Stay Close to God

So many are not going to church anymore. It is no longer for any reason except the fact that God and obeying Him is not their highest priority anymore. We can change that and turn it around by giving God His proper number one place in our lives. We do this by staying close to Him- praying, reading our Bible, worshipping, going to church, helping other people, serving, tithing. All of these practices are Biblically mandated and good for our soul, relationship with God and good health now and into eternity.😃❤️

Community Groups

Meeting together in homes is how the early church began. People following The Way met together in homes. They sang songs and hymns and spiritual songs, talked about what Jesus said (read the Bible is the equivalent now), had communion, shared what they had with each other, cared for the poor, orphans and widows and witness to others. This was the church. They would get together with other churches if they got a permit to assemble, otherwise it was just small groups. Our church does this with community groups.

And we may have to go back to that. It may be better to do so anyway. Large churches have pretty horrible track records nowadays, looking more like the world than the kingdom of God, funds that could help the needyand missions in the church paying staff and elaborate, expensive buildings, usually poorly managed and truth not fully presented.

We need to get back to obeying God. We need to clean up pur act because harder times are ahead and we need to be the light and salt more than ever. We need to be counted worthy of God’s mercy and great grace. We need to lift Jesus up.😃❤️