Substance Use

My best friend and I were talking about how many people we know smoke weed (we choose not to). So, we talked a lot about why. And here is our conclusion…

People want peace and joy without Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace. People will often say “God” instead of “Jesus Christ”, but the Bible is very clear that the way to be saved is through Jesus Christ and that Jesus is the Prince of Peace. People want the blessings of life without the Blesser because lies told them He steals joy by restricting us.

Nothing could be more opposite! He saves us and gives us peaceful, joyful eternal life! It is the best life. Because of Jesus I am a new creation and clean and sober and joyful and peaceful. My difficult times of my soul are passing and God is taking care of me as always. God is so good! Praise Jesus!!😃❤️

God is Lifting Me Up

I mentioned that I have been going through what some call a dark night of the soul, a horrible murkiness of mind and lethargy of body and will for no apparent reason- only God knows it. It was almost like a depression but not triggered by anything in my awareness.

In my past life and active addiction I would have covered that discomfort with stimulants that supress any bad feelings. Here in recovery, I feel everything and appreciate everything. Should I only praise and thank God when everything is going well? I am happy to feel things, even not always knowing what to do with that. I am happy to feel, even if it bad. I am long overdo.

But recently, God has been lifting me up from that murkiness. I have had headaches and allergic reactions but have walked more with the dog for both our sakes. And I have decided to do some pruning of my plants while God is pruning what He must in me and I have cried while I pruned- very therapeutic- and worked on sewing myself a quilted purse. And it comes and goes but I feel a fog slowly and trepidly lifting. I have hope of being out of it altogether soon. And God was with me all the while. We talked a lot. I worshiped a lot. I am thankful. Whatever happens, we do it together. Praise God!😃❤️

Shaking a Fist at God

This imagery has been brought into my head lately. Whenever we insist on doing what we want- and for years as an addict I did this so I speak from experience- we are pridefully shaking our fist at God. We are saying we want what we want and don’t want to hear what our loving Creator wants from or for us. We are praying our will be done rather than God’s will be done. We are screaming that we know better than almighty God, who made us.

God brought me, loved me, into recovery, into humble submission to His plan. Jesus bought with His own blood and cleaned me up inside and out. I am not who I was and I am free now and joyful, I have peace. All this because I have accepted His plan for me and humbled myself to accept love and grace. It is so very beautiful! I am so thankful! Praise God!😃❤️