Loving the Children

Jesus loves children. So do I. I am a really old one myself. It is beautiful the newness of everything, the awe ar discovery, the preciousness of every minute, the here and now of it all, the faith and trust and wanting to please. There is a sacredness, a preciousness, an innocence to it all. It is endearing. I love leading these precious ones in worship to our Maker. Oh how they are eager to sing! To praise! To be heard! We need to keep them protected and out of harm’s way the best we can. Anyone who harm’s or wounds or warps a child should be severely punished now and if unrepentant will definitely be punished for an eternity. Anyone who kills a child (even an unborn baby) should have the same fate given to them, but that is my opinion because I share Jesus’ heart in matters of loving children. He never sent them away, always had time for them, encouraged their faith. I imagine he smiled so big when a child wondered after a butterfly, realizing He made them for just such a child to enjoy. Children are treasures. Teaching mine at home has been such at rich blessing for me. Leading worship also blesses me. I am mom first and foremost, always have been, always will be. If I could, my house would be full of them. As it is, we always end up with several around. God bless the children!! ❤

Loved by God

It does not matter if a man (or any human being for that matter) loves me. It does not matter if a man (or anyone) throws me out or leaves my life. It does not matter if a man (or anyone) rejects me or calls me names or disrespects me. It doesn’t even matter if a man (or anyone or everyone) loves me and cherishes me (which my husband does, thankfully). None of that matters in the broad scope of the brush. Those are details one can get lost in. What matters most during our journey through life on this planet is that God loves us. God loves me. God loves you. That means that the God of the universe, the almighty Maker of everything we know or don’t know yet about, every inch of it, loves, cherishes, wants, believes in, treasures me/you/us. He made us each unique on purpose in love and with special precious gifts and blesses us quietly throughout the day to encourage us. That is all we need. And having that, really getting it, is everything and luxuriously rich. ❤❤❤

God Is In Control

We can rest assure that God is in control of the universe and it’s going ons. Nothing is out of the scope of His attention and nothing can escape His notice. That is terrifying to those against Him, but so reassuring to those of us who love Him and are under His protection. His truth and His Word prevails every battle, every war and noone is capable of winning against Him. He is large and in charge. And He is my Heavenly Father by adoption and design because I chose to be saved and humble myself under His leadership. And anyone can. And everyone should. He wants everyone saved. He made each and every person on purpose and with special gifts and in love. And no matter what you have said or done, He still wants you and me and forgives so generously with grace and even helps you stop doing bad things. It is the most beautiful story of redemption and power and love I know of. ❤❤❤

Peace & Assurance

“You lay your hand on the fluttering heart, and say ‘Be still!’… Your presence is with me, and where You are, I never fear an ill.”~Frances R. Havergal 

Jesus understands our human stuff because He is God who lived as Man and gets our pain and sorrow and joy from living it. He gets us. He knows all about it. He loves us passionately. So we are never alone ever unless we are too proud to accept His company, His loss for us, His gift of understanding. We have this assurance: His love for us is purposeful and complete. As soon as we humbly pick it up, we may have it. Beautiful!!! ❤❤❤


It was brought to my attention yesterday that my weak fruit of the Spirit is gentleness. In fact, most of my life I have specialized in the opposite. I have spoken truth with power and might without the benefit of gentle love. “Gentleness is weakeness” has kinda been an unspoken motto. I never even considered it. And I realize now that gentleness is power under the control of love. And that cloak or reins of love is exactly what would benefit those around me the most. Power/strength isn’t what is needed in this world. Gentle love is. ❤❤❤

Quilt Progress Oh Wow

So, I have about 12 more applique blocks and then it is put together time. And I arranged the final goings on of the story of us quilt. Here it is. Wow. It is impossible to get it all clearly but I am so happy with it! Praise God, the ultimate Artist! Man, He did all this for real! So much work and love going into this!! 😄

The Truth About Gender

Life is very difficult. Life is very very difficult for children. The main reason is this: parents. We have a generation of parents with enough knowledge to have a firm opinion/bias but not enough to have an informed decision and certainly not enough to be sacrificial in their parenting to allow a child to blossom in love and care into their own individual. Children pushed into an identity will accept it often because they are children who need to be taught and who know little without proper training. Children (and I have a couple, taught many, and babysat even more in my life, so I am basing this on life) are born boys or girls. They, without any coaching, will act like boys or girls. They may be confused about how to open containers but never naturally confused about being a boy or girl. Unless their parents or teachers or important adults or peers in their lives confuse them and inflict a life of confusion on them. And I believe this is a spirit of confusion, an evil spirit that wants to destroy that person or as many as possible, a destructive spirit, not God. I believe this is a spiritual matter and not a physical or mental one. It seeks to take lives. These beautiful children are being attacked and those who truly love them will love them and encourage them in truth and love and more truth to see the amazing person God made them to be with amazing, unique gifts and talents. They are indeed born boys or girls and that is the gender they are, but gender is really just that. Men or women can live up to their full potential and and are made lovingly by God who loves them and wants to have a relationship with them and hold them through any storms of life and celebrate through every victory. This is the beautiful truth. How glorious the truth really is. God is truth. ❤❤❤