Encouragement at the Library

I am sitting here at the library in the kids section as my kids enjoy the books and computers and had set out to read a book, a luxury I hope someday to engage regularly, now being time-confined to thr Bible and a devotion here and there. However, I had to n put my book aside for a moment and let you know that I was just encouraged here at the library.

A man and a little boy passed me by, the daddy probably in mid thirties and the son around 2 1/2. The boy went to sit in a computer chair but the dad wanted to read to the son. Rather than reprimand, the good, wise dad made a game of it and walked around the corner and peeked around and whispered to the boy to find him. The boy got up immediately and went after him. That encouraged me. He kept it a positive experience and then read to him. This encouraged me that a man can be a good dad, be wise, lead his son, etc. I have to say I have seen a fair share of girly men of late, not caring or wanting to lead, feminite, lazy, selfish. I believe society’s evil has a goal along those ends. But when I see a manly man lead his son with wisdom and love, I am encouraged and impressed and have a hope that not everyone is playing along with the evil schemes of the devil and bad people. For men are designed to lead. Sure women can lead also, but the crux of the matter is that men are designed for work and leadership in their homes and with their kids. And when I see it, I am encouraged. Great job, good daddy!

Now back to my book… Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand.❤


Meeting Imperfections with Humility

I am far from perfect. I strive for being purified by God. I am way too realistic to strive for perfection. I understand full well that is impossible with me. Not because I am bad but because I am human. I strive to live to please God and be purified by Jesus. That is it. That makes me look not perfect but restored. I still have the scuffs and dings and scars but I am a restored, refurbished work of God.

Today, I blew it and again need restoration. Thankfully, God is in the business of detail work. I became angry at a leader in the church, an intern, actually. I said true but inappropriate things about him to a coworker in the kids ministry. I should not have. My anger was just and things are not being handled appropriately, but that is no excuse for me to vent and blow my cool, which I certainly did. True or not, gossip is wrong. Very wrong. I blew it. I saddened my God and I am fully sorry. I said my apologies and prayed my confession and apology and am now in the restoration shop of God again for some detail work.

The thing is, none of us is perfect. I handle my screw ups/sins way better than I used to, however, and I am thankful to God for that. He helped me meet my imperfections with humility rather than pride. The imperfections almost always originate from pride, so to meet them with humility is the cure. It is the step of repentence back. Humility is beautiful. And anyone who says humility is for sissies has never tried it. It requires far more bravery and strength and energy than base pride. But the results are restorative and glorious.

So I wanted to share that and maybe it can help someone too. God is so very good and full of grace and generous with forgiveness. Praise be the Lord!!!❤❤❤

Back to Normal Life

Busy moments are mostly behind us now and I am gradually catching up on chores and getting back to full days of school and house cleaning and groceries. There certainly are a lot of “normal” duties this housewife handles. Thank God for watering my garden for me as the poor neglected plants would have looked their neglect if it weren’t for God who sent rain and cared for them. A little weeding and we’ll be back on track there. And I caught up on great blogs I had missed… thankfully they were in print and saved for me to catch up on.

These were busy 2 weeks. That was an understatement. I ignored all tech and my phone for days, just did life and birthday parties (that I make a lot of) and dinners and meetings, some consults, starting the Christmas songs with the kids at church (making me the kids choir director now), pe coaching, missionary meeting in Avon Park, Busch Gardens, homemade pies and cakes for birthdays, sticking to my diet so cooking separately for my meals, baseball games, fasting and prayer, all so hectic and crazy.

And the biggest take – away from busy times in life is this:… (dramatic pause… deep breath)… God is with me wherever I go and I can talk to Him all the time. So simple. He loves the big things we do for Him and the million tiny things we do for Him. We just keep Him first. And I used to get behind in my spirit when I got busy and as a leader and worker by nature, busy used to be distractions away from God. But praise God, He has transformed and corrected that thinking and helped me embrace how He made me. I am His and He is always with me. And my busy is worship to Him because I include Him in it all and keep Him first and most n important in my mind and heart. ❤

The Gig Tonight

We went to a gig tonight. It was at Old Town in Kissimmee. My husband (on guitar) and our lead singer filled in for a band we used to play with. In fact, we met in his band and married a few years later. But we network because any time a musician can express themselves with their craft, especially with other craftsmen to express themselves, we do that.

So, I was in charge of the GoPro and snapped a few pics. Strange going to a gig and not playing keys or singing. So, I ran a little sound and got some video feed and then had some time to kill.

So, my kids and I danced. I got to dance a lot. The band was really good, great songs and played really well and balanced. It was a rocking night.

So, this guy asked me to dance, maybe felt bad that I was dancing alone. And he taught me to Cha-Cha. I had never danced with a guy who led and I followed. And I had never danced the Cha-Cha with a guy leading me. Except that one time in college with the Spanish couple across the hall from my apartment in college and they had that party and insisted I come. But that was like 20 years ago.

Anyway, I learned something new tonight and it was so fun. I appreciated my hubby’s skill on thr guitar. I appreciated the leads. I loved hearing. When you play, you don’t hear the results the way the audience does. You feel it more than hearnit really, it is a combo thing. It is really cool to hear the finished product.

