Justice for All

Justice for all is supposed to be how it works in the USA. Why are judges being bought and paid to not provide justice and without objection? Why are judges turning a blind eye to evil? Why are people ok with this? Do these judges have no fear of God? Do they not know their hell fire will be hotter because they have turned their backs on those needing justice? And now I heard tonight that pastors in Canada are being imprisoned for holding outdoor services. Is that what we are to expect? Are fascists overthrowing everything? Where are our patriots? Why is our military silent? Does no one care? I am praying hard. One thing I know is this and hear me.

No matter what happens, God is still in control and I trust Him. And come what may I will remain faithful to Him and look forward to His coming. And this uncertainty we see everywhere makes me draw closer to God. He is worthy!😀❤

Water’s Healing~

In the depth of despair,there is a gulf of grief . . .where the sorrows of lifemakes us beg for relief. The hurting soul can’t calm,or remove its own heartbreakit needs the healing touchof the One who won’t forsake. We thirst for water’s healing,a peaceful resting placewhere we can forget the painthat’s so unbearable to […]

Water’s Healing~

Voting Should Go Back to Paper and Pen

We need to go back to what worked. Register to vote, show an ID and vote in person with paper and pen, turn it in and leave. (The only exception is a requested absentee vote for hospitalization or travel out of state.) Bipartison counting. That is it. If no one was cheating, they would be fine with this system. This system worked for some 200 years. The only reason to change it is in order to cheat. Period.

Consider This Tangential Train of Thought

I could be wrong on this however the thoughts herein have helped me in knowing the power He quietly yields compared to the small amount of power the world parades about.  Let’s think about ratios: like the ratio of 1 to a million in 1/1,000,000th.  When a piece of cedar is cut to size for […]

Consider This Tangential Train of Thought