live a very pampered life. He was humble. Imagine that, try to wrap your head around the humility of God to be born a man and not even a high status one, a carpenter’s son. A construction worker. Jesus, God the Son made and fixed things with His adopted dad Joseph. Amazing. And when it came time for His ministry, He obeyed His heavenly Father God and was our perfect sacrifice for our sins and rose to perfection once again. Incredible. So Jesus’ perfection is our goal, our example, our focus. Moreso, His deep love. So leave other people’s sins alone and work with Jesus on forgiving your own and obey Him. He does not demand our perfection without helping us with it every step of the way. People will decide what to do with Jesus now or in the future, just present truth and let them decide. Then work with Jesus on what you can do for Him.❤

Self-centered/Humanistic Christianity

Hear me out. Christianity is Jesus – centered if it is as God intended it and written about it in the Bible. And that means conversations about Jesus, teachings of Jesus and the Bible, worship of Jesus, prayer in Jesus’ name, communion remembering the death and resurrection of Jesus and so on. But my deepest annoyance in so many churches I have attended or seen on TV or heard on radio stations or conversations have focused on this illegitimate hybrid of humanism (worshipping ones’ self or another human as god) and Christianity (worshipping Jesus as God – which He is). So you get concepts like “What has He done for me lately?” Or “I am angry at God” or even “God needs to answer my every whim and prayer in this way or I will not go out of my way for Him”. I have also witnessed many worship services where the songs are more about themselves (usually talking about the first person’s feelings) than Jesus or Jesus’ name not even mentioned.

This is dangerous territory. Here is why. It is based on a lie, a false premise, some stupidity that people want to buy to feel important. As much as we would like it to be, we humans are not God and can in no way every be as important as He is. In fact, our importance in its greatest form is entirely based upon God saying He made us and loves us and we matter. That is it. God is God and He is Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit and we are not Him. We cannot make a person except by the means He built into us when He made us. We cannot control the weather. We cannot even keep from catching a virus. See the problem? That we are on the same level as God is the stupid prideful lie that Satan himself believed to fall from heaven and God’s grace. And now this enemy is wanting us to land his same fate, eternity in turmoil being separated from God. But we can fight this lie by worshipping Jesus again, focusing on Him again, obeying Him again, just plain saying close to and focusing on Him again. He really is a, He is everything, in fact. All He does is perfect and true and loving, how He is built. Jesus needs to be the focus. ❤