So we got home exhausted and very late and I drank about a gallon of water. But I am so very thankful to have learned a new dance or just even to follow a guy’s lead in a dance. And it is so easy to follow a good leader.

This reminds me that a good, confident, strong leader is easy to follow. When not good, confident or strong, a leader is difficult to follow. You don’t know what the expectations are, especially when it is something new. So if you are leading, be clear, be concise, be confident, be easy to follow. Because when that happens, it is fun and beautiful and you remove the stress and tension of it.❤

Call to Responsible Parenting

Today, I taught my Kids’ church why we celebrate Independence Day. They had no idea. These kids were kindergarten through 5th grade and not one of them knew except my kids. And are they smarter than the other kids? Probably not, but they were taught by their parents. And here is my plea. Teach your children. You as a parent or future parent are 100% responsible for your children’s education. If they are idiots, it is because of your neglect or laziness. A good parent is a responsible parent. Period. A good parent is a responsible parent. Teach your kids. Teach them about God, history, math, life, right and wrong. Teach them. And if you are lazy enough to blame their teachers/schools, be responsible enough to demand they are taught the right things and not just any social garbage the morons in charge come up with that has nothing to do with a real education. I am calling out parents. You are responsible. Stop blaming and put the tech down and man and woman up. You have kids to raise and you are responsible for their education and knowledge of Jesus for salvation. You are. No one else. There are books to read if you never learned how, that is no excuse. Do it. Be proactive. Deactivate your worthless anti-social media accounts and be the parents and thus people God made you to be. It is on you. God will help also when you ask. Always. ❤

Leader From Birth

I have always been seen as a leader, a “natural born leader” and just accepted that as fact. Now, some 40 years later and yes I am a little slow because I was a lot stuck in pride and busyness, I am exploring why. My hope is that some of you youngers that may have “natural leadership ability” from God, recognize it and develop it for Him.

That is actually my first point. Good leaders are led by God. The closer I am to God, the more He uses me as a leader in a myriad of circumstances. Leadership in its pure form from God is first of all humble and teachable by God and His Truth, the Bible. You cannot lead people if you do not know where to lead them. The blind cannot lead the searching. Proud leaders are weak and a distortion of their gift. They may accomplish great things through force but it is for themselves and their gain and peace does not live there. God planned leaders to have just as much peace and joy as everyone else so humbleness and closeness to God is essential for that.

Second thing. Leaders can not give way to laziness and delegate only. They must be the first to do the work, know how and why, be able to teach others, get down and dirty with those being led, work hard. This is natural and my energy always rises to the need. The will drives the leader to this. A lazy leader is ineffectual and sets the self up for high turnaround, discouragement and a critical spirit. Bad.

Third thing. Respect. Respect is enormous. Respect for God, for His Truth, for the sanctity of life, for the rules, for the fact that every person has a unique skill set, for the fact that every role is important. Nothing is done without every person’s skill, like our band. The lead singer may believe he/she is the most important person in the band because they are up front, but if the band suddenly stops or just the drummer drops out or the instruments are off key, the lead singer becomes insignificant to the mess. See? Respect and treatment of others according to the Golden Rule is vital. Everyone is vital. And everyone is interesting, they have and unique story. And believing the fantastical one in your head may be much more interesting than theirs but let them tell it anyway. Hear them. Ask questions. But draw a boundary enough to remain leader and not buddy for like a family, many are the friends and siblings but there is only one or two parents. Parents give and receive respect but are not buddies.

Fourthly. Consistency of high moral character is invaluable to retain those led. Invest in them. My dad always said to leave it better than it was when you got there. Do that for people. Be smart enough and wise enough to dig out and encourage strengths and enhance those in people you are leading. Grow them, alienate no one, never criticize, just guide with wisdom, again with never be lazy. If you lack wisdom, ask God who is generous with His. Remain humble and teachable as always. Promote people, pay them their worth, be generous with people when they work hard and earn it. Reward good work and moral integrity. Discourage moral flaws and disengenuity. Encourage your people to encourage each other. Keep them busy to minimize tech and gossip time but not too busy that they never have breaks. Promote a moral family atmosphere of growth and commitment and worth. Names, not numbers. Love people. Always eye contact and strong handshakes. Care.

Lastly. Leadership is lonely. Leaders have many acquaintances but very few true friends. It just is that way. You have to be strong when others are not and when you are not. Few understand the challenges of that or get you. Few care outside of themselves and their little circles. But God does and He will recharge you. Take some time. Exercise for energy, keep close to God for strength and wisdom. This puts you in a position of power for God and your people, humble service to Him, peace and joy and contentment for you. Then you can make the hard decisions and guide and God guides you in and way that benefits everyone. This can only happen close to the Lord, so we have returned to the first thing.

I hope this has blessed you. Feel free to ask questions or give me and topic to write about in the comments. If you are not a leader, maybe you get them a bit more and the responsibilities they hold. If you are a leader, maybe you will be refreshed and inspired to try something new, some new approach and get close to God to recharge your batteries. God bless you!❤