Back from ER

Praise be to God for answering our prayers. A sister in Christ and I and several of you prayed for my son and God heard our prayers and thr ankle was mot broken. It was a bad sprain. He has to wear a splint and walk with crutches/ keep weight off it for 2-3 weeks. So his doing 3 sports has turned into a much needed rest for his body. We can get caught up on schoolwork and start a budget for a vehicle for him. We can not run around so much like little chickens and rest my vehicle. And he is disappointed of course but I do believe he was getting pretty exhausted too.

You know, God always knows what is best for us and will provide that out of love whether we are ready or not. He is such a good Father and He is always right. Praise God!! 😃❤️

Amazed by God’s Loving Care

God is such a good Father. He really loves us and shows us that love all the time. Every sunset is more beautiful than the last. Each day His beauty is all around us displaying His loving sharing of His creation. He made everything work together and answers every prayer. What an amazing loving God!!!😃❤️

No One Can Love You More Than Your Creator

No one can love you more than your Creator. This is for 2 reasons:

1. God knows you best because He designed every part of you and has been with you every step of your life up to now and longs to have a close relationship with you. He knows what a masterpiece you are and every nuance is appreciated and adored.

2. God is so brimming with love in its perfect form that He cannot help but love fully. He longs to be a part of your life but respects you enough to let you decide if you will love Him back or not. Love is freedom. He knows this so lets us have free will.

So you see, you are loved perfectly and have been all your life by your Creator God. Drae close to Him and He will draw close to you.😃❤️