The Hanging of Clothes

The tedious nature of hanging the clothes,

Of washing a dish,

Of cleaning the stove.

I used to dread such tedious things and wish for a break from all that.

And now, as the years passed,

I am hanging the clothes,

I love the touch

I love the labor of love

And I treasure the bodies that wear all the clothes and I’m glad.

It is the smell of the wash

The company it means

And the oft neglected clean

That makes me so glad and at peace and content.

I am washing the clothes

My loved ones wear

The more I have to wash

Proves they are there

And I am blessed in good measure by dear God allover to have so many to love.❤


A Beautiful Day

Today was one of the best days I remember in quite a long time. My husband and I had coffee and talked and had a nice morning. Then I took the kids to Alafia pioneer camp in Fort Meede. It was so fun and educational and they had a cane that was perfect for my husband which I bought him. Before leaving, we danced to some good old early American live music. And we got back home and rested a bit and shared our experiences. Then Zach went to his girlfriend’s house for movie night and the rest of us went to dinner at a wonderful Cuban restaurant. It was great food and a wonderful family feel and good music. Then I got a little time with my friend and that was wonderful. We even drove around the nice lake here and enjoyed that. Overall, this was the kind of day that gets you through the other days where animosity reigns. But not today. Today was a gift straight from God, no question in my mind at all. So when you get something great handed to you, take time out to appreciate it and thank God for it. Speaking of, thank you again, dear Lord, for this day!!❤

Band Family

Our band is our extended family. We really have a great thing going on. We really appreciate this wonderful group of guys. All psitive, all wanting to try new songs and even genres, even working on originals together, we have the most positive band around. It is a joy we all look forward to and even want to practice more, get together more often and just really love being in the same musical groove. Ah, it is rich. I feel like a spoiled princess having such fun with my band family. Honestly, after being in bands for 30+ years, this is decisively the most positive and fun band I have been privileged to be a part of. Ahhhh. Thank you so much, God!!❤

Mom, the Psychologist

So my mom is a psychologist. She is very good at being one but not good at working for a boss. And that is where I get it and why I became my own boss. But I digress. Growing up with a psychologist was quite a different upbringing. Every feeling or bump in the road was made much of, analyzed, motives picked apart like an amazingly thorough and anal electronics tech. Every strange look was scrutinized and parenting skills questioned, every mistake broken down to be sure it wasn’t passive agressive behavior sneaking out. So, I believe my family was mom’s first clients, whether we wanted to be or not. I used to walk on eggshells. I used to blame her for not being able to partake in small talk. I used to just want a normal mom. And then recently I grew up and God had a sit down with me. My mom loves me, always has. And she was who God made her to be. And I really believe she did the best she could with what tools she had. And how bored would I have been with as normal mom. I am not normal, never had one desire to be. I am interesting and multifacetted because, in part, of her. I can sniff out motivations and recognize behaviors in people because of her. And where I believe psychology explains away sin too often, I value my upbringing with it to a degree. And I firmly believe God can use any upbringing for His good. ❤

My Mom

My mom and I have had a lot of great moments and a lot of very strained moments all my life. When Daddy died, our relationship began to mend, mostly because we shared a mourning process. And I knew we are her only family here. And God has been working on my heart. Altogether, our relationship has become much more docile and close. And I am thankful for my mom. I know most people are thankful for their mom but I had abuses to overcome, to forgive. And with God’s help, we are healing. And I tell you all this because it is never too late to mend a heart. Never. God does not ever do “never”. I believe he sees the word as a dare. Lol But remember that our God is eternal and time means little to Him. So your “never” is comical and my “never” was just me lacking faith and believing lies and very comical. And God opened my eyes and allowed His love to pour into my heart and soul and mend its broken places. Again. It never gets old to Him and there is never too much attention to detail He heaps upon us in showing us personal love and healing for every layer of it. Do not give up. Give up your “never”.❤

A Tale of Two Women

There were two sisters who were born only 15 months apart. Both girls were raised in a Christian home, went to Christian school and church, and had parents that prayed with them at mealtimes and bedtime and had a hard-working father and mother who was a housewife. Both girls were taught the same, brought up with the same morals. Despite these commonalities, there were some differences. The greatest was that one daughter was favored and a bit privaleged by the residing parent and the other girl had to do all the work. Regardless, the girls ended up quite different. And it is opposite what most people think of. The privaleged, favored child did not appreciate being treated so well. She did not grow up happy at her better treatment. No. She ended up jealous and spoiled. The girl who was treated to all the work appreciated life more, loved nature, felt confident that she could take care of herself (because of her experience doing so) and yhis girl was happy. 

So, my point is that spoiling your kid is not beneficial. Neglecting is not good either but there must be a proper work load on your kid to give them self-confidence and enjoyment of accomplishment that only comes from doing something. One learns nothing from doing nothing, but one learns something from doing something.❤

CEU Days

So, I am up for renewal of my Audiology license and every other year am forced with a smile to do 30 CEUs  (continuing education units).  I can only do 10 hours as day, so am forced to do them as such over a 3 day span to knock them out. It costs a heap of money and is intrusive but I understand why they exist… to make someone money and be a pain in the neck. But I also learn a tad bit. Being a doctor for 15 years, I know a little bit about my profession. I don’t know everything so it is a wee good in a skantish way. But anyway, I am plugging along, getting my first 10 finished and reported today. Two more days of this nonsense to go. Yippee. But as a bonus break because God loves me, we had an extra band practice tonight! Highlight of my study day for sure. We have the best band we have ever had and we are a great, positive family having a whole heap of fun and making the most amazing music together! It is a blessing and and half and I believe God put us together. No doubt in my mind. Thank you, God!❤