Our Newest Family Member

So God be praised! We met and took home Blue, our new beloved dog from the SPCA today. He is a sweet medium sized dog, a Cur mix, and we are so blessed to have him. And God allowed us to take care of his heartworm through the SPCA at no cost with his adoption so we will be nursing him to health and love doing so. God blessed us with this answer to many prayers. Praise God!❤


Dog Searching

So finally, after years of false promises and expectations, my husband relented and has finally agreed to get a dog (or at least begin the search) for our family. Yay!!! Praise God for answered prayer!! So, we are headed to the SPCA to see who fits us and needs love as much as we do. I have been praying for the right furry friend fit for our crazy crew and busy schedule, that we can have him tag along most of the time. So my excitement is very real. I was raised with dogs and always a cat on the farm and have not had a dog since going away to college in 1992. Yes, way too long and yes, I am old. Lol 😄 So I am ready to love a new adopted little puppy and am eager to get there with my even more eager kids.

Got me thinking, as everything always does, about our adoption. We who are blessed to be Christians are adopted the moment of salvation into God’s loving family. And He often has to wait a long time for us. And oh how He loves us and wants us close to Him but patiently waits for the timing to be in agreement. And how joyful He is when we finally agree to be adopted by the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Am I the only one who thinks that is so amazingly cool? Something beautiful to think about.😄❤

Serving is its Own Reward

Today, my family worked as a team and helped my Great Aunts Evelyne and Ellen with washing windows and changing out switches and fixing a lamp they could not do on their own. And we had a great time and felt so fulfilled to do so. Serving is its own reward and it is just beautiful and feels so good to help someone else who needs it. Something easy for us helped someone else and made their day brighter and they felt loved on. How precious is that. See for yourself and help someone else who needs it for their sake or God’s and expecting nothing in return. So precious and meaningful!!! Great day!😄❤

Drawn to Mystery

I believe one of the trappings of sin is our inclination to the mysterious. We are made by a loving Creator who happens to be the God of the entire universe. As such, He is enormous. He is beyond our healthiest comprehension. And I believe that is mystery enough for us to taste. Anything beyond that, as if such a thing existed into mystical places and magic things is pride luring us to think more highly of ourselves than we ought and thus sin. We may debate semantics, we may wrestle with judgments based on upbringing/environment. But I believe we were created to do a work and worship the Almighty and mysteries of the deep and dark are distractions and pride and as such sin. Many people get stuck in delving into the unknown, trying so hard to justify powerful positions or gain fame when it ends up deep into lies with open doors for demon liars to enter. God is simple in His story and Bible, so long as you have a bit of faith and humble heart. Simple and clear is the message. Laid out in loving truth of the Bible and universe He made. God and good things and truth and love are clear, concise, simple, straightforward, understandable. When you get confusing additions, pridefulinsertions, mysteries, dark alleys, rabbit holes, you are dealing g with lies and thus the evil aspect of humanity and demonic interference. And this is something we should avoid at all cost and certainly not embrace or encourage. Observe the KISS method: Keep it simple, sweetheart. Just say no to the distractions of mystery and mysticism and dark places of unknown. These are traps. Stay in the Bible and humbly pray.❤

A Gift From Busch Gardens Musicians Today

Sorry it looks sideways and it isn’t the best recording but it gives the flavor. These guys were great and everyone enjoyed them. It was fitting because we won’t be going again, today was the last day of our passes. What a beautiful day. Too busy, but the Christmas on Ice show was worth going and the music and show was worth the parking fee and wait for everything. Happy we went and now ready for bed! God bless us everyone! 😄❤

Blessings Counted

Had a great day today, so I thought. Balanced time with husband and kids, had a few minutes myself to work on my ball gown alterations for our New Year’s Eve gig with the band. All was well, except… I firmly believe I am spoiling everyone else. They all were not content with my balancing act and wanted more. This is spoiled behavior. My 8 year old is acting up, my teenager is acting hormonal, my husband is needing more of me than he used to. It is a strange phenomenon… the more you give, the more they take. And I was getting pretty frustrated over an argument of greed over popcorn. I let out a grunt of some kind and wondered what would ever be enough for these people I love and must be spoiling. Can it be corrected? And I paused and ate something, drank some green tea, breathed. And my husband said needed and very rare nice words to me. The girl took her bath and was better afterwards. Thr boy showered and ate and was better. I spoke to the kids in unemotional weight and expressed my expectations of their behavior as my children. They realized their crazy and decided that was better than displeasing me. And laying in bed here now in quiet darkness, I count every blessing of my day as nd there are many. Many blessings were counted. Many. And the greatest of these is that I was never without the Lord today, ever His little girl. And peace and joy are here. Tomorrow we will go again, Lord willing.❤

Blended Christmas

Today, my family and mom spent a great morning opening presents and eating a great meal. Everyone was doing good and the kids were doing great. We finished our game and chocolate conspicuously at the same time, ahem, and mom went home to nap. The kids and I watched half of a new movie while my husband also napped. All good, all going beautifully.

Enter the blended family drama. We went then after the nap to deliver presents to the grandkids, the ones we rarely ever see. And our grand daughter was acting out of character and I realized how much she has on her shoulders at just 4 years of age. Her mom cheated on her dad and they are divorcing and the new couple are together with a new baby and her dad is now with a new girlfriend and there are 4 languages spoken around her and the mom and grandma have a co-defendant relationship and happen to live right next to each other and whew, I am drained just thinking about all that. And I realized how difficult blended families are and much more acutely, how much sin effects children. They have no choice in the matter. There is no norm because they are trying to learn life but they know it is not right somehow. And nobody calling out bad behavior compounds that, no consistency compounds that, no Godly principles compounds that. So when I was asked to finally be involved and teach her piano, I jumped at it. Hey, I am stable. I am faithful to Godly principles. I can love her and be consistent with rewards and punishments and be a rock in her ever-shifting seas. Blended families are full of challenges but with God, there is hope and help and instruction as to how to navigate life. Hope, a beautiful word.❤