A perfect day 10/2

Today I woke up happy. A few months ago I had been waking up with my fists clenched. So today I really noticed the difference. I woke up comfortable and happy. I had the best day planned! It was going to rain all day and I was going to do nothing but put up my […]

A perfect day 10/2

Trying New Things

I have to tell you, today I tried something new and fun. In middle and high school, I played volleyball and even made MVP a time or two. But this was 32 years ago!!!!

So today, my son was asked to play with an all-guys, all-Asian Christian team as a guest. He has played volleyball against several of the guys and got to be friends. So he played probably 5-6 games with them. So much fun.

Well, we girls got sick of just watching and put up our own net and played 4 games of our own. It was so much fun! I have been nursing a sore leg and elbow so I did not play aggressively- nor could I if I had tried- but I found my serve again and was useful that way. It was delightful!

So never say never. I thought 32 years was beyond recovery of a sport, even though I loved playing it. Try something new. Go to a group where you are the minority and find a common ground- ours was the Lord and volleyball. Just enjoy and learn from other beautiful souls God made and loves. It is amazing! 😃❤️

All shall be Thine, Thine only, O Jesus, our Beloved!

C. H. Spurgeon from his Morning by Morning devotional for October 1 “Pleasant fruits, new and old, which I have laid up for thee, O my beloved.”—Song of Solomon 7:13. THE spouse desires to give to Jesus all that she produces. Our heart has “all manner of pleasant fruits,” both “old and new,” and they […]

All shall be Thine, Thine only, O Jesus, our Beloved!

Waiting Till God Answers ~

When not sure of what to do,and God hasn’t answered youwhen you’re feeling down and outand you’re full of fear and doubt. That’s the time you need to look,for His promises in the Good Bookyou’ll find the remedy for your needswhen to His Word your spirit heeds. When you’re troubles take over you,and worry surrounds […]

Waiting Till God Answers ~