It amazes me how every Christian understands that if they do not refuel their car, it will stop running, however they forget that if they do not refuel your spirit with Bible reading, prayer and praise, we will stop running and burnout. Practically place refueling into your priorities. We cannot make it to the finish line- fast approaching- without it. We need to stay close to Jesus Christ.😃❤️


Yes, aliens exist. Yes, but no, they are not good or benevolent or from another planet. 👽 They are demonic and wish to cause harm and deceive. Yes, God is WAY stronger than all of them combined. Yes, we Christians that stay close to God are also WAY stronger than all of them combined because we are filled with the Holy Spirit. So when you hear about them, know their origin and purpose and you will not be fascinated but will be properly disgusted with them. God is way bigger and stronger than their sum, as are we that are His. Do not be deceived or ignorant of them. Just wanted to address this as more people seem to be talking about them lately.

However, one type of alien is everyone who is saved and has residence in Heaven. As we have chosen Heaven as pur eternal destination by accepting Jesus Christ as our Savior and Lord, in this earth we are now aliens- don’t really belong. We are passing through, travelors here going around and collecting jewels for later by loving God and loving others. I am that kind of alien. Praise God!😃❤️😃❤️

Focus on Jesus

Revival will happen when we focus on and emulate Jesus Christ. As we worship and lift Him up with the power of His Holy Spirit, we correct the proper balance to the world He made. It is supposed to be that way. We were made by Him for Him and not the other way around. And He is so worthy of praise is He! God is magnificent, full of power and majesty, grace and generosity, love and holiness, truth and faithfulness. No one is like Him and no one can stand before Him without permission, even His worst enemy. Praise God and focus on Jesus in your home, in your church, in your small group or Sunday school, in your workplace, in school, wherever. As we lift up Jesus, He will draw all men to Himself and heal with love and pour grace and peace and joy into our souls and spirits. That with humility is the key to peace, joy, delicious life and correct function.😄❤❤❤

When Prepping for Battle, Pray First

I have been preparing for another school year, anticipating again being in the roll of encourager and motivator while no one is encouraging or motivating me. And an underlying dread was creeping in because of the weight of that.

Then, the Holy Spirit reminded me to pray as I am preparing and imparted the ok to say no to coaching this year so my burden is lighter. It is someone else’s turn this year. I will get back to it. And in addition, I received encouragement and motivation from an unlikely source and that affirmed it and gave me a boost in courage. And further, the Lord encouraged me and motivated me in the book of Numbers. Seriously, do not underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit when reading the written Word.

So pray first. Pray as you are preparing. And this gives God a chance to help and He always does. Praise God!😄❤❤❤