One Risen Lord and Seven Baptisms

Today we celebrated one risen Lord and 7 baptisms! Praise God Almighty!!! God is worthy and oh how I love Him!! I had the joy of serving breakfast for my church family with my husband and a sister and brother in Christ. It was a beautiful day to be able to serve and celebrate so passionately who matters most!! Praise God!!😃❤️

Service over Self

I was asked to sign 36 Resurrection Day celebration cards for the residents of a small local nursing home. Next Sunday we will put them together in a small gift bag with some chocolates and take it to them for Resurrection Day. I wanted to help and had this last day of spring break, so said yes. At first I did 10 and wanted to take a break and do some variety word puzzles. And bear with me at the silliness here, but I checked myself and kept going with my service project. To make it more meaningful, I drew a picture on each card and wrote “May God bless your Resurrection Day!” and I got my daughter to help with the drawings. So, basically I doubled down on the service project rather than selfishly relaxing with my puzzles.

Result: I feel great for getting the service project finished and my daughter felt great for helping. I also had time afterward for some puzzles anyway.

It is better to serve others first and serve self afterward. God always provides for our needs when we do the right thing.😃❤️

Doing Nothing is Doing Something

Do what you can for God and others out of love to God. When you do nothing, you actually do something: you disobey. James is pretty clear that faith without action (serving others, helping others, participating in church, lovingly helping your family, etc.) is dead. If your faith in God is viable, you will be doing something for Him and His church.😃❤️

As I Watch, There is Value

I used to play tennis. Now I watch tennis. As I watch, I remember how much fun playing was. As I watch, I rest, I encourage, I enjoy, and I video-record for my son. Just because my body can not do what it used to does not mean I no longer should be out here. Many older people are in the same boat. There is great value in watching and encouraging and being present. 😃❤️