God is to be Praised

God will be praised. He is worthy of all praise, worship and honor. And He will be praised. “Every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.” Better to do it now. If you wait until you have no choice but to praise Him, you will have no choice to praise Him and will not have enjoyed the relationship with Him that is so beneficial now and forever. God is to be praised! Let’s praise Him!😃❤️

Working on It

We are always working on something. Most of the time, we are working on what we are passionate about. For some people, that is sleeping. For some, it is social networking or technology. For some, it is talking. For some, it is their work. For others it is trying to get away with as much as possible.

I want to give food for thought. Whatever you work on the most is your god, your idol. Because what we work on actively, passionately is what we are worshiping. So we need to be passionately working on our relationship and walk and obedience to and study of and prayer to God. Is that a little too radical? Going overboard? I don’t believe it is. If you look around, you see we have never been closer to the return of Christ. All this world and these bad people who think they are ruling things and setting things up for the antiChrist are temporary. When they are gone, only God and our relationship with Him will remain into eternity. So I think of time and worship and study of and obedience and prayer to Him is the most real thing we do, certainly the most important now and later. Something to think about.😃❤️

My Son Drummed for God

Today, my son drummed for worship to God today. He did well and my husband even complime ted him on his drumming! Miracle! So today was a beautiful worship service for our church and God was the focus.we had one baptism and that was precious. Praise God!!!😃❤️

Great Day to Worship Together

There is no bad day to worship, but today is a particularly good day to worship with other brothers and sisters in Christ collectively. It is a beautiful day full of God’s beauty and wrapped in promise. God surely loves us! He is worthy of praise and honor.😃❤️