Birthday #3 Today

So, today is my son’s birthday. He is 5’8″ now and buff from a lot of inline skating, so he looks more like a man than a boy now. His voice hasn’t completely changed but it is going on 6 months of wavering and often deep frog, so it will be soon. And we are only 1 year away from driving with a permit and work and all that. How did this happen? Oh yeah, time. Lol

So we are playing hookie from everything because how many more opportunities will we really be able to do that? And I am feeding him well his favorite meals and desserts. And we are skating, his favorite thing right now.

Meanwhile, I am remembering the little blond boy with enormous blue hazel eyes and.thick, long eyelashes who carried a blanket and sucked his thumb and never stopped moving ever. And it amazes me how miraculous life us and how God’s hand is in every detail of growth. Amazing God!!😄❤

Surviving Two Birthdays

So, today was Kat’s birthday. So, yesterday being my husband’s birthday that makes me having survived two important birthdays now in 2 days. The hardest part is keeping up with the meals and desserts. I always make a breakfast of choice and a dessert of choice from scratch for each person in the family. Also, there are gifts. Always have, always will until I am a very old woman or Jesus takes me home first. So, a birthday in my home is a big deal. To get through two in 2 days is exhausting but good. All went well with prayer and some fatigue.

Kat wanted a cookies ad cream cake (really wanted me to work for it) and Steve wanted an apple pie. So there ya go. He got his van washed and waxed and detailed and she got lots of legos.

And now I rest. God is very good and faithful to us all. I have a breather until her birthday party with her friends next week and then right around the corner is my son’s birthday ad we go again. But for now, I will enjoy some much needed rest and praise God for seeing me though another round of back to back birthdays.

Why do I make such a big deal about birthdays? I addessed this in a previous blot “Celebrating Birthdays” or some such thing. But in essence, I want to praise God for making these people who He chose to put in my life. It is a celebration of His work and plan and then my gratefulness for them and Him. He is so good and should be joyfully celebrated. 😄❤🎁🎂🎈

On Celebrating Birthdays

So, today is my husband’s birthday! Of course, he hates birthday celebrations for a couple mediocre reasons… 1. Life begins at conception so we have no idea when our actual birthday is. 2. It is narcissistic to celebrate one person when every day matters for everyone because we are not promised our next breath.

To those arguments, while I respect his excessive over thinking on that topic and his feelings after a fashion, think they are a load of stuff we used to step in on the farm.


Celebrating someone’s birthday is really celebrating the day the world was presented with God’s glorious and meaningful creation of the birthday boy or girl. In essence, it is a celebration of what a beautiful job God did and how grateful we are that He put you in our journey.

This is beautiful and I will continue to make a big deal of every birthday. Praise God!😄❤

Birthday Wishes

For my birthday this year, I got to work on cleaning and lifting and walking the dog and cleaning more and walking more and then an amazing fancy surf and turf dinner at Longhorn.

All that was wonderfully great. But if I had a birthday wish to come true (which I was never ever ever asked what I wanted for my birthday), I would want something like Christian Americans to stand up for the rights of the unborn and elderly and poor. I would want to slap every Christian stuck in their selfish comfort rut across the face and demand they wake up and smell the needs around. I would personally put crooked politicians right into jail and throw away the key because no one else is doing their jobs to do so. I would kick every church in their pampered behinds and demand they put missions before their buildings and comfort.

Maybe this is why no one has ever asked me what I would really want for my birthday. It is a scary answer. It is an answer steeped in truth and reality and a decisive desire to obey God and want for others to do so to.

But apart from that, my birthday was wonderful. Maybe next year, I will demand my birthday wishes. Maybe sooner…