A Day of Rest

Tomorrow, our band has a gig and I am our only lead singer- our lead male vocalist taking care of his wife who is now in hospice. As such (tomorrow being busy), today was my Sabbath. I felt pretty blah all day so a rest was a good idea also. I did variety word puzzles and got my book in song order and relaxed. I did as little else as possible (having to break down our load up the van for tomorrow’s gig.

I had other cleaning plans but thought better of it. I really just want to go to bed. So, I believe I will. It is 11:45pm after all. Goodnight. May God who is always worthy of praise be praised forever! May His glory be seen and His will be done!!😃❤️

Only Two More Months!

Crazy. Juggling two sports, school, dog, husband, band practice and gigs, church, community group, mom, family visiting, cooking for men’s breakfast, consulting work as needed and taking care of the house/cooking, car shopping for a cheap car my son can afford, etc., I am about worn out. I also now have a cavity and possibly skin cancer on my cheek and have to figure out how to handle that with no insurance and my husband is sick. Just two more months- and I am counting down- until sports seasons are over. Then I can clean my house and feel human again and have more time to refuel in the Word. I need to refuel. Spring break is next week and I am excited to catch up a little and rest a lot. That will be my Sabbath week. Praise God for it!! Please pray for my cheek and tooth and money for everything. God always provides and He is so very good!! So looking forward to resting in His love and care! 😃❤️

Unintended Vacations

Since my husband’s surgery and for a week’s duration, I am his transportation. As such, we went to his dentist appointment today and I had an unintended vacation. Something simple became longer and I, in the luxury of a doctor’s waiting room, with free Columbian coffee in hand and a very good book, bathed in luxurious calm of an unintended vacation, with I must say greater calm than any family (the only kind I achieve) vacation since my children have been born, 14 years hence. So, thank you, Lord, for the vacation to enjoy two of my favorite things- coffee and reading- in a safe, quiet place for a couple precious hours. Perfection. God be praised!!😄❤