Temptation/The Bear

Temptation is like a bear. It comes and goes as it wills, generally driven by hunger or sometimes curiosity or fear. Bears come into your house and you can’t politely say no. Well, you could but it would not move. You have three choices: 1. Let it have whatever it wants, 2. Run and way (or try to after distracting it) or 3. Yell and make lots of noise with great authority until it decides you are not giving in and it is not worth the effort. Then if temptation/the bear leaves, it will always come back to test and see if it is safe to satisfy it’s hunger now. Some people keep chasing it away one day and feed it the next. This is double minded. Some people just let it take whatever it wants. These people are weak minded, gluttonous (for whatever the temptation is) or lazy. Some people try to throw some food at it and run away. These people are confused and want to feel like they did good but deceive themselves. Some people chase the bear off each time loudly with the authority of God and these are victors. That bear eventually stops coming back. Of course a different bear will try to come but the process can be repeated. Be a victor. To be one, know the bear is there, what the bear looks like and that you have the authority to yell (out loud) it away in Jesus’ name. Be victorious. Do not let bears rule your life. They always take and never give back. You are stronger than any bear/temptation with the power of Jesus Christ/God. His power is accessible to you when you ask. Bye bye bear!!! God and you got this!!