Fence Phase 1 Complete

Today we finished phase 1 of the fence. We covered the posts with overlapping 1″x8″x8′ boards, elevated 1 inch for a subtle decorative feature. Came out beautiful and sturdy. Super happy to be finished with the greatest phase in size and demension. We start phase 2 tomorrow and that is very cool. Thank God. And another matter of thanks is our new favorite treat that we will be making a habit of. After mowing and a good shower, I took the kids skating. What fun! I forgot how fun skating was. My daughter’s first time. My son is a natural, faster than I am! We had a ball and it was a lovely cheap date for us. Fantastic!😄❤


Exercising in the Cold

So, I decided, as I over a long illness, that I am going to exercise in the early mornings again. As it is too cold lately to do that for this Florida gal, I started doing my exercise time on thr eluptical machine in the comfort of our home. Lol Baby, yes I am, when I can. Lol. And I am watching on Netflix during that time the series AD about the early church development from Jesus death on. And I am really enjoying the visual of their environment at the time and what they had to go through. It is quite good. I may or may not agree with some of their Hollywood drama, but I believe the Bible speaks for itself on the details and see the scene on the screen as historical context and it serves that purpose well. Good stuff. ❤

Never Underestimate a Doughnut and Fountain Soda

So, my kids had been getting out of shape a bit, a little belly on them, despite our pretty active lifestyle. And I realized that my walking alone 3 miles in the early hours before they awaken was doing them no good. So, I decided to walk 2 miles on my own and when they wake up walk with them a mile. They were very reluctant. So, I used the car odometer to find that the Circle K was 1.4 miles round trip from our house. So, the kids were very eager to walk even farther for a fountain drink and doughnut from Circle K. They are happy, getting fit (the exercise and muscle works off the goodies and benefits otherwise), and we all win. So there is a little trick to get your kids moving. Bribe them. Lol ❤

Good Walk

It has been a week of sickness and rainy cold weather so I have not had my walky talky (prayer walk) for that long. I got to walk this morning and although it was cold, I treasured each step. It starts my mind out right to have prayer time alone with God and invigorates my body to walk, gets my lungs clear and heart pumping. So I am very thankful for a good walk and look forward to getting back to walking regularly. It helps. Not much helps as much as that. ❤

The Road is Real, the Journey Deep

No matter what else is going on, how great is the truth of the road! The journey may be in circles but movement begats healing and truth is what moves me. On the road, in step with my prayers to Almighty God who made everything I look at, there is a vivid truth reality which propels me toward the better. Peace and joy flood in through the steps from the road through my shoe into my soul. God reminds me again I am not alone in this world. He is with me on the journey. I walk on.❤

Wandering the Halls of My Mind

Warning: going deep here. Today’s illness had less to do with the dizziness and fatigue and more to do with vacating my present space to do some mind cleaning. I virtually and mentallu toured the halls of my mind and found clutter in its halls and rooms. I walked through and threw out the clutter. I let go of things held onto that are no longer relevant to the present or future. I forgave what needed forgiveness. I removed leftover junk from the past. I am a very visual person, and visualization is a very powerful too, often as real to me as real life. So visualizing this cleaning process has enormous value and the inviting God’s Spirit to dwell there in the newly clean house. Incredible and powerful exercise. Maybe that helps someone or you, friend. Love you! ❤

Compliments Ahoy

My mom and dad raised me to not take much credence in physical appearance because it is just a shell and mask to the real soul and spirit of a person inside that does matter and can change from one moment to the next. That being said, they never complimented me on my looks. They criticized sometimes (rather ironic if it didn’t matter lol) but never complimented me. Most people in my life, men and women, we’re the same way. So, I figured it didn’t matter unless something was wrong. Also, I assumed I was very plain looking or ugly and that is just how it was. It was this way when I was size 6 and healthy or size 18 with a very difficult pregnancy. No one said anything good, only bad. (And the one guy who said the most and actually complimented me turna out was a liar and so none of thise words count at all. That is my background, which sets the stage for now. Now, I still do not care about my appearance and no longer cry at the criticisms because it truly does not matter, but I am feeling extremely healthy lately and have a glow (uv damage from the sun) about me and am fit and toned aunnnd feel so good. And people have been giving me compliments one after the other. Ironically, the scale has not changed numbers but I am two dress sizes smaller now. And my vitality is soaring. I have energy to spare and productivity hard to explain and even easier breathing and better focus. And to be truthful, my deepening relationship with Almighty God is the biggest reason for every good bit of it. All of it is from God and didn because of and for Him. I am still very plain, but I am happier and more joyful than I have ever been. And the compliments are all appreciated because it is proof that I am on the right health track and refocuses me on health. But I like it so much more when people tell me they can see God moving in me, growing me, improving me. I love it when He gets the glory. Any good I am or do is from Him.❤❤❤