Final Chapter of a Crazy Breakup

We returned, in a public location, the last of the belongings of my son’s ex-girlfriend’s family. Whew. This chapter is over. I hope. Breakups happen, usually for the best because not everything is properly aligned at the right time or with the wrong person under God’s plan for us. My son matured enough to realize they had no spiritual views or life goals in common. You would have thought he tried to kill her how her mom over-reacted and defamed us both, even to my work and all my son’s friends. Be very careful these days, people are crazy. But if she had not been crazy, perhaps they would have kept trying to make it work but she (the mom) solidified the breakup solidly. So you never know how God will answer your prayer, but He will. Keep praying.

I feel blessed he is on the right track and happily single and doing schoolwork and catching up with friends and I praise God we are on to a brighter future and now with the Lord. Praise God for this crazy breakup and may we no longer need the family lawyer we retained! Praise God for answered prayer!😃❤️

Community Group

We just had our community group meeting after several weeks off due to family loss and travel. It was fantastic. We had 6 people in my sister’s home. We sang hymns togetver, prayed together, shared life together, memorized Matthew 5:14-16 together, had communion together, ate together. Fantastic worship together and we all left feeling encouraged. Fantastic. I highly encourage attending or starting a community or small group through the week in addition to collective worship on the Lord’s Day with all your brothers and aisters of the body of Christ. Great way to worship and learn with others.😃❤️

Oh What a Beautiful Morning!

I cannot tell you how encouraging it is to go to church. My church is amazing. They are my family and we study the Bible, worship together and help/serve/listen to/encourage each other and the community. Is so natural, how God designed it. Praise God for this taste of His kingdom here on earth. Praise God!😃❤️

Same Haircut

My mom-daughter day today was wonderful! We got matching haircuts, ate lunch at an adorable Italian restaurant, shopped for jeans and things at Walmart and came home to relax. What an expensive but wonderful time we had! I think we both needed that together time. It was worth every minute and every dollar. Good memories before I start working on Monday. Fantastic day. Tomorrow will be great too because of church. We look forward to church. Have a great night and tomorrow with your church family!😃❤️