The Value of Today

As I look around and see people much more on their tech devices than interacting, I have to wonder what the draw is to these tiny addictors? Does being on Facebook or Twitter make you a better person? Does it accomplish anything at all? Does it have eternal value? No, but today does. And it is here waiting for you. And it may be wasted on tech enterprises and become eternally damning because it wasted the value of today. Just a thought.


Children are Precious

Children are precious and valuable. They are our legacy and our future. They perpetuate our existence. As such, they are of extreme value. They also will convey the morals and lessons we teach them now to be the beliefs and direction of the world in the future and dictate their behavior now. Correcting bad behavior is as important as teaching good things- school studies as well as Christian principles and Biblical truths. And kids need time, attention, honesty, encouragement. They are more important than anything else we do or anyone else we give time to. They are our primary ministry and responsibility. They are our love and only know what all those things are if we make them a priority and teach and love on them. Sharing their pictures on Facebook is nothing but bragging on external shell. Putting facebook down, maybe forever, and spending time and energy on those children will develop them internally where it counts. ❤

Sunday School Honesty

I teach a class of 4th and 5th graders on Sunday mornings. And we have had about 15 people that come here or there and 90% of them are in single parent homes, living with their moms who work long hours to care for them. This makes them quiet and kinda sad at school so they are picked on. And these kids are hurting. Parents, please be present with your kids as much as possible. These kids seem so lost and alone and so grown up for their age. At a time I was playing with my friends, they are raising themselves. Oh how our kids need us. They shouldn’t ever pay for our mistakes. Please raise your children up in the Lord. Teach them their worth and value and love them enormously.❤

Don’t Drop Your Christianity

Don’t drop your Christianity to grab material possessions.

Don’t drop your Christianity to lie or gossip.

Don’t drop it to watch that bad show or porn.

Don’t drop it to covet or steal or want anything else.

Don’t drop your Christianity to act out in anger or violence.

Don’t drop it to taste pleasures of this world or bury your face in tech.

Don’t drop your Christianity for any reason at all.

Jesus never dropped you. He fights for you. Humbly stand for Him and with Him. You will always be glad you did. Jesus love you and always rewards obedience.❤

Moral Compass Lost?

Americans as a whole and on government seem to have collectively lost their moral compass. We took God out of schools and demanded both parents work and are not taking kids to church, abortions are allowed and even funded, people are addicted to their cell phones and tech or drugs, the liberals and deep state are working their evil butt off to divide and destroy our democratic republic and steal our freedoms, prosecuters and judges are not finding evil rapists and child molesters guilty and punishing them, homosexuality is celebrated instead of being condemned. It is a morality problem no one talks about. We who believe in God need to wake up and pray and fast. We Christians need to wake up and pray and fast. And we Christians need to wake up and pray and fast more. And then again. We are the moral Compass protectors and we have been lax and sleeping. It is time. ❤

Judging Revisited

I cannot judge another soul for I am as guilty at everything as they are. Sad but true. Just because I confess all to God and have repented and forgiven as instructed frees me of the guilt and purifies me. But I am just as corrupt as the next guy or gal apart from Jesus’ salvation. So I cannot judge anyone. That is God’s job. If I am wronges, I cannot judge them but can object and bring it to their attention so they know they have wronged me. Then the ball is in their court and they have a chance to change. If they refuse, I have a choice to keep putting up with it and keep forgiving g indefinitely and pray for them (which I currently am) or disassociate myself from them. Am I any better than them? No, I am just as capable of sinning and have to repent daily and keep praying for forgiveness. But because I humble do this, I am better off, for I have peace. I may never be happy with the situation of continuous wrong done to me daily but I have joy under it, legs of hope to stand on, and this beautiful opportunity to grow my humbleness. And I am all the better off for it. ❤

Appearances are Often Misleading

Case in point. My distant neighbors had a white tent up that appeared to surround their house. My daughter observed it and asked about it. At first glance, I answered her that we needed to pray for our poor neighbors who must have to have their house fumigated for termites. Later, I discover I was wrong and that the tent was beside their house and was housing their daughter’s wedding reception. Lol How funny. I pictured termites meeting their demise in this tent and here is a new life union instead. And it goes to show that maybe some things we say or do require a greater explanation, many words or very clear and efficient ones. It is often necessary to explain or people will misrepresent us, just as we can easily misunderstand other people. Ask. Explain. Check. Certainly do so before speaking of what you are not certain with others. We seem to have lost the ability or desire to communicate with all this tech and anti-social (a good example of something not as it appears) media and endless entertainment and/or games and chats. We must be careful. It is imperitive.❤