My Little French Missionary Great Aunt

Here is my beautiful and wonderful Great Aunt Evelyne with my husband and kids a week ago when we went down to visit her. She has very recently survived pneumonia, the China virus and the death of her best friend recently. She is amazing. She never married and lived her life on the mission field, born in Africa and serving in Africa then Haiti as a missionary. This is what pure obedience and love looks like. 😃♥️

You Are God’s Masterpiece ~

You are God’s masterpiece,a portrayal of true lovefor you’re put togetherby your Creator above. You are a work of art,God knew just what to doso He put His imageright there inside of you. You are a work of mastery,God made you wonderfullyevery detail about youHe thought out fearfully. You are picture perfect,you look like no […]

You Are God’s Masterpiece ~