Jesus Christ

Our hope is Jesus Christ. Our example is Jesus Christ. Our peace and joy are in relationship with Jesus. Our reason for worship and purpose is Jesus Christ. He is our focus, our eternal future, our strength now, our everything. Jesus is most important of all in existence. Without Him, we perish and very soon for He is coming back for we who are faithful to Him soon. Jesus is our salvation, our life, our comfort, our light and truth. He is the way of love and worth celebrating all the time from now into eternity. Cling to Him. Praise Jesus Christ!!


I looked back today at how incredibly far I have grown/matured/learned in the last couple of years. And I was struck at how far God had to bring me and the extremes He had to use to get my attention. I honestly had not admitted or even believed I was so prideful and stubborn. I had taken care of myself (in my eyes) for so long that I did not see that God had taken care of me all along. I trusted myself and now trust God. I had taken pride in what my hands made and did and now take pride in what God allows me to do for His glory. I had been addicted to technology and wasted time on it for self-glorification and laziness and now I use my gifts to bring glory to God. This humbleness is God’s greatest and hardest won achievement in me. It took a journey of death and separation, of dread and loneliness, of depression and mourning, and now this glorious light of God pours out of me. I want to worship, love opening my Bible and reading it as truth in love, love meeting with a church family, there is nothing better than fostering this relationship with God on a deep, spiritual level. Everything else works itself out. It is passion, a fire relic by God and now used for Him. I am so thankful. Praise God Almighty who draws us to Himself in any way we let Him! Praise Him for His ceaseless, tireless love for us to continue pulling us to Himself and keep giving chances with such enormous grace! Praise God for never letting us forget His love and blessings on us! Praise God for truth and hope and being that! 

How Great His Love

How great is God’s love for us! It is so great that grace extends to us for salvation until the day we breathe our last breath. He gives us every moment possible to humbly pray for salvation and eternity with Him. He wants us saved. He longs for relationship with all of us He lovingly made on purpose. God loves us more than we can imagine, more than any person is capable, deeper than anything or anyone can go and satisfy permanently. And the gifts He give us when we finally humbly come to Him are beautiful and eternal, amazing things like love, joy, peace, patirnce, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, self-control and HOPE. Drawing close to God is drinking deep eternal satisfaction and contentment and richness of appreciation, a life of worship comes naturally and easily. Oh how He loves us and oh how I love Him!!

Contemplations on God

I was praying and wanted to share this really cool, “Wow!” moment I just had. Lucky you I am an extrovert and just have to tell everybody good news. Lol Here is my thought. God made everyone. Yes, so far nothing new. And we are all very different with different personalities, life experiences, needs, gifts, goals, etc. A little better right? Here is the wow: God can hear and has already answered every prayer of every single diverse person in a way that is best for them now and in the future in their own language and understanding and wisdom and knowledge level at the same time as everyone else. And wants prayers even more often. And it hit me how immense that is and how amazing and big and fantastic and smart and loving that is!!!! Wow, right??!! ❤❤❤

God is So Good

I say it all the time, the church says it. What does it mean? Does it mean He gives us whatever we ask for? Does it mean He blesses us? Does it mean He makes sure we are cared for? This is how many Christian songs are going. “God is good because of what He does for me” seems the theme. I am protesting. God is good because that is what He is. It has nothing to do with us, it is part of His perfect makeup. God is good with or without us and that is what we should focus our praise and worship on. He is good and loving and holy and just and wanting the best and full of hope and grace. God is so good. We are just little people, one of billions of His created children and each is special yes but we need to get out of the grip of the selfish pride of believing we are the most important person out there. That seems a prevailing notion. You see it everywhere. God is the thing. He is so good. We are not. We cannot be good at all apart from Him. What God wants from us is humble faith, conversation, relationship, worship. He is worthy of our full attention and worship and infinitely more. God is so good!

Holding on To Our Stuff

When we cling to things we think are good for us, things or people we want that we think make us happy, that are not necessarily good or bad, we may very well be either thinking more of ourselves than we ought or elevating our pleasure and worth or the thing or person we cling to’s pleasure or worth above God. And God knows best. God knows what is truly best for us, what will always be best for us and He knows full well His size and magnitude and worth. God knows He deserves our praise and worship and time and service and arms. He knows He is the only One who truly does. And He knows that when we esteem God in our lives as much as we can and focus on Him, we have lasting fulfillment and peace and joy and every good thing and will continue to have these things into eternity with Him. What else can really come close to matter in so much as our Creator? Who deserves more of us than He deserves? And who could possibly love us more? No one. God is the truth, the light, the love, the good, the just, the holy, the perfect, the power, the victor. Only God can give us what our soul drinks deeply enough to satisfy forever. Only God provides the permanent nutrition our soul needs deepest down. That is it. God is everything. Every other thing or person matters less than He does. Nothing would exist apart from Him wanting us here. God wanted us. The most powerful being we have ever even thought of or imagined loves us and designed us and wanted us to be here, to be His children, to love us and be with us.

The Blessings of Dinner Out

Not having felt my best for several days now, I woke up again feeling better but very tired and groggy. And my husband took us to brunch at IHOP so I wouldn’t have to cook or clean. I must say, that was a blessing that I appreciate. As I rest and get better, I contemplate the many ways God has blessed my life, sometimes with great things but sometimes with horrible things. Everything has the power of use for lessons learned and growth, wisdome, understanding and maturity. God provides these wonderful blessings from Him stockpile of amazing grace. We should at the least acknowledge Him and thank Him and at best spend our lives in worship of such a generous and beautiful God we can incredibly call Father/Daddy. Wow